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Drawing Ideas | Classroom Resources | PBS Learning Media

Drawing and illustration are often the foundation for creation. Artists often sketch ideas and flesh them out into detailed, 2D works, or they use sketching as a tool for building 3D or digital objects. Meet some of the most exciting artists around, and discover different ways that artists use drawing and illustration to communicate messages.

Technology pushes art education forward

Traditional art forms such as painting, drawing and sculpture are no longer the only ways students express themselves creatively in school. Art programs in schools are usually the first to be cut in times of budgetary constraints, but technological innovations have presented creative students with opportunities dubbed "cyberarts."

Free Technology for Teachers: Seven Registration-Free Drawing Tools for Students

Earlier today Shannon Miller Tweeted about a free drawing tool called Sketch Toy. Students do not have to register to use Sketch Toy and they can download all of their drawings to use in other projects. After trying Sketch Toy I decided to revisit some other drawing tools that do not require students to register in order to create and download drawings.

What It Takes to Draw Low-Income Students to Afterschool Art Programs

The Wallace Foundation went out and asked more than 200 low-income kids in seven cities what they want out of an afterschool arts program and what would keep them coming back. The study focuses on a key time in a student's development when they're more easily reachable, before they go to high school and may often become harder to engage.

Nurturing the Next Van Gogh? Start With Small Steps

If it's true that fostering creativity in learning is not just a nice notion, but an imperative, then educators must find a way to integrate it into a system that has not made this intangible, un-testable attribute a priority. More and more, teachers are becoming alerted to the idea that nurturing creative minds is necessary to raise a generation of innovators.

18 Apps That Will Inspire Creativity In Your Everyday Life

Posted: Mobile devices like iPads and Androids have transformed the way we experience boredom. No longer is a wayward commuter forced to play Snake or Tetris, occupying themselves in a hardly satisfying, and utterly pixelated virtual reality.

Paint or Paint App? Value of Creating Digital Vs. Traditional Art

While it may be easy to imagine how iPads can support classroom studies with reading, history, or science, some of the most groundbreaking - and creative - work with digital tools may be happening in arts classes.

How Video Games and Social Media Fuel Students' Passion for Art

The same devices that are used to consume art have also allowed students to create on their own, often with little instruction or direction. This trend of interest-driven art creation comes at a time when public schools are cutting art programming, and it offers a promising new way to reach and mold budding artists.

Arts & Tech Integration: How to Collaborate and Have Fun Doing It

When I was a technology specialist, one of my favorite people in the building to work with was the art teacher. Over time, we came to have a lot of fun seeing how we could work together and combine our respective disciplines.

Teaching Packets

Teaching packets are designed to permit flexibility in use. All are part of our free loan program with many available for immediate PDF download . They include a printed booklet with in-depth background information, suggestions for student activites, supplemental image CDs or slides, and often with color study prints, timelines, and bibiliographies.

How California Schools Are Using Art to Boost Achievement

In a first-grade classroom at Peralta Elementary School in Oakland, children concentrate on detailed pencil drawings of scenes from the underground railroad. Safehouses and trap doors appear on paper. One boy is drawing dogs with pointy teeth. Here at Peralta, art is never just about art.

Technology rules art class at Kenmore Middle School

You'll find paintbrushes, glue sticks and fresh white paper waiting to be scribbled on in the art room at Arlington's Kenmore Middle School. But you'll also see wood planks lying against the walls, sawdust covering the floor, 3-D printers and a cabinet of power tools that would make a carpenter envious.

Free Technology for Teachers: Three Good Places to Find Art Lessons

The website of The Metropolitan Museum of Art contains some great resources for teachers and students. The first place that teachers will want to check out is the lessons plan page. On the lessons plan page you will find three dozen lesson plans to accompany online features about the art of Egypt, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

How to enhance your lessons with Google Art Project

This is reblogged from my post on Daily Genius. Google Art Project is one of my favorite tools available online. It is a repository of high resolution images and 3D "museum view" virtual art gallery tours. Since its inception in 2011, Google Art Project has grown from its initial collaboration of 17 international museums to...

The Benefits of Using Doodling and Sketchnotes in the Classroom

I have always been a doodler, drawing figures and squiggles in the margins as I talk on the phone or sit through a professional-development lecture. It might look like I'm not paying attention, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Power of Paint (Paid Post by Park West Gallery From

Learn how Park West Gallery supports arts education.