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Updated by Rahul Vyas on Feb 12, 2016
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Application Development Services - Web, Mobile, Software and eCommerce

Crispy Codes is an offshore outsourcing company offering web, mobile, software and eCommerce application development services. The business performs in the direction of supplying revolutionary blog regarding leverage your company by simply growing your own web presence as well as solutions.
How to Choose Web Design and Development Plan

When you go for hiring an agency offering services in website design, you are provided multiple website design plans. Thus, arises a dilemma- which one plan to choose among all? Post by - Rahul Vyas

Web Development Trends in 2013

As we have arrived in 2013 the trends to watch out will poise great details to focus upon for design & development in web segment. The aggressive chatter is turned on in the Website development market where all environments demand responsive design.

Top 5 CMS Features for Modern Business…!!!

Content management system, popularly known as and, abbreviated as CMS is indispensable for modern businesses. It allows modern businesses, to effectively manage workflows in a collaborative environment. There are lot many CMS software available however, it is the best for modern businesses to get their content management systems customized, and tailored to suit their needs.

5 Amazing Firefox Add-ons That Ensure Superior Software Testing |

In this rapidly evolving IT world, quality has become the primary parameter to achieve a niche position. The IT professionals are using an array of advanced software testing tools to ensure an excellePixelstech, this page is to provide vistors information of the most updated technology information around the world.

7 Features That Will Get Your Website Labeled Mobile Friendly

Everyone has a smart phone now, and websites are surfed on mobile phones more often than they are surfed on computers and laptops. These evolving demographics have made it mandatory for businesses to take their websites on mobile devices and make them such that they are easy to view and surf on these compact devices.

Changes; Mobile App Development World to Witness In 2015

Changes; Mobile App Development World to Witness In 2015: The market is set abuzz with predictions for mobile app development in 2015. An in-depth analysis of all the probable trends predicts that there might be evolutionary changes to an extent that they might astound the world of mobile application development in the coming few years.

Highly Anticipated iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked!
In a recent slip-up, a post on Amazon's seller page, revealed the highly awaited iPhone 6 specifications. When spotted, the post was immediately removed; however, a host of details soon went viral. In our last article about the 4.7" indestructible sapphire glass for iPhone 6, we already discussed how the new glass for the iPhone 6 is going to make this handset as sturdy as ever.
Underestimating the Importance of ERP Is Suicidal
Year on year, much in the ERP software industry has remained the same & lot of things have changed as well. ERP failures are making their way up on the task list for software vendors, IT heads, ERP project managers and of course, all those business houses who have already invested a lot of time and money.
Augmented Concentration on Mobility Solutions Gives Added Advantage to IT Companies
Enterprise mobility has grown far more than just a wireless enablement of your Web site, intranet and related business processes. Now it is all about leveraging smart hand held devices and tablets to spur technological innovations that give power to uninterrupted change.
Is ERP on Cards? - Here is a Comprehensive Buying Guide for the Solution
2015 is around the corners, knocking at the doors!!And it usually happens; with year coming to a closure; a lot of speculations are already under way for the next year! As a matter of fact, withPixelstech, this page is to provide vistors information of the most updated technology information around the world.
Wearable technology or wearable gadgets are a kind of technology devices simple and clever, to complex and sophisticated, which we as customers or consumers can wear on our head, wrist or ankle – and are certain conversation starters too. These gadgets range from a heart rate monitor to a mapping device to smart clothing. The segments these wearable technologies encompass primarily are social media – healthcare and medical – fitness and wellness – infotainment – industrial and military services.
Use of SCORM E-learning Content
The e-learning platform was operating at full throttle but there was a void in terms of a standard that allowed complaint e-learning content to be deployed on any Learning Management System (LMS).
Native v. Mobile Web Apps Is Not an Either-Or Choice
Whether to go for mobile web apps or native apps is still a question that haunts some companies, but as far as the consumer is concerned the issue is settled, because there is no issue. Consumers use native mobile apps, mobile web apps and hybrid apps according to their preferences and needs and usually use all three according to purpose.
Android One - Poised To Enter the Market With A Bang
What is Android One? This is the latest design reference platform on the block, and it is engineered to allow Smartphone developers, build the best products easily and economically. This platform is a boon for smaller Smartphone manufacturing companies, as now they can deliver an unsurpassed android experience to their users.
Brace Your BYOD Tool chest – Don’t Fear it, Caution and Sufficient Security Measures Would Help…!!!
The concept of BYOD or 'Bring your Own Device' has been quite popular across the business world; nonetheless, it has not gained the approval from all...!!! Sounds odd, but that's the reality! One can refer to my last article Mobile Devices Are the Weakest Link for Enterprise Mobility Solutions.
Why do you need a Mobile Website and Mobile Application for your Business?

Businesses are tapping the potential of this phenomenon by introducing well designed mobile websites and mobile apps for smart phone users. Websites and apps for mobile phones is a great way to build brand identify and reach out to maximum number of people.
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Exposing 4 Myths about Offshore Mobile Application Development

Lot many enterprises have reaped exponential benefits by going "Mobile". All these years of experience, we have realized several myths associated with mobile application development. Fierce competition has completely taken over various industrial verticals. And to successfully deal with this situation, progressive businesses across the globe are constantly on a look to find new methods to bring down the costs and enhance different business operations.

Mobile App Development - Are You Doing It Right?

Smart devices are increasingly becoming an inseparable part of our lives. For the modern consumer smart phones, tablets and other such mobile devices is the preferred medium, for surfing, shopping, banking, browsing, playing games, etc. Businesses have hence realized how important it is for them, to cater to these consumers.

Is Non Responsive Website Design Stifling Your Business Growth? - IT Blogs - MyTechLogy

In an era where mobility has become the norm, businesses cannot survive without a responsive website design. Now what is a responsive website? It is a website that is designed to provide users an optimal viewing experience and easy navigation across all ty...

Comparing Top 4 Mobile Operating System

Read on for an insight into top 4 leading mobile operating systems and know what they have in store for you.

Top Smartphone Apps/Games Category Trends

According to a survey, different mobile apps for games, weather reports, social networking, maps, music, news, entertainment and banking are on the top of the popularity charts and have emerged as the most downloaded apps by smart phone users.

How Much Time it Takes To Create Mobile App?

This Infoghraphic Representation about How Much Time it Could Take to Create a Mobile Application?

Application Development at iOS is Costly Compare to Android, Blackberry, Windows and Others

The app trend has spread to iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and every other mobile market. Everyone desires to produce a mobile app for commercial enterprise and private purpose. It always confuses to audience that what could be on an average price range to make an app?

Understanding the Use of Social Media in Branding

While it is indisputable that social media plays an important role in branding, disputes do arise about the actual role of social media in brand marketing and how social media should be utilized to build, enhance, or reinforce a brand.

How Long Does It Take To Build An IOS or Android App?

Time is one of the most important aspects; your client will always be interested in. It is essential for you, as a mobile application developer to understand the variables that have an impact on the projects turnaround time, and correctly estimate how much time you will take to build a mobile app.