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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Oct 11, 2015
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What the Trailer Tells Me: 10 Movies to See this Summer

Summer is the time for blockbuster hits and must-see films. Movies reflect back onto us the thoughts of a collective conscious and our anxieties as a society. This year, the movies together tell the story of a society trying desperately to reconcile science with faith, a society sparking interest in the often ignored lives of young women, and a society struggling with censorship, purity, and how social media is really changing us. There is also some zombie action in there.

Begin Again - Now Playing

Love in the time of fame on social media. In this film starring Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly, a broken heart leads to a musical collaboration and some songs (shocking). The tunes are the real reason you'll see this, as the perfect collaboration here is the blending of music (Adam Levine and Co.) and film.


Frank August 15th

Frank August 15th

Frank is a quirky film about a musician hiding from the world under a mask, while at the same time seeking attention on stage. It looks like it captures that desperation as an artist, when you're trying to carve your own path inside your neurosis.

I Origins- July 18th

I Origins plays on the tensions between the scientific and the spiritual, two things we try to braid together but we often find at odds ever since Descartes. There's always that feeling from what we cannot explain, what cannot be expressed through language (yet) and this film swims in that uncomfortable existential pool. It's about a molecular biologist who falls in love with a woman and her very different beliefs about life. He comes across a scientific discovery about eyes that could change the way we see the world entirely.

Wish I Was Here-July 18

This is Zach Braff's latest film. He's known for quirky-life stories like Garden State, and this doesn't stray far from the lost boy characters he plays. The main character, Aidan Bloom, is a 35 year old man in search of his "self" by switching his life and fatherhood around a little. Soul searching in the details is an interesting and very popular concept these days, it's no surprise we're seeing it in summer films.

Very Good Girls-July 25

Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olson play two girls who are on a mission to lose their virginity before college but end up falling for the same guy. Hopefully this will be an insightful movie about the complications and emotions of first sexual experiences for young women and not a film about girls fighting over a guy.

The Giver-August 15

The Giver is a story about a world that uses extreme fascist censorship of all things considered "bad" in order to maintain harmony. A young man receives the memories of the world before the sanitized society by a "Giver", and what is likely is a revolution that follows.The thing about what is bad, what is harmony, and what is truth, is that the meaning of each changes like the weather. This an adaptation of the famous Louis Lowry novel for teens and adults alike.

Life After Beth-August 15

Beth is a girl raised from the dead and her boyfriend couldn't be happier, that is until she starts to eat people. Life After Beth is a zombie comedy about a girl who cannot control her hunger for other human beings, but what's different is her consciousness that the stereotypical movie zombie does not have.

Happy Christmas -July 25th

Recently in an interview, film director Joe Swanberg said that the idea for the story was pulled from the conversations with his wife about life pressures, especially for women. It's about conversations we actually have versus conversations we pretend are happening somewhere else, and that's why it feels genuine. Happy Christmas has a female driven cast with Melanie Lynskey, Anna Kendrick, and Lena Dunham, and they drive the story as Lynskey's character is a young mother and working creative who faces some conflict when her husband's younger sister (Kendrick) moves in.

If I Stay-August 25

If I Stay is about a young girl named Mia who is in the middle of career or boyfriend kind of life decision. A car crash takes her family and almost her life and she enters a discovery-filled limbo as she sleeps in a coma. Her out of body experience while in limbo helps her make a choice about life and death. It's about wanting to know what we mean to the people around us and where our place is in the connection of things.

The Olivia Experiment -August 1st

The Olivia Experiment is a unique romantic comedy because it strays from the norm and gives viewers a story that's not usually told. Olivia has to test herself in order to find out how she really feels about sex. Asexuality is quite misunderstood, especially in a highly sexual movie industry. It's nice to see something like this finally being tackled.