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Tiny homes that rock!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a tiny space? Here are a few to whet your appetite for downsizing!

tiny houses - small dwellings of every shape and size

tiny houses the size of a home varies around the world; while some families live in one room huts, others have gigantic homes which seem to never end. whatever the case, homes tend to grow with their owner's prosperity. since 1970, the size of the average new American home has grown by 50 percent.

Smallworks - Premier Builder of Custom Small Homes & Laneway Houses in Vancouver

Smallworks | We Design and Build Custom Small Homes and Laneway Houses in Vancouver, Canada.

Prefab Bunkie: Cute Little House-Shaped Sleeping Cottage

Bunkies are a kind of Canadian (at least in Ontario) slang for a small cabin, and the inspiration for this rather adorable compact cottage for short-term stays. Made primarily from CNC-cut plywood, the concept is a collaboration between 608 Design and BLDG Workshop. Its construction follows principles of built-ins and furniture rather than stick-frame architecture.

Smallworks Custom Small Homes & Laneway Houses in Vancouver | Design and Floor Plan for Spruce - 33 Lane House

Smallworks | We design and build Custom Small Homes and Laneway Houses in Vancouver, Canada.

Tiny Glass-Walled Container Home Features Rooftop Deck

A reclaimed shipping container forms the basis of Casa Cúbica, a tiny but spacious-feeling home with a rooftop deck, kitchenette, full bath and even laundry facilities. Manufactured by the Costa Rican company Cúbica, this modern mobile home design is marketed as a vacation retreat, but could easily serve as a full-time home base for a single person or couple.

I Really, Really Want To Live In This Tiny House. Step Inside And You'll Instantly See Why.

(I know, I said only 10. But then I found another. Sue me. ~ K.)

Perfection. Everything about it.

Nelson Tiny Houses | "V" house

This tiny house is adorable and efficient. It will work well either as a backyard office or studio separate from the house, or as a home for people who want to live small. The beauty of this design...

Tiny House Swoon

A shipping container given a new role as a tiny, modern home.

Living the Tiny Home Life: An Interview With Tammy Strobel

Related Content In 2005, Tammy Strobel and her husband, Logan, were two regular newlyweds with an apartment, two cars and a pile of debt, living in California. Today, they live in a tiny house with just 128 square feet of space. For those of you in the corporate world, that's about the same size as 2-3 standard cubicles.

Tiny House Blog - Living Simply in Small Spaces

The Tiny r(E)volution History In our initial manifesto for Tiny r(E)volution we talked about the motivating factors that caused us to even look at tiny houses. Surprisingly a primary motivator was that of the past and current (and by current I mean 2010) real estate market.

7 Space Saving Techniques for Living in Small Quarters

Houses and apartments come in all shapes and sizes, the smaller the place, the more likely you could use some good space saving ideas. Maybe your living room isn't as big as you'd like to be, and you want to have plenty of room for seating.

Small House Bliss

One way to do more with less is to downsize. These tiny houses take that a step further: how tiny can you go? Small house designs with big impact (by SmallHouseBliss)


Nice Small Homes

Nice Small Homes