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Top Things to Do in Haifa, Israel, from a Cruise Ship - Created by Staff

Top Things to Do in Haifa, Israel, from a Cruise Ship - Feel free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list

Bahá'í World Centre buildings

The Bahá'í World Centre buildings are buildings that are part of the Bahá'í World Centre in Israel. The Bahá'í World Centre buildings include both the Bahá'í holy places used for pilgrimage and the international administrative bodies of the Bahá'í Faith; they comprise more than 20 different administrative offices, pilgrim buildings, libraries, archives, historical residences, and shrines.

Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space

The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space (also known as Madatech) ( Hebrew: מדעטק - המוזיאון הלאומי למדע, טכנולוגיה וחלל‎ MadaTek - HaMuze'on HaLe'umi LeMada, Tekhnologya VeHalal) ( Arabic: متحف إسرائيل الوطني للعلوم والتكنولوجيا والفضاء‎) is a science and technology museum in the city of Haifa, Israel.

Stella Maris Monastery

The Stella Maris Monastery or Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Haifa is a 19th-century Discalced Carmelite monastery located on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Israel. In the 12th century, during the Crusader rule of the region, groups of religious hermits began to inhabit the caves of this area in imitation of Elijah the Prophet.

German Colony, Haifa

This article is about a millennial Temple movement called Templers. If you are looking for the article about Templars, see the article Knights Templar. If you are looking for the fictional series of the same subject, see The Knight Templar (Crusades trilogy).

Haifa Port - Israel's Main maritime gateway, leads in service, efficiently and quality

Haifa port israel's main maritime gateway, main hub ports in the eastern Mediterranean. handling containers, general cargo ,fuels, chemicals and grain.

Port of Haifa

The Port of Haifa is the largest of Israel's three major international seaports, which include the Port of Ashdod, and the Port of Eilat. It has a natural deep water harbor which operates all year long, and serves both passenger and merchant ships.

Reuben Hecht - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reuben R. Hecht (15 August 1909 - 14 April 1993) was an Israeli industrialist. He was the founder of the Hecht Museum. In 1984, he was awarded the Israel Prize for Exemplary Lifetime Service to the Society and State.

Hecht Museum - HomePage

The museum was inaugurated in 1984, at the initiative of the late Dr. Reuben Hecht, who donated his private collection to the University of Haifa.

Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum (also called: The National Israeli Museum of the Sea) is an Israel navy museum located in Haifa. The museum covers the maritime history of Israel - from clandestine immigration during the British Mandate for Palestine through the history of the Israeli navy since its inception to the present.

University of Haifa

The University of Haifa ( Hebrew: אוניברסיטת חיפה‎) ( Arabic: جامعة حيفا‎) is a public research university in Haifa, Israel. The University of Haifa was founded in 1963 by Haifa mayor Abba Hushi, to operate under the academic auspices of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Haifa university is located on Mount Carmel.

Wadi Nisnas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wadi Nisnas ( Arabic: وادي النسناس‎) is an Arab neighborhood in the city of Haifa in northern Israel. Nisnas is the Arabic word for mongoose, an indigenous animal. The wadi has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants.

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art is a museum on the crest of Mount Carmel, in Haifa, Israel, dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of Japanese art. It is the only such museum in the Middle East. It was established in 1959 on the initiative of Felix Tikotin of the Netherlands, and Abba Hushi, then mayor of Haifa.

Haifa Museum of Art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Haifa Museum of Art ( Hebrew: מוזיאון חיפה לאמנות‎) ( Arabic: متحف حيفا للفنون‎), established in 1951, is located in a historic building built in the 1930s in Wadi Nisnas, Downtown Haifa. The museum focuses on Israeli and international contemporary art, and its collection includes 7,000 items, mostly of contemporary Israeli art.