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Reservation Call Center

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience: The Big Difference and Their Importance in Business

Customer service and customer experience may sound very much alike, however they have different significant roles in business, reservations and bookings in particular. Let's take a look at the variations between these two and their exceptional impact to businesses. Customer service is the set of interactions or communication customers have with an organization in the prerequisite of a product or service.

Experiencing the Warm Hospitality of Online Travel Reservations

Every hardworking individual deserves a break from all the stress from work and other jobs that are energy-draining. What should you do during this leisure time? The best idea, definitely, is to travel and have an amazing vacation somewhere - out of town, out of the country, or wherever you wish to go...

A Virtual Booking Agent Can Be Your Ticket to Reach the World

It's no secret that airline travel is on the rise. More folks are taking to the skies for both leisure and business trips. Naturally, reservations and bookings services are likewise jockeying for position to cash in on all the business.

Get to Know How Personal Bookings Can Become Amazing

It's no secret that reserv ations services are fast gaining popularity. No need for numbers: just look at almost every hotel, rent-a-car service, or restaurant and you'll see that they have some form of bookings system-be it a simple telephone number to a slew of email, website, voicemail, and even mobile app channels.

Want to Reserve a Personalized Spa Session for the Holidays?

With the year about to come to a close in a few weeks' time, many folks would want to go for a complete makeover to "start the year right". Spas and salons are usually the buzzwords among these potential clients. So reserving a slot can be very hard, indeed.

Want Happy Clients? Have a Liberal Reservations System

One fine Sunday, Marge and her family decided to have lunch at one of the most popular restaurants in the Metro. It was so well-patronized that people actually lined up for over an hour (and waited to be served a while longer) just to sample their cuisine.

You Might Want to Avoid This Reservations Mistake

One fine Sunday, our family planned to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the Metro. It was a resto we loved because of the delicious food choices and reasonable prices, especially considering they have large portions. Knowing it would be full as it was "family day" for most folks, we naturally made a table reservation.

Don't Leave Out the Human Side of Reservations. Here's Why

Many folks consider online reservations a godsend. When booking a hotel room, for instance, many patrons now rely on the hotel's website, as this can easily be accessed even from their trendy smart phones or tablets. Plus, one gets to see photos and other details of the place they'll be staying at for a few days.

The First Step: Inquiry System Helps Bring In More Clients

Yes, client inquiry via call center phone, live chat, and other channels is still a very important part of the whole customer experience. It is, in fact, the beginning of what could be a lasting relationship between your company and your valued clients.

Make Your Reservations Via Email? Why Not

It used to be that booking a flight, a hotel room, or even a table at one's favorite restaurant was just a phone call away. And to certain degree, it still is. Yet today's multi-channel, interconnected generation seems to demand more ways to make those dinner table reservations.