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Top Things to Do in Trabzon, Turkey, from a Cruise Ship - Created by Staff

Top Things to Do in Trabzon, Turkey, from a Cruise Ship - Feel free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery Trabzon Turkey, Sumela pictures, how to go, Sumela Monastery information and history

Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery ( Turkish: Sümela Manastırı, Greek: Μονή Παναγίας Σουμελά, Moní Panagías Soumelá) is a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary ( Panagia, meaning "All Holy" in Greek) at Melá Mountain ( Turkish: Karadağ, which is a direct translation of the Greek name Ouros Melá, meaning Black Mountain) within the Pontic Mountains (Turkish: Kuzey Anadolu Dağları) range, in the Maçka district of Trabzon Province in modern Turkey.

Hagia Sophia, Trabzon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Church of Saint Sophia ( Greek: Ἁγία Σοφία, meaning "Holy Wisdom" Turkish: Ayasofya), formerly the Saint Sophia Museum, is a former Chalcedonian ( Greek Orthodox) church located in the city of Trabzon in the north-eastern part of Turkey. It dates back to the thirteenth century when Trabzon was the capital of the Empire of Trebizond.

Boztepe hill, Trabzon

Boztepe or Mount Minthrion is a hill near Trabzon in Turkey. It is located 3 kilometers southeast of the city center of Trabzon. The Değirmendere Valley lies to the west of Boztepe. The Kaymaklı quarter occupies most of the Boztepe hill. The area has been religiously significant since ancient times.(Whiting, pg 565) There are four sacred fountains on Bozetepe.

Trabzon Museum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Trabzon Museum ( Turkish: Trabzon Müzesi), aka Kostaki Mansion ( Kostaki Konağı), is a historic house museum with archeological and ethnographic exhibitions located in Trabzon, Turkey.

Ortahisar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ortahisar is a planned district and second level municipality in Trabzon Province, Turkey. According to Law act no 6360, all Turkish provinces with a population more than 750000, will be metropolitan municipality and the districts within the metropolitan municipalities will be second-level municipalities. The law also creates new districts within the provinces in addition to present districts.

Gülbahar Hatun II

Gülbahar Hatun ( Ottoman Turkish: گلبهار خاتون; c. 1447 - c. 1510) was the wife of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II and the mother of Selim I. She was married to Bayezid in 1469 at Amasya.

Kaymaklı Monastery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It was named Ամենափրկիչ Վանք (Amenaprgič Vank) in Armenian, which translates as "Monastery of the All-Saviour". The Ottoman Sultan Murad III is said to have eaten a meal at the monastery consisting only of dairy products. He confirmed the monastery's possession of its lands, and the place came to be called in Turkish Kaymaklı, meaning "with/of kaymak", in memory of the occasion.

Saint Anne Church, Trabzon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Church of Saint Anne ( Greek: Ἁγία Άννα) is one of the oldest churches in Trabzon, Turkey. It is possible the church was built around the 6th or 7th centuries AD. On a relief slab above the south door there is an inscription stating that St.

Gülbahar Hatun Camii, Trabzon - Vikipedi

Gülbahar Hatun Camii Kendi adıyla anılan mahallede Atapark'ın güneyinde yer alır. Zamanla, etrafındaki Medrese, İmaret, Mektep, Darü'l-Kurra ve Türbe ile bir Külliye oluşturmaktaydı. Bugün diğerleri yıkılarak sadece doğusundaki Türbe ayakta kalmıştır.