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Updated by Katie Stanfield on Aug 11, 2015
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iOS and its changing trends

iOS is the most unstable platform in today’s time. Every now and then it has something to come up. Find out all its new updates here.

5 Most Important Features That Ios8 Will Offer

iPhone developers never rest. They are always ready with something new and the new updates that keep iPhone users attached to them. After the issues with iOS7, the issues were resolved but now iOS is ready with its new Operating system i.e. iOS8.

What new features is iOS8 introducing now?

Meet the new editions that have introduced in their new OS i.e. iOS8. Have you experienced iPhone yet? If not then please go and buy an iPhone with iOS8. One of the new features include Family sharing which could e responsible for bringing up harmony in your family's digital life.

A Perfect Guide for Web Developers to Create iOS App

As a designer if you have decided to do something exciting then creating your own mobile application would be a real fun. Learning how to make iOS apps is an attractive and a potential profitable view. When you start with it, you are really excited about the things that you start researching about it.

IPad Apps That Influence Your Kid for Outdoor Games

Help yourself and your kiddos in exploring the outer world. Do not just let them sit inside the home and play games on the tablets. Let them move out of your homes and enjoy the natural beauty of the outer world.

This Time Apple Is Coming Up With Its iPad Event - an eager wait for 16th October 2014

This time Apple is doing something different. It is bringing up an update for Apple iPad but not for iPhone. It said that it’s been two years that iPad got updated so this time they are working on iPad and on October 16th, 2014 they are going to arrange a Press Release regarding their new update. Read more

Apple iPad - Failed To Give Its 100 Percent

Apple is known for its quality but the time has come where Apple is sacrificing with its quality. New iPad has shown various issues and people are facing troubles in playing applications with it. So be careful and let Apple rectify the problems and then you go to buy one for you.

A Perfect Guide to Design Superb iOS and Mac Applications
iOS App developers are always worried about their applications and they are always looking for some ways for making it easy for them to design their iOS apps. Well you must have heard where there is a will there is a way. When you want it you can always achieve it. Here we have a list of 6 crucial points that will help you in designing error free and perfect iOS and Mac Apps. Read more
How to create state of the art Apple Watch games without glitches?

Audio or sound effects play an important role in enhancing the gaming experience. But since the device is a watch, I have little doubt that the audio volume would be much lesser than a smart phone. This is another downside of designing Apple watch games.

Achieve Apple Watch Compatibility with your iPhone and iPad apps in an easy way

If you have an apple watch and looking for the solution to use it with your previous iPhone and iPad apps then you don’t have to go anywhere with the bulk of procedures. Here are the simple and easiest steps that make your apple watch compatible with your apps and also you will learn with the new things by doing it yourself.

Hire Indian iOS Developers for Exponential Business Growth

Have you hired resources for your IT establishment? If No, it is best to consider iOS developers from India. Their ability and out-of-the-box thinking will turn out to be the strengthening pillars to the growth and development of your business.