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Top Videos for Cruise Destination Majuro, Marshall Islands–Created by Staff

Top Videos for Cruise DestinationMajuro, Marshall Islands– Created by Staff. Feel Free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list.

Driving in Laura village : Marshall Islands, Majuro

Driving in Laura village, Marshall Islands, Majuro.

Marshall Islands Majuro to Airport

Uploaded by Mark V on 2013-02-12.

High Tide in Majuro, Marshall Islands

Join UH Sea Grant Coastal Processes Extension Specialist Murray Ford in a tour of the sights and sounds of the Marshall Islands, with an analysis of some of the challenges that they face.

Majuro Annual Christmas Parade 2012 in the Marshall Islands

The annual Majuro Christmas Parade, this year sponsored by the amazing Kio Club (Kora in Okrane), a Majuro women's group. Businesses, individuals and local governments from all over the Marshall Islands donate candy for this event. December 22, 2012. Filmed by Microwave Films of the Marshall Islands.

Berger house, High tide, Majuro, Marshall Islands

Berger rental home on Majuro lagoon at high tide. Overcast day with some rain. Feb 15, 2014.

B737 Island Tour/ Landing/Majuro, Marshall Islands/コックピットから南の島に着陸。

USE 720P HD for better viewing. Clear day flying into Majuro.

Majuro, Marshall Islands, Bergey Excel 10-KW Wind Turbine Installation

Installation of the first 10-KW Bergey wind turbine in the Marshall Islands, on the capital island of Majuro. We are hoping it will inspire many more, not only in the Marshall Islands, but all around the Central Pacific. Moana Marine LLC is committed to bringing renewable, sustainable energy to the Central Pacific Islands.

Three Story Waffle-Crete Apartment Building in Majuro, Marshall Islands

A 3-story, 24-unit apartment complex is erected in Majuro, Marshall Islands in just 6 days. Waffle-Crete is a fast and cost-effective structural precast forming system. The Waffle-Crete system uses half the concrete and steel of solid panels of the same thickness, yet provides comparable structural benefits.

Very Calm Evening, Berger, Majuro, Marshall Islands

Berger house at sunset on a very calm evening. Majuro, Marshall Islands 6/23/14

Berger 2nd rental home - Majuro, Marshall Islands

This rental home is on the lagoon about 6 miles outside of town and close to the airport. We waited 5 months to get into this home.