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Chiropractic Care

Whiplash | Whiplash Symptoms & Causes | Chiropractic Care | Whiplash Treatment San Gabriel

Whiplash known as neck sprain or strain, whiplash involves an injury to the neck and it is commonly caused by a car accident, a blow to the head or repetitive stress injury; Chiropractic care is often effective in relieving symptoms of whiplash.

Dr. Laura Ho | Doctor of Chiropractic Treating Kinesio Tape Therapy and Sports Massage Therapy | Arcadia

Dr. Laura Ho, D.C. is a *Chiropractor *with an emphasis in sports medicine and Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries, massage therapy, kinesiology taping, athletic taping, personal injury and family wellness, Active Release Techniques and chiropractic.

Therapeutic Sports Massage Therapy | Deep Tissue Massage Therapy | Arcadia

The SMART Spine Institute gives Therapeutic Sports Massage therapy for people who simply enjoy being physically challenged for recreation. Therapeutic sports massage therapy Relieve pain, Improve range of motion & blood circulation.

Exercise Ball Therapy | Physical Therapy at SMART Spine Institute & Surgery Center

Exercise ball therapy is particularly effective in treating lower back pain and part of physical therapy treatment; Exercise ball therapy Improve your muscle strength and Develop a greater range of motion.

A disco gram or Discography is a test used to evaluate back pain in order to determine if there is an abnormal disk in your spine causing the discomfort. The disco gram procedure is usually done in less than an hour, and the only lasting effect may be soreness in the area of the needle insertion.

Acupuncture Therapy | Massage Therapy Treatment | Arcadia

The SMART Spine Institute & Surgery Center gives you Acupuncture Massage therapy; our doctor monitors the blood flowing through blood vessels and the messages travelling via the nervous system.

The SMART Spine Institute provides Resistance and Thera Band Exercises for Men and Women; Resistance Exercises and Thera Band Exercises are a daily recommendation for everyone, regardless of age and weight.