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Is it possible to predict the mental impairment to Alzheimer's?

One of the biggest difficulties is when determining normal aging against the evidence that can lead to a dementia patient. In recent years has made an important effort to try to discern between what is "normal" and not in the aging, since if you get to know, you can set specific treatments aimed to present the evolution of the Alzheimer's disease from a slower and even stop its evolution in the early stages.

Do they show differences neuronal people with autism?

One of the major difficulties of theoretical when establishing a clinical diagnosis, is whether they are qualitative or quantitative differences. The question is to know if the sort of what they categorize as disorder, is above or below normal, which would be the case of the quantitative approach, for example with intelligence; or it's something completely different, as in the case of schizophrenia disorder.

Does psychological consequences have pulmonary embolism?

When there is any chronic physical illness brings consequences in everyday life which must be adapted to cope with it as best as possible. Such is the case of symptomatic pulmonary embolism, where blockage occur from of a pulmonary artery that can cause lack of oxygenation of the blood, overload the heart and even heart attack.

Do can be detected early autism effectively?

Although the early signs of autism may appear very early, the diagnosis of it usually takes to occur, since it depends on observation. This is definitely a disadvantage, both for the autistic patient as their parents, since before it is detected, before you can start therapeutic intervention to compensate for 'gaps' that produces this disorder in the development of the child, especially in the area of communication.

Does mood and sleep in women is related?

One of the most sensitive processes of our health is the quality of sleep, watching this altered when we are worried about something or suffer anxiety. It has been also observed how sleep can be altered when the people experiencing any psychopathology, as it is the major depression disorder or anxiety disorder, both corresponding to mood disorders.

Did you know that Alzheimer's is used heart medication?

Although currently not known the reasons for the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease, if some causes are considered as risk factors of dementia such as cardiovascular disorders. There are several pathologies that may be included in this category of vascular disorder such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol) or heart failure among others, all of them typically require specific medication to facilitate blood flow.

How many suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum disorders?

One of the most important health problems is when these occur at ages as in the case of the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. It is the consequence of a pregnancy where the mother has drank alcohol, which has put at risk the health of the unborn baby, and whose consequences in some cases will drag the rest of his life.

Did you know that fairy tales can help you in therapy?

Narrative therapy is increasingly used particularly in the field of group therapy, a where participants express themselves better in writing. See only front the paper without any kind of limitation or "prejudice" reduces the level of anxiety when faced with the task of writing about something.

Is it possible to effectively train working memory?

One of major cognitive issues about life is when is affected the working memory, since this causes big problems at the time function. Working memory is one that allows us to be working in the here and the now, remembering what we have to do, following a goal or task.

How does the evolution of the Alzheimer's disease?

One of the most frequent questions among patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease and their families is to know how to go to evolve in time.

What personality factors are involved in drugs?

One of the most difficult circumstances that are facing a family is when one of its members is addicted to consume substances such as drugs. Apart from the reactions, each of which may have within the family, what they most want to know is the why a question that tries to answer science through research on aspects of personality that can be involved in these behaviors.

What is the origin or emergence of the Syndrome of Münchausen?

One of the most difficult situations that you have to face the health care system is to "simulators", people who consume time and resources without suffering any physical problem. Regardless of which frequently attend the consultation, "inventing" or "simulating" symptoms that are only at the person's head.

How is the profile of the altruist between young students?

Altruism: Much talk about what young people can improve, but there is no doubt that it is at the stage of training much more altruistic shown in helping. Altruism is for some authors what makes us essentially human, and distinguishes us from the rest of the animal world, dominated by its most basic instincts and individualism.

What are the factors that are associated with child abuse?

One of the most difficult situations that must have faced minor is when undergoing any type of abuse, be it physical or psychological. Abuses that may cause sequels, and both physical and psychological trauma that can accompany the child during their lifetime, these being more important if abuse comes from domestic, especially of one of the two parents.

Do you know the consequences of daily oxidative stress suffer?

Continuous stress on the job is source of weakening of the organism, reducing the defenses, which increases the occurrence of diseases.

Are there biomarkers in the previous stages of Alzheimer?

One of the most important investigations carried out in the field of the fight against Alzheimer's disease is about early diagnosis to be able to intervene. Although there is currently no cure for Alzheimer's, efforts are being made to stop the evolution of this disease neurodegenerative, that with the passage of time to causing an increase in dependence on the person going losing their cognitive abilities.

Alexithymia in psychological problems and addictions

Alexithymia has been that it is a factor accompanying adult to excessive and continuous alcohol consumption, but affect children in the same way? The problem of alcohol consumption begins increasingly early in the population, its physical and psychological effects are more severe, because the Agency is still in the early stages of training.

New finding in the hysteria of conversion in favor of Freud

Conversion hysteria was one of the first phenomena studied in the beginnings of psychology, but to what extent does entry into force today? If so far it had been somewhat relegated, due to that historically it has been conceived within a theoretical treatment next to Mesmerism, by which "mind" fastened to the body.

Can you teach enjoy what you do at work?

Can you teach enjoy what you do at work? One of the major difficulties that have employers, teachers and even parents, is to get the person involved is in what makes every day. There is a belief that "one vale stop study", or that "this work is not made for me", as if we came "pre-programmed" for certain activities and not for others.

¿Sabes que porcentaje tienes de tener un hijo con autismo?

¿Sabes que porcentaje tienes de tener un hijo con autismo? Una de las grandes dudas que surgen cuando se tiene un hijo o un primo con autismo, es saber qué probabilidades tiene de que un nuevo hijo también lo padezca.

Do you know what is the key to increasing self-efficacy?

Do you know what is the key to increasing self-efficacy? Know what you want and have enough confidence to achieve this is the best predictor of success in the tasks that we propose in the short and long term.

Can you prevent anorexia or bulimia in childhood?

Can you prevent anorexia or bulimia in childhood? One of the great "evils" of our society are the eating disorders that cause anorexia, bulimia or obesity, but when begins to form?

Can change emotions by changing the words used?

Can change emotions by changing the words used? Daily emotions influence our way of thinking and acting, so that therapeutic intervention focuses on trying to change emotions.

Do you know if your child has a high risk of depression? | Novedades en Psicologia

One of the most important concerns of the parents regarding their children's health, especially mental health, when they themselves have suffered. Parents who have suffered some form of psychopathology are often very afraid that their children can go through what they themselves have passed, both in terms of disease, diagnosis and treatment.

Emotions are lost in the advanced stages of Parkinson's? | Novedades en Psicologia

Sometimes the public in general learn more diseases by the consequences in its advanced stages, as is the case with the Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's is a disease neurodegenerative over time, the effects will go slowly compounding, which moves from the first symptoms of stage I, with light movements in one part of the body, shuffling a bit, starting to show the first signs of rigidity.