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Selection of spa treatments in Abu Dhabi

Located southwest of Abu Dhabi, which is United Arab Emirates' capital, Sir Bani Yas Island is widely known for its giant wildlife reserve. Given is a list of places to enjoy spa in the island.


Al Yamm Villa Resort

Al Yamm Villa Resort

Al Yamm Villa Resort redefines spa treatment. It is just a matter of an appointment, and you are in for a fabulous massage. Forget all those busy schedules and set your eyes on Sir Bani Yas Island's large wildlife reserve.

Your stay here will be nothing but one awesome encounter with age-old healing rituals.

Located in the Arabian Gulf, Al Yamm Villa Resort boasts of 30 villas. The guests can enjoy solitude, which is a modern-day luxury. Apart from spa treatment, guests could immerse themselves in archery, mountain biking as well as water sports.


Al Sahel Villa Resort

Al Sahel Villa Resort

Beautiful in its own way, Al Sahel Villa Resort is haven to wildlife freak with a wide range of flora and fauna. By the time animals would roam idle, sun is already setting across the Arabian Wildlife Park.

Stepping out of the private quarters, the guests will be in for another day filled with adventurous wildlife.


Desert Islands Resort and Spa

Desert Islands Resort and Spa

Arabian Gulf's waters narrate an ancient story of the region's legendary history. With its wide range of wildlife idling across the island, you will get to know historic pulse of this island: undisturbed beauty over the centuries.

Most hilltops in this isle could be traced back to at least ten million years ago. It is one wonderful hideaway for the tired wayfarer who fancies a good break from a busy life.

Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is known for its luxury and spectacular destination.