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Top Videos for Cruise Destination Copenhagen, Denmark–Created by Staff

“Top Videos for Cruise Destination Copenhagen, Denmark– Created by Staff. Feel Free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list.

Copenhagen, Denmark Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand and stretches across part of Amager. A number of bridges and tunnels connect the parts of the city together, and the cityscape is characterized by promenades and waterfronts.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Recorded August 9, 2011: The first minute of the video was recorded eleven days earlier when I arrived in the city just prior to my eleven day Baltic cruise. The remainder of the video was shot after the cruise was over.

Travel agent video about Copenhagen, Denmark, and Scandinavia

Infomercial about Copenhagen, Denmark and Scandinavia.


Copenhagen beautiful, peaceful tourist attractions-Stroget-Palaces,Tivoli garden, museums

Copenhagen, Denmark: Christiania

In 1971, several hundred squatters took over an abandoned military barracks in Christiania and attempted to create their own utopia. Two generations later, 800 idealists still live here, defending their right to enjoy life on their terms, while real estate developers set their sights on this now desirable piece of land.

Denmark: Copenhagen

A highlight of things to see and do in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Highlights feature Tivoli, a canal boat tour, changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace, the National Museum, the Round Tower, Rosenborg Castle, the National Gallery, Carlsberg Brewery, and Christianshavn.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Canal Boat Cruise

Copenhagen means "Merchants' Harbor" and impressive buildings from many eras hug the waterfront. Harbor tour boats come and go constantly, giving visitors a relaxing glide down the historic canals and along the harbor front, home to the Little Mermaid and a chorus line of strikingly modern Danish architecture.

UHD/4K - Postcard from Copenhagen/Denmark (filmed with Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

92673-331 Denmark Copenhagen, Kongens Nytorv, Niels Juel, Danish Bank, Havnegade, Nyhavn, Christian X, Marble Church, Amalienborg Slotplads, Frederick V, City & Port, St.

Port of Copenhagen, Denmark - HD

In 2001, Copenhagen Harbour merged with the harbour in Malmö to create Copenhagen-Malmö Port. It has several functions, the most important being as a major cruise destination. In 2007 a record 286 cruise ships with 420,000 cruise passengers visited Copenhagen. 120 of these ships either started or ended the cruise in Copenhagen.