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Headline for Taste le Tour 2014 - Gabriel Gate and the Tour de France collection
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Taste le Tour 2014 - Gabriel Gate and the Tour de France collection

Experience all of Gabriel Gate's amazing Taste le Tour episodes from the 2014 Tour de France. Gabriel, as always, doesn't disappoint with his gastronomic journey around the food capital of the world. These short videos capture the true essence of French cuisine and offer up a delight of recipes to try at home.

Taste Le Tour 2014, Happy Days! Its on again! Taste Le Tour! No not the Tour De France, this is far more exciting. :-) Gabriel Gate is back with his exciting short videos from around the stages of the great race, Le Tour De France, Gabriel brilliantly exposes regional cuisine and food hist...

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep2 - York To Sheffield

Fish Pie; When in Rome... Of course Gabriel has to get into the local Fish and Chips when in Britain, and they look great. In this episode Gabriel Gate is in Yorkshire! He also shows us an old classic, the Fish Pie, I havn t seen smoked cod in years; ever since my father used to cook it for br...

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep3 - Cambridge To London

Check out the aged beef at this great little butcher Gabriel visits, not to mention some amazing cheeses. This is a great episode of Taste le Tour, but I must admit, I m excited that we are heading into France from tonight. :-) Today s recipe is an old classic, Steak and Kidney casserole.

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep4 - Le Touquet To Lille

Scallop Mousse! Yum! with prawns. You have to check this simple little dish out! Also some more cheeses are being discovered by Gabriel. <iframe src=

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep5 - Ypres To Arenberg Porte Du Hainaut

Gabriel cooks some Rabbit in this episode. I think I can safely say this is by far the best recipe he has done to date! I will definately be giving this a go, Rabbit and Beer! a match made in heaven. Enjoy. <iframe src=

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep6 - Arras To Reims

Getting thirsty? You should, Gabriel is now in the heart of Champagne (no explanation needed!). I will have to retract my comments from yesterdays Taste le Tour episode as I think now we are seeing one pf the best dishes to date! and easy! this dish is childs play.

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep7 - Epernay To Nancy

We all know I m not a fan of sweet dishes, but Ill cut a little slack as Gabriel does another sweet dish. This chocolate cake certainly holds its own, and looks like its worth a try; even for the non sweet eaters like me. <iframe src=

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep8 - Tomblaine to Gérarmer

Real men don t eat quiche! or do they? In this episode Gabriel visits a local cheese producer in the Lorraine region; a great insight into the work behind the scenes of a small boutique operation. Although today s recipe is another sweet dish, it highlights the region.

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep9 - Gerardmer To Mulhouse

Jambonneau Braise aux Choux; Gabriel is in the Alsace region and cooks up some pork! Who doesn t like pig? Mmmm. This is a very simple dish, although with the qty of cabbage involved I dare say things may get a little grim afterwards ;-) <iframe src=

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep10 - Mulhouse To La Planche Des Belles Filles

Gratin de Fruits; OK, back to the sweets. still looks ok though, and while in Alsace it makes sense I suppose. :-) <iframe src= width=580 height=396 type=appl...

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep11 - Besancon To Oyonnax

Salade Gourmonde; HELLO! I love a good salad, especially a French salade. This cheese salad is a ripper, so easy to make and a perfect starter to any meal. So be sure to give it a go, obviously you may struggle to get these cheeses but you will certainly come close.

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep12 - Bourg-En-Bresse To Saint-Etienne

Soupe aux Cerises au Beaujolais; Ok, we are onto another sweet, but on the positive it uses wine. :-) so might just be worth a try. More importantly, how good did that cheeky little Beaujolais look. Love the Gamay too. <iframe src=

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep13 - Saint-Etienne To Chamrousse

Flan de Courgettes au Saint Marcellin; Well its no secret I m not a fan of vegetarian food, but here is a perfect entree for any dinner party, flavorsome, easy and impressive. Give this a go for sure, especially when zucchini is in season! <iframe src=

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep14 - Grenoble To Risoul

Beignets aux Pommes; Apple fritters in France, it has a certain je ne cest qui? :-) As with just about every episode Gabriel is tasting more cheese. And why wouldn t he. Yum! <iframe src=

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep15 - Tallard To Nimes

Filet D Agneau Roti aux Olives et Poivrons; Now this is the business! Lamb loins! It doesnt get any better than this. This recipe is on the top of my list, of course after I mortgage the house to be able to aford lamb (at these current prices. lol).

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep16 - Carcassonne To Bagneres-De-Luchon

Financiers aux Amandes et abricots; Ok Gabriel, enough of the deserts, I would have loved to have seen the cassoulet that you showed in this episode. Maybe I m a little biased to savoury...

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep17 - Saint-Gaudens To Saint-Lary-Soulan

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep17 - Saint-Gaudens To Saint-Lary-Soulan Grantinee a la Tomme des Pryrenees; Is soup a meal? That age old question. Well I personally dont think so, but a hearty French Onion soup like this certainly can call itself a meal. I challenge anyone to not enjoy a French Onion Soup.

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep18 - Pau To Hautacam

Tarte aux Pruneaux et Raisons secs; Arrhhh, More desserts. lol, oh well, it makes sense so why not. To be fair, this would be quite a savory tart and would go brilliantly with the a crisp Riesling. So probably worth a go for a bit of arvo tea!

Taste Le Tour 2014 Ep19 - Maubourguet Val-D'adour To Bergerac

Cailles aux Raisons et aux Marrons; This is the business, it doesn't get anymore French or easy. I love quail, and this is a great way to prepare the bird. Simple while creating a "chefy" presentation. Definitely on the list to cook! Chef Gabriel Gaté loves the town of Bergerac in the Dordogne region.