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Headline for Mobile Appliacation Development
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Mobile Appliacation Development

Mobile applications for publishing, educational institutions, libraries, learners, and many other industries


Why Your Business Needs to Go Mobile?

Why Your Business Needs to Go Mobile?

One of the most important questions that business leaders often need to consider at strategy tables is whether their businesses need to go mobile or not.

The Importance of Social Media in Branding Today

There's a continuing debate about whether social media is useful for businesses or not, or about the actual worth of social media to businesses. There are a great many businesses that have social media profiles, but do not use social media channels actively.

Why small big business need erp solutions

For any business to be successful ERP solution is imperative. Today small or big businesses are all adopting the ERP business software to achieve their goals. ...

Develop Custom Magento Extensions to Enhance Magento Store

Magento opens up numerous paths for rich & attractive ecommerce stores. If Magento based online store needs performance fine-tuning then development of custom Magento extensions results the best.

Best tools for Mobile Application Development
Now with the trend veering towards smart phones and technology like the Android and the iPhones changing the face of the mobile world, mobile application development.
What is ERP? Why Every Business Needs ERP Solution?

Firstly, what is ERP and why does every business need an ERP solution? To begin with its definition is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP solutions are the most...

Evolution of CMS Development

CMS - Content Management Systems is an easy, manageable and fully-packaged system that can lead towards error-free, accurate & flawless management solution for all types of content. Distributed & ...

Points to check when Outsourcing ipad Application Development Project
If your final decision is to go for outsourcing iPad app development then look out for some points that will help you to get better solutions & ensure that you...
Benefits of Implementing ERP system

ERP solutions are used in various different industries ranging manufacturing units to sales and service industries. Implementing the ERP system will not only b...

Android along with Google, Paving its way to your Cars, Watches and TVs

K Chirag Shivalker Google, exponential substitute for the term "SEARCH" over a decade now, is most likely to be seen on your TV, in your car and surprisingly on your wrist as well. This development came in to existence upon the announcement made by the tech giant, to be a host for new Android products.

5 Powerful PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

PHP development is one of the highly popular and increasingly outsourced services for developing exceptionally strong web application. There are numerous PHP frameworks available, to make app development for businesses, easy and agile. Using PHP framework also allows users to obey the set development standards and keep the code organized.

Enterprise Development Solutions and Landscapes of Digital Revolution (with image) · hitechito

For some years down the line, a typical enterprise has seen a major revolution, where paper files were replaced by digitized files, the conventional mail was replaced by emails and gradually real time communication became the norm with availability of phone calls, faxes, and online conference meetings.

Looking Beyond A Responsive Web Design - 'Tagged Mobile Friendly'

Millions of mobile users across the world today, are the potential visitors to your websites. And designing a website that caters to the requirements of these users, and provides them a better surfing experience is of utmost importance. While we discuss about Website for the mobile users - did 'responsive web design' just flash through your mind?

Mobile Apps a boon for Small Businesses - Here are 6 reasons Why is it!
Latest statistics clearly indicates that the number of Smartphone users is surging; in fact it has surpassed the desktop users. In other words, a majority of people nowadays prefer to use mobile phones to surf the internet. This shift has resulted into a rise in the field of custom mobile app development.
Android Application Development Services Used Business Verticals
Android is a fastest growing & widely used platform and so is the demand for Android app development by different business verticals.
App Store - The Most Effectual Weaponry In Apple's Armor
Apple's most effective and effectual weaponry is its app store. Surprisingly however, the first generation iPhone did not support any apps, and Steve Jobs was actually proud of this fact. Back then, in 2007, third party apps were not allowed on the iPhone.
Recent Development; Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP App for iPAD, Android & Windows 8
Microsoft's Dynamics NAV app for iPad and Android; is the product with rigorous focus on enterprise - driving legacy for companies. Microsoft releases new Dynamics NAV app for iPad, specially designed for that exponential touch experience. Microsoft Dynamics NAV; quick to implement and easy to use the business solution, that supports your desired growth.
What Does the Future have in Store for Enterprise Mobility?
How enterprise mobility will have an impact on companies that conduct business; but it will be how vividly enterprise mobility will transmute the whole value chain.
ASP.Net Configurations Every ASP.Net Developer Should Discern
A lot of codes are written to prepare sophisticated applications, which ensure that task of application development process becomes adept and stress-free when it comes to test, debug, preserve, and lengthen the application. This is especially true in Windows Forms applications developed utilizing .Net 2.0, where standard design configurations have evolved over years.
After Apple; Now Its Nokia's Turn! Nokia All Set to Lure the Users with its Dual Boot Power ranger Phones
After the epic battle between Apple and Samsung; it seems there is another tiff in the way. With Nokia planning to make an entry on the scene with a Super Advanced Smartphone; it looks that this competition will now take a new turn! Well, the purpose of talking about this technological Tug-of-war was a recently discussion.
Custom Mobile Web Application Development
Valentine's Day has long gone; but the feelings of love cannot be gauged from a single day. It is an on-going process wherein; you express your feelings to your beloved day in and out so that the relationship bond grows and stays permanently.
Mobile App Development for Real Estate - These Features will help you to Pick the Best!
With the development and progress in the field of mobile apps; came a fresh air of innovation and efficiency! There are several industries which have immensely benefited with mobile applications – Let’s take realty sector for that matter – With expansion of this industry, the buyers and sellers need a robust support system that makes ‘house-hunting’ much easier, streamlined, and on top of if extremely swift.
Best Practices in Enterprise Mobility Implementation
Over the years, vendors offering mobile enterprise application platform and mobile application development platforms have ruled the market place and have in a way influenced the requirements of organizations. However, the landscapes have changed and these vendors no more dictate the market.
Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2014
Mobility is one of those third platform technologies, which dictates the way enterprises function. As the competition is getting fierce, the need for being always on the go and be connected while on the go, arises. Increased enterprise mobility enables employees to do their jobs better, without being bound by location constraints.
How To Develop A Mobile Application That Sells
Mobile Application Development is one of the most important and an imperative move towards building your business. However, when everyone is armed with a mobile application how can you build your USP and be a crowd puller? The solution might sound cliché or outright rudimentary, and I might encounter some raised eyebrowsas well.