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21st Century Learning

This is a list of 10 YouTube videos and presentations discussing 21st Century Learning: what it is, how it is used, and where it is used. They also discuss how teachers as well as student can use 21st Century Learning to enrich the core curriculum.

21st Century Literacy

An introduction to 21st century literacy using a brief animated PowerPoint presentation to discuss what and how we need to change to keep up with critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical skills needed in the digital world.

Engage Me!

Students express their need to use relevant technology such as phones and iPads to learn today's classroom. This makes it relevant and relates curriculum to their lives and what they use online and offline to learn, create, and share.

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

This presentation is directed to teachers and how they can use technology in the classroom to inspire their students. They also speak of the necessity that technology be provided for the school and classroom environment.

Teaching the 21st Century Learner

The presentation points out the need to change the way we currently teach to truly reach our students and prepare them for a digital world . Linking the use of students' already existing technology with learning is vital for the future.

21st Century Learning?!?!

This presentation is directed at the teacher and discusses the daunting amount of technology out there, but how vital it is to use it in the classroom to learn. It uses a remix of videos to describe the description of what 21st Century Learning is, and how it is replacing the old way of teaching focusing on the 21st century approach.

A Vision of Students Today

A short video using college students to discuss what they do everyday with technology and how it is vital we take a different approach than sitting in seats staring at a blackboard. It states that students are learning, researching, and understanding online. They use phones, iPads, blogs, Facebook, and texts to truly learn, synthesize, and communicate.

21st Century Learning Matters

This video starts with the Library of Congress introduction and discusses what 21st century learning is and looks like in our classrooms and with our students. We are now having to get students to synthesize, collaborate, create, and use technology in an ever competitive world.

Pay Attention - Final Cut

Directed to teachers, this presentation explains how students are digital learners already, and we must engage these students. This means we must allow them to create, research, add rigor, relevance, and show a relationship of the curriculum to the students' lives.


Rethinking Learning

Rethinking Learning

How to prepare students for the world and jobs today. It explains their needs and what they want in this digital age (this includes using technology). It is our jobs to develop their interest and how to use content as well as creating and exploring it.

21st Century Skills: What Do We Do?

In a world that is constantly changing, so does the way we educate. This video gives us insight into that and what 21st century leaners need, and how we can change education to meet those needs. As it states we need to move from how we taught in the "industrial revolution" to teaching in the "digital revolution".