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Group RRSP Plans

Are seg funds worth the premium? - MoneySense

Question My wife and I have $180,000 in an RRSP at our bank and another $175,000 in an RRSP with an insurance company. The RRSP with our insurance company is in some kind of investment that is guaranteed not to lose our money.

Segregated funds: A cracked nest egg - MoneySense

If you're a senior citizen, a small business owner or simply a cautious investor, you've probably heard sales pitches for what are known as segregated funds. Our advice? Steer clear. Seg funds are offered by insurance companies; at first glance, they look much like mutual funds.

Seg funds cut the risk - but at what price? | GlobeAdvisor

Seg funds cut the risk -- but at what price? What they don't tell you about seg funds Segregated funds are one of the most expensive investment products you can buy, making they a luxury many investors can't afford - and probably don't need.

Taking the confusion out of segregated funds

(I'm laughing so hard right now) You may have seen segregated funds in the news recently, with some discussion of their insurance guarantees and higher fees. You may also be wondering how this discussion relates to the segregated funds you hold in your group plan. The short answer is - it doesn't relate.

Smoke and mirrors

If you have a group RRSP or group pension savings plan through your employer, you might have been pleased, or felt privileged if you saw these words in the plan documents: "Fees have been paid for by your employer - meaning that there is no cost to members for this plan".

Why DC plan sponsors should care about decumulation

Rivers of ink have been spilled over how to help DC members to save more, invest better and gain more knowledge. We have applied behavioural economics, calculated the effect of high fees on cumulative savings, taken advantage of the latest research on heuristics and employed the best consulting talent-all to ensure that the accumulated savings will prove adequate in achieving DB-like replacement ratios.