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21st Century Learners

21st Century Learning Matters --

This video describes the need for preparing students to thrive in a world that is changing so rapidly that we are preparing them for a future that we can't even envision yet. It also addresses the what, where and how that are necessary to deliver 21st century learning for our students.

21st Century Literacy

This video describes the transformation of literacy so that it now extends beyond just reading and writing to include things such as being able to process images, graphics and media. In addition, 21st century literacy requires two-way communication skills due to the changes in technology, as opposed to the traditional one-way communication that was relied on in the past.

21st Century Skills - What do we do?

According to employers high school graduates are unprepared in many ways to enter the workforce. This much change. We must transform our educational system from one rooted in the Industrial Revolution to one that focuses on three steps that will prepare our students for the future: a strong foundation, exploration of academic topics, and application of knowledge.

A Vision of Students Today

The power of this video is in its simplicity. It describes the reality of typical students and how our current educational system is woefully inadequate to meet their needs.

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

This video gives descriptions of the typical K-12 student, and what they experience in their classes every day. It encourages teachers to engage these students within the world in which they live and to use 21st century tools to teach students to think and create, not just absorb information.

Did You Know?

This is an incredible video that describes the rate at which the world and the way we interact with it is changing. The facts and predictions presented remind us just how outdated our educational methods are and that they must be updated if our students are going to thrive in the future.

Engage Me!

This video encourages teachers to use technology our students are familiar with in order to engage them in the classroom and to teach them to think, analyze and reason effectively.

Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation

This video discusses the importance of students learning not just how to consume digital media, but how to produce and create. 21st century skills are not just about technology, but are about creativity, engagement, civic involvement, and all other aspects of the life we are preparing them for.

Teaching the 21st Century Learner

This video describes how our students have changed with the times, but that education has not. It clearly shows that in order to reach our students with the skills they need for the future we must change our methodology and meet them in the world that exists today, not the one that existed 100 years ago.

Pay Attention - Final Final Cut - TeacherTube

This video questions how much richness we provide in our curriculum, whether or not we are engaging students, and why we don't use the technology that our students have ready access to and know how to use in order to teach.