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Top Things to Do in Saaremaa, Estonia, from a Cruise Ship - Created by Staff

Top Things to Do in Saaremaa, Estonia, from a Cruise Ship - Feel free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list

Kuressaare Castle

Kuressaare Castle ( Estonian: Kuressaare linnus; German: Schloss Arensburg), also Kuressaare Episcopal Castle, ( Estonian: Kuressaare piiskopilinnus), is a castle in Kuressaare on Saaremaa island, in western Estonia. The earliest written record mentioning Kuressaare castle goes back to the 1380s, when the Teutonic Order began constructing it for the bishops of Ösel-Wieck.

Kaali crater - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kaali is a group of 9 meteorite craters in the village of Kaali on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Formed more than 4,000 years ago (the age of the sediments at the bottom of crater lake), and possibly as long as 7,600 years ago (estimates vary), it is a comparatively recent crater.

Karja Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Karja Church ( Estonian: Karja kirik) is a medieval Lutheran church located in Linnaka village on Saaremaa island, Estonia. It is the rural church with the richest medieval stone sculpture decoration in all the Baltic states.

Kirikuküla, Kaarma Parish

Kirikuküla is a village in Kaarma Parish, Saare County in western Estonia. As of 2011 Census, the settlement's population was 18. Diplomat, linguist and folklorist Oskar Kallas (1868-1946) and his brother Rudolf Kallas were born in Kirikuküla as sons of local vicar.

Theatre of Estonia

Theatre of Estonia dates to 1784 when August von Kotzebue founded an amateur theatre company in Tallinn. Most of the plays at the time were comedies for the amusement for local Baltic German nobility. In 1809 a professional theatre company was established, with its own building in Tallinn.

Kihelkonna St. Michael's Church

Kihelkonna St. Michael's Church, ( Estonian: Kihelkonna Mihkli kirik) sometimes simply Kihelkonna Church, is a medieval Lutheran church on Saaremaa island in western Estonia. The church was founded sometime around 1250 as a joint undertaking by both the Livonian Order and the Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek as a part of crusader efforts to Christianise Estonia.