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Top Things to Do in Lubeck, Germany, from a Cruise Ship - Created by Staff

Top Things to Do in Lubeck, Germany, from a Cruise Ship - Feel free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list

Holstentor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Holsten Gate ("Holstein Tor", later "Holstentor") is a city gate marking off the western boundary of the old center of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. This Brick Gothic construction is one of the relics of Lübeck's medieval city fortifications and the only remaining city gate, except for the Citadel Gate (" Burgtor").

St. Mary's Church, Lübeck

The Lutheran Marienkirche ( St. Mary's church) in Lübeck ( German: Lübecker Marienkirche or officially St. Marien zu Lübeck: St. Mary's of Lübeck ) was constructed between 1250 and 1350. For many years it has been a symbol of the power and prosperity of the old Hanseatic city, and as Germany's third-largest church it remains the tallest building of the old part of Lübeck.

Petrikirche (Lübeck)

Die St. Petrikirche zu Lübeck ist ein Gotteshaus, das erstmals im Jahr 1170 erwähnt wurde. Im Laufe der Jahrhunderte wurde sie mehrmals ausgebaut, bis sie im 15. Jahrhundert fertig gebaut war. Im Zweiten Weltkrieg erlitt sie starke Schäden und wurde erst 1987 vollständig restauriert.

Travemünde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Travemünde is a borough of Lübeck, Germany, located at the mouth of the river Trave in Lübeck Bay. It began life as a fortress built by Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, in the 12th century to guard the mouth of the Trave, and the Danes subsequently strengthened it.

Willy Brandt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From 3 October 1957, to 1966, Willy Brandt was Mayor of West Berlin, during a period of increasing tension in East-West relations that led to the construction of the Berlin Wall. In Brandt's first year as Mayor, he also served as the President of the Bundesrat in Bonn.

Heiligen-Geist-Hospital (Lübeck)

Das 1286 erbaute Heiligen-Geist-Hospital am Koberg in Lübeck ist eine der ältesten bestehenden Sozialeinrichtungen der Welt und eines der bedeutendsten Bauwerke der Stadt. Es steht in der Tradition der Heilig-Geist-Spitäler nach dem Vorbild von Santo Spirito in Sassia in Rom. Betreut wurden die Spitäler von den Brüdern vom Orden des Heiligen Geistes.

Lübeck Cathedral - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Lübeck Cathedral ( German: Dom zu Lübeck, or colloquially Lübecker Dom) is a large brick Lutheran cathedral in Lübeck, Germany and part of Lübeck's world heritage. It was started in 1173 by Henry the Lion as a cathedral for the Bishop of Lübeck.

Lübeck Museum of Theatre Puppets

The Lübeck Museum of Theatre Puppets (in German: " TheaterFigurenMuseum Lübeck") is a museum of international puppetry in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, Germany. Fritz Fey Jr's private TheaterFigurenMuseum Lübeck is hidden in a narrow street called Kolk situated close to the Holstentor and below the brick Gothic St.

St. Anne's Museum, Lübeck

St. Anne's Museum ( German: St.-Annen-Museum) is a museum and art exhibition hall located near St. Giles Church and next to the synagogue in the south-east of the city of Lübeck, Germany. The main building was previously an Augustinian nunnery, St. Anne's Priory ( German: Sankt-Annen-Kloster), built 1502-1515 in late Brick Gothic style.