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Updated by Too Rich on Aug 10, 2014
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Top 11 Gadgets to Help You Drink Better

Enhance your favourite pastime with these great boozing gadgets!

Easycarry Pints - £11.99

You know what sucks about drinking? Trying to carry 8 or so pint glasses from the bar back to your table of screaming friends. Stackable cups take the struggle out of every round.

Winebox Handbag - £29.99

Designed in smart and fashionable colours and patterns to complement a variety of outfits, the Wine Handbag is a bag of wine, but housed in an elegant and classy purse.
Clad in tasteful glossy cardboard, you can take this bag of wine anywhere, and still look posh!

Workout Tankard - £11.49

Who says drinking will ruin your figure?! Now even the most diehard of gym and fitness freaks can enjoy a drink... and work on their oh-so-important forearms at the same time!

As for preventing a beer belly... well, we're still working on that one.

Inflatable Pub - £6,199.99

Ever needed to quickly set up a pub? Want something different for a wedding reception? Need a controlled environment to serve alcoholic beverages from? Own a pub just like you've always dreamed of doing! Set it up in your garden, driveway, campsite... wherever you can.

Complete Hombrew Microbrewery Beer Making Kit - £59.95

Your own microbrewery - everything you need to make 40 pints of beer! Ready to drink in 21 days. Make beer, cider, ale, and wine using the same equipment.

Musical Wine Glasses - £46.28

You know that friend of yours that always brings out the guitar and woos all the girls with his 'passionate' rendition of Wonderwall? Well, imagine the damage you could do by upstaging him with these.

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener - £12.99

Sometimes, you need a beer, and fast! What if you could simply grab a beer, and in one swift and elegant motion, decapitate it instantly, so you can get straight to the fun bit? What if you had a bottle opener right on the fridge??

Wine and Dine Party Plate - £3.29

Holding things with two hands is too much like hard work. Parties are a juggle anyway, trying to hold your wine glass, a plate of food, and take a cute selfie on your iPhone. What's needed is a way to carry two things in one hand....the Wine and Dine Party Plate might just be the answer you are looking for!

Full Bottle Wine Glass - £6.99

Some people call themselves alcoholics, when it's really only a bit of a weekend hobby. You take alcoholism seriously, putting in time, effort and hardcore training to perfect the art of being drunk. And now, through the magic of the internet, you have access to the best training tools around, and can take your professional drinking to the next level!

Hairbrush Flask - £13.99

Going out is fun, but drink prices make it hard to get really, really stupidly drunk. And bartenders just don't mix those drinks strong enough, either. How's a person going to get drunk enough to vomit in a taxi on the way home in these tough financial times?

Beer Trophy Glass £8.99

So, you've just won the 5-a-side tournament! Time for the trophy ceremony... and here it is!

You're sure to feel like a winner with the Beer Trophy Glass! Capable of holding almost a full litre of liquid, this trophy holds sufficient capacity for celebration - and relaxation after a hard game.