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Top Videos for Cruise Destination Chuuk, Micronesia–Created by Staff

Top Videos for Cruise Destination Chuuk, Micronesia– Created by Staff. Feel Free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list.

Weno, Chuuk roads

Roads on Weno...Chuuk,Micronesia

50Fotos -- Chuuk, Micronesia

50Fotos of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. These photos are from my brief trip to Chuuk in July 2006, but I lived there with my wife from 1974-76 as a Peace Corps Volunteer and also conducted master's thesis research there in 1979.

Island Walk, Spring 2008, Chuuk, Micronesia

Volunteers from Xavier High School in Weno, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia take a stroll around the island during spring, 2008 and a chance encounter with the Pacific Princess.

Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia (Fefen Island)

MaxGXL - The Closest Thing To The Fountain Of Youth! This is a short video of an ongoing construction site in Fefen Island in Chuuk State. My Dad was filming this and I happen to have stumbled upon it in his digital camera. I figured it'll be a great addition to my video collections.

Chuuk, Micronesia: Pisar

Some shots of the resort island of Pisar in the Chuuk Lagoon in the Federated States of Micronesia. Song is "Pray for Us" by the Melanesian Choirs I shot the footage.

Flying over Chuuk Lagoon

Taking off from Weno in the Chuuk Lagoon, in Micronesia.

Ozeky - Chuuk - Micronesia

Ozeky - "A fatala" - Chuuk, Micronesia, Polynesia

Chuuk Lagoon Micronesia 2007

Steve & the crew fly to micronesia to dive the wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon, opperation hailstone the largest carrier attack in history and a 2 day record for the war 220,000 Tonnes of shipping went to the bottom, steve and Bren got married on the beach while they were there.

Truk Lagoon from Truk Continental Hotel, Chuuk, Micronesia

Truk Lagoon from Truk Continental Hotel, Chuuk, Micronesia. Original file: 1990-03 Micronesia trip-005A.

Raising the 100' tower~ 88.5 FM BBC Radio, Chuuk Micronesia

February 26, 2014~ video clip showing us raising our 100' tower using a winch and safety ropes. Praise the Lord for an impossible job accomplished! Kilisou mwareiti Samach Kot lon lang ren An alilisoch ngeni kich lon ei project a men i aweires, ese tufich ren aramas pwe ren Kot chok a tongeni tufich.