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Top Things to Do in Visby, Sweden, from a Cruise Ship - Created by Staff

Top Things to Do in Visby, Sweden, from a Cruise Ship - Feel free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list

Gotland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The island is the home of the Gutes (the tribal name of the Gotlandic people), and sites such as Ajvide show that it has been occupied since prehistory. Early on, Gotland became a commercial center and the town of Visby was the most important Hanseatic city in the Baltic Sea.

Visby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Visby is a locality and the seat of Gotland Municipality in Gotland County, Sweden with 23,576 inhabitants, as of 2012. Visby is also the episcopal see for the Diocese of Visby. It is the only locality with historical city status on the island of Gotland.

Högklint - Wikipedia

Högklint är en klintspets på Gotlands västkust, cirka sju kilometer sydväst om Visby. Högklint, som är en de mest spektakulära klintarna på Gotland, är uppbyggd av revkalksten, underlagrad av lagrad kalksten och märgelskiffer, och stupar 46 meter nästan lodrätt ned i havet. Högklint med omgivande område utgår sedan börja av 1900-talet ett naturreservat.

Visby botaniska trädgård - Wikipedia

Visby botaniska trädgård, sällskapet De Badande Wännernas trädgård, är en botanisk trädgård nära havet och Strandpromenaden i Visby. Trädgården anlades 1855 av den allmännyttiga herrsällskapet Sällskapet DBW., på förslag av magister Hans Petter Gustavsson. I början av 1930-talet gjordes en genomgripande renovering av trädgården och den fick då sin nuvarande utformning.

Gotska Sandön - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gotska Sandön is mostly composed of sand, and its scenery is dominated by beaches, dunes, and pine forests. The name "Gotska Sandön" literally translates as the Gotlandic Sand Island, from the province of which it forms part. Since 1909, it is one of the National parks of Sweden.

Lummelundagrottan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lummelundagrottan ( Swedish for "The Lummelunda cave") is a nature reserve located near Lummelunds bruk north of Visby on Gotland, Sweden. It is best known for the actual cave Lummelundagrottan, also called Rövarkulan ("The Den of Robbers"). The reserve is 17 ha (42 acres) and include the cave and an area above the ground.

Lilla Karlsö

Lilla Karlsö is a small Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, situated about 3 km west of Gotland and 4.5 km from Stora Karlsö. It has an area of about 1.6 km² and is 66 meters high. Most of the island consists of a limestone plateau.