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Top Reasons Why Farms Need Fences

Keep your animals exactly where you want them to be!

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Choosing the Right Sheep Shearing Equipment

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Why Do You Have a Fence in Front of Your Home?

Thoughts on defensible spaces and private places By Anna Daniels ...Before I built a wall I'd ask to know What I was walling in or walling out, ... Robert Frost, Mending Wall A few days ago I realized that every single piece of residential property on my City Heights block, save one, has a fence and or a gate between the residence and the street.

Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Page 1 - Reasons for fencing on farms There is an old saying, 'good fences make good neighbours'. The implication is that without good boundary fences, disputes arise. However, the ideal of creating discrete, independent properties is only one reason for building fences. Even in earlier communal societies, fencing was important for protecting crops and managing animals.

How to Defend Your Farm from Intruders

Over the past few years rural and agricultural related crimes have been on the rise, while funding to combat these offenses has steadily decreased. Obviously, in rural areas, crimes are less likely to be reported, and suffer a far longer response time.

Fencing crucial for farm safety, value

The first impression that a farm gives to its visitors is not the gates that welcome them to the property but often the fences that line roads on the drive to get there. Those fences have a dual purpose, not only keeping the horses in their confines but serving as the roadside advertisement of a farm's attention to detail, safety, and upkeep.

Fences for the Farm | Publications | UGA Extension

John W. Worley, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department Fences may be used to protect or divide property, to improve its appearance, to confine animals, or to exclude animals. Whatever its purpose, one should plan a fence carefully. This is especially important on farms where fences represent a large investment and their location and arrangement may affect production efficiency.

Protecting Livestock From Predation With Electric Fences

Electric fence designs | How an electric fence works | Fence line selection and preparation Electric fences are an important tool for protecting livestock in Alberta. Such fences have been used in the province to protect livestock from predators for more than two decades.