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Top Things to Do in Reykjavik, Iceland, from a Cruise Ship - Created by Staff

Top Things to Do in Reykjavik, Iceland, from a Cruise Ship - Feel free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list

Gullfoss - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The wide Hvítá rushes southward. About a kilometre above the falls it turns sharply to the right and flows down into a wide curved three-step "staircase" and then abruptly plunges in two stages (11 m and 21 m) into a crevice 32 m (105 ft) deep.

Harpa (concert hall)

Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland. The opening concert was held on May 4, 2011. Harpa was designed by the Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects in co-operation with Danish- Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The structure consists of a steel framework clad with geometric shaped glass panels of different colours.

Iceland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to Landnámabók , the settlement of Iceland began in AD 874 when the chieftain Ingólfr Arnarson became the first permanent Norse settler on the island. In the following centuries, Norsemen settled Iceland, bringing with them thralls of Gaelic origin. From 1262 to 1918, Iceland was ruled by Norway and later Denmark.


Árbæjarsafn is the historical museum of the city of Reykjavík as well as an open air museum and a regional museum. Its purpose is to give the public an insight into the living conditions, work and recreational activities of the people of Reykjavík in earlier times.

Hallgrímskirkja - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hallgrímskirkja ( Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈhatlkrimsˌcʰɪrca], church of Hallgrímur) is a Lutheran ( Church of Iceland) parish church in Reykjavík, Iceland. At 73 metres (244 ft), it is the largest church in Iceland and the sixth tallest architectural structure in Iceland after Longwave radio mast Hellissandur, the radio masts of the US Navy at Grindavík, Eiðar longwave transmitter and Smáratorg tower.

National Gallery of Iceland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The National Gallery of Iceland is located in Reykjavík, and contains a collection of Icelandic art. The gallery features artwork of famous Icelandic artists and artwork that helps explain the traditional Icelandic culture.

National Museum of Iceland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The National Museum of Iceland ( Þjóðminjasafn Íslands) was established on 24 February 1863, with Jón Árnason the first curator of the Icelandic collection, previously kept in Danish museums. The second curator, Sigurður Guðmundsson, advocated the creation of an antiquarian collection, and the museum was called the Antiquarian Collection until 1911.

The Sun Voyager

Sun Voyager (Icelandic: Sólfar) is sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason (1931 - 1989). Sun Voyager is a dreamboat, an ode to the sun. Intrinsically, it contains within itself the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress and freedom. The sculpture is located by Sæbraut, by the sea in the centre of Reykjavík, Iceland.

12 Tónar

12 Tónar ( Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈtʰoulv ˈtʰoːunar̥], twelve tones) is a small record shop in Reykjavík, Iceland, and also a record label for Icelandic indie bands. It is located on Skólavörðustígur 15, in downtown Reykjavík. Founded in 1998 in Reykjavík, 12 Tónar has been well received by music lovers from the start.

Reykjavík Cathedral - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reykjavík Cathedral ( Icelandic: Dómkirkjan í Reykjavík) is a cathedral church in Reykjavík, Iceland, the seat of the Bishop of Iceland and mother church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, as well as the parish church of the old city centre and environs.

Volcano House, Iceland

Volcano House is a Geology exhibition in Reykjavík, Iceland, located at Tryggvagata 11. The exhibition gives a brief overview of Iceland's geological history and volcanic systems. Every hour the Volcano House shows two documentaries, one about the volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 and one about the volcanic eruption in the Westman Islands in 1973.

Perlan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Perlan (English: The Pearl) is a landmark building in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. It is 25.7 metres (84.3 ft) high. It was originally designed by Ingimundur Sveinsson. Perlan is situated on the hill Öskjuhlíð where there had been hot water storage tanks for decades.


IMAGINE N.Y. WITHOUT FRACKING by Yoko Ono Lennon Governor Cuomo, please don't frack New York. Don't allow our beautiful landscapes to be ruined, or our precious and famous clean water to be dirtied. Please stand up to the fossil fuel industry and save our water, our climate and our state.

Imagine Peace Tower

The Imagine Peace Tower ( Icelandic: Friðarsúlan, meaning "the peace column") is a memorial to John Lennon from his widow, Yoko Ono, located on Viðey Island in Kollafjörður Bay near Reykjavík, Iceland. It consists of a tall tower of light, projected from a white stone monument that has the words "Imagine Peace" carved into it in 24 languages.

National and University Library of Iceland

Landsbókasafn Íslands - Háskólabókasafn ( English: The National and University Library of Iceland) is the national library of Iceland which also functions as the university library of the University of Iceland. The library was established on December 1, 1994 in Reykjavík, Iceland, with the merger of the former national library, Landsbókasafn Íslands (est.

Viðey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is the location of the Imagine Peace Tower, which is a "Tower of Light" envisioned and built by Yoko Ono, widow of Beatle John Lennon. According to the Associated Press: "The tower is a beam of light, radiating from a wishing well bearing the words "imagine peace" in 24 languages.

Gljúfrasteinn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paintings by some of the most celebrated 20th century Icelandic artists adorn the walls of Gljúfrasteinn. Visitors can view works by artists such as Svavar Guðnason, Nína Tryggvadóttir, Louisa Matthíasdóttir, Jóhannes Kjarval, Karl Kvaran, Ásmundur Sveinsson, as well as works by the Danish painter Asger Jorn and the Norwegian painter Jakob Weidemann.

Reykjavik Art Museum

The Museum possesses the largest art collection in Iceland and the most voluminous gallery space to be found amongst the country's galleries. In more than 3000 square meters of gallery space over twenty exhibitions are run every year, ranging from extensive exhibitions from the museum's collection to installations of contemporary art by young, international artists.

Vikin Maritime Museum

The Vikin Maritime Museum is a maritime museum in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík. The museum is located by the old harbour and was established in 2005. There are seven exhibitions at the museum displaying Icelandic maritime history from the early settlements to the late 20th century.

Laugavegur (Reykjavík)

For a trekking route in South-west Iceland, see Laugavegur. Laugavegur ( Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈløːiɣavɛɣʏr̥]) is the primary commercial artery of downtown Reykjavík, Iceland and one of the oldest shopping streets. The name means "wash road", as it used to lead to the hot springs in Laugardalur where in olden times the women of Reykjavík took their laundry for washing.