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Updated by Carlton Smith on Jun 10, 2020
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Articles - Local SEO

How to build Citations and hide your address - 103 citation sites to use

How can I build citations but keep my address private? As more businesses turn their gaze towards local online marketing this is a question that is asked more & more. 'Local' represents an untapped opportunity for them and they're keen to squeeze the benefits from it.

How to Use Wildcard Searches for Local Keyword-Research: Lightning Round with Mary Bowling

Two little characters - the asterisk ( * ) and the underscore ( _ ) can help your keyword-research. Simply add them to various search terms you type into Google when researching keywords, and autocomplete might spit out phrases you wouldn't have seen or thought of otherwise. (More on this in a second.)

Google MapMaker 101 for Local Business Owners

Google MapMaker is like the NSA: Many people know it existsor at least have heard of it in passing. But few know much about it or what goes on there. MapMaker is one head of a two-headed monster. It's oddly intertwined with the Google+Local (AKA Google Places) search results.

How to Do Keyword Research in 2019 (the right way)

If you are not doing keyword research then your SEO strategy is incomplete. Find out not only how to do keyword research but the best tips to use right now.

The Definitive Blueprint To Local SEO -

You’d type in a word, or if you were feeling adventurous, maybe two, into that strange-looking box on Google. If your memory can recall that far back, the box may have looked something like this:

The Secret To Ranking In Local Search: Ranking in Organic Search

What’s the secret to ranking in local search? Ranking in organic search, of course. Get all the details in our Local SEO ranking case study.

The Easiest Way to Get a Google Maps One-Box Result – without Spamming |

Local “one-box” results (as they’re called) show only one Google My Business page, alongside some organic results.  It’s good for your business to have a one-box result any time you can nab one, because of how visible you are on the page: You’re the only business on the map (on the right), and you’ve got an organic ranking (off to the left).