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Updated by Jeffrey Thomas on Jul 19, 2014
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EdTech Resources July 6 2014

80 EdTech Resources You May Have Missed July 6, 2014

Here's my latest Treasure Chest of EdTech resources you just may have missed! This week I have added as yet another choice on viewing these resources. Of course I am still using Storify and Flipboard. So, make your choice and I hope you enjoy!

What Is A Megapixel?

Smartphones are rapidly hitting the point that, unless you're planning to game or try to mine Bitcoins with them; the screens, processors, and memory are plenty sufficient for any application you have in mind. So, when it comes time to upgrade, more and more people are looking at the phone's cameras as a differentiating factor.

Why It's Important to Talk Math With Kids

Flickr: Benjamin Rossen Do you speak math with your kids? Many of us feel completely comfortable talking about letters, words and sentences with our children-reading to them at night, helping them decode their own books, noting messages on street signs and billboards. But speaking to them about numbers, fractions, and decimals?

Educational Technology Guy

Google is a very powerful search engine, but the way you search makes a huge difference in your results. The infographic below has some great tips on becoming a Google Search Power User. Check it out and share with your students.

Share Your Knowledge with Evernote - Evernote Blog

Evernote is a great tool for collecting information important to you, but it's also great for sharing that information with family, friends, and colleagues. Learn How to Share Notebooks Sharing Evernote notebooks is fast and easy. Select your preferred platform so we can teach you step-by-step how to share your notebooks.

From data to doughnuts: How to create great charts and graphics in Excel

So, you need some eye-popping visuals to show off your top sales numbers for that meeting in 40 minutes but data, not design, is your forte. No problem. With Excel 2013-even if you've never used it-you can pump out a sophisticated, professional chart as fast as you can type.

ISTE14 Impressions

This year ISTE put on what appeared to me to be the biggest education extravaganza to date. The number of participants was said to be somewhere between 20 and 22 thousand educators. I never verified that number but based on the food lines it seemed likely to be true.

Creating A Google Drive Classroom

by TeachThought Staff Using the cloud in the classroom can be a powerful thing. One of the most common uses of the cloud in today's classroom is word processing, and one of the most common cloud-based word processing platforms is Google Drive. We've talked about offering voice feedback to documents.

The Ultimate Directory Of Free Image Sources

So, you need an image for your blog? We've spent some time categorizing our favorite sources for free images and organizing them in such a way as to help you find what you're looking for. Here are the criteria we've examined: Subjects: Does a site focus on specific genres of images, or is it a mass collection of various image types?

How to Use Pocket Like a Pro to Save Everything from the Web

Pocket has long been one of our favorite services for saving articles and reading them later. Beneath the surface, though, you can use Pocket for a lot more than just snatching up the occasional long read. Here's how to use Pocket like a pro.

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom

Various Dates In 2014-Featured Webinar Presenter, Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community, Online January 28-31, 2014- Featured Presenter, FETC, Orlando, Florida March 6-8, 2014- Presenter, North Carolina Technology In Education Society Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC March 16-18, 2014- Presenter and 2012-2014 Emerging Leader, ASCD Annual Conference, Los Angles, CA June 23-26, 2014-Session Speaker and Workshop Presenter, International Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA

Tools for 21st Century Learning Design - Web Tool Edition

This deck shares web tools matched to 21st Century Learning dimensions. The aim of this is to provide some tools for those who do not always work in the app wo...

15 Video Editing Apps For iOS & Android Devices

Apple's iPhone have always come with one of the best smartphone cameras and many users take advantage of this by taking beautifully shot photos and videos on it. Once you have that footage, you're going to want a way to edit it. Although iOS has its own editor, lucky for ...

Free Technology for Teachers: How to Measure Distances in Google Maps

The only reason that I had for clinging to the old version of Google Maps has gone away. This week Google added a new measurement tool to the newer version of Google Maps. To use the measurement tool just right-click on a map and select "measure" then left-click on another location to measure the distance between the two locations.

Add Ok Google Detection To All Screens On Your Device [No Root]

A recent update to Google Now made it so the it listened for the hotword on your home screen without you having to launch it or do anything else. Naturally, everyone went 'yay' and it was business as usual.

7 PD tips for your instructional technology integration plan | eSchool News | eSchool News

These 7 professional development tips for your instructional technology integration plan can help educators adapt to new technological advances The role of instructional technology in the classroom has steadily increased over the past decade.

5 More Cool Tools to Take Classroom Collaboration to a New Level

More Fun Free Tools for Collaborative Classroom Assignments In May, we published the post, 20 Fun Free Tools for Interactive Classroom Collaboration. Given the high level of interest in this topic, today we offer a guest post with 5 more fun tools for collaborating in (and out of) the classroom!

10 Awesome Ways To Sync Up and Back Up Your Devices

Keeping your digital stuff synced and accessible across all your devices is super important. Why not use the cloud to your advantage by leveraging different services to keep yourself backed up and in sync no matter where you go?

What Do Teachers Think About EdTech? - Edudemic

We know there are a lot of teachers out there using technology in their classrooms. We also know there are a lot of teachers who aren't - whether they can't due to financial constraints or just flat out don't want to (or some combination thereof).

Social Media in Education: Resource Roundup

This collection of blogs, articles, and videos from Edutopia aims to help teachers deploy social media tools in the classroom to engage students in 21st-century learning.

Time-Capsule Teaching

Have you ever been witness to a time capsule being opened? If you are not familiar with such events it is very simple. People select items that represent their culture or personal lives, and place them in a container to be sealed up for a long period of time.

The technology buying guide everyone needs

Are you in the market for a new piece of technology? Whether for the office or home (or home office!), work or pleasure, purchasing the right thing for you isn't always easy. Coming up with a list of things to do when purchasing a device - seems a little silly, right?

9 Things Most People Don't Know About Chromebooks

Laptops that run Google's own Chrome operating system (which looks just like the Chrome browser you might be using on your PC or Mac) are cheap, easy to use, and growing in popularity. Here are nine things you probably didn't know about machines running the Chrome OS.

We Are Teachers

Symbaloo is the perfect tool for organizing websites in a way that is easy for young kids to use. The visual bookmarking tool is intuitive to use and has been a major time-savor for me in my kindergarten classroom. To get started head over to to set up a FREE account.

Why Taking Notes By Hand Is Better Than Taking Notes by Laptop

We have been told that buying a laptop or a tablet for every student is a civil rights issue. Vendors of new technology might find it awkward to make such a claim for their products, but "reformers" do not. Lest the inevitable technology boosters complain that I am spreading doubt, let me iterate and reiterate...