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Deep House Labels & Producers on Bandcamp

I love Bandcamp and I love Deep House so I thought it'd be great to let everyone know about Deep House labels & producers who offer and sell their music via Bandcamp!

Browse the list, discover some kick ass music or add your own/ favorite Deep House label's or producer's Bandcamp page.
I also just started a BANDCAMP DEEP HOUSE group on Facebook for creators and users alike. Join us!


Music | Deeper Shades Recordings

Deeper Shades Recordings.
Redondo Beach, California.

Music | Atjazz

Derby, UK.

Music | Yoruba Records

Yoruba Records.
St. Louis, Missouri.
Since 1999

Late Night Basix, by Rick Wade

Rick Wade
Rick Wade, the man behind Harmonie Park Records has been producing soulful, timeless grooves and tapping into the essence of deepness since the early ’90's. A stalwart of Detroit’s rich music history for the past two decades Rick has long been considered an underground hero - one of those guys called a "producer's producer" or the "DJ's DJ", pioneering the Detroit Deep House.

Late Night Basix, released 01 January 1994

  1. Nothing to Fear
  2. DBX Dub
  3. I Do Believe
  4. I Can Feel It

My first EP and the first release on Harmonie Park Records back in 1994.

Music | Ocha Records

Ocha Records.
Brooklyn, New York.
Ocha, short for Orisha, means spirit or deity in the Yoruba religion. The record label is owned by Carlos Mena (Casamena). Originally started in May 2005 with Osunlade after a meeting where they talked at the Winter Music Conference.
Send demos to -

Music | Battibatti


Music | Antidote Music

Antidote Music.
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Antidote Music, established 2012, is a Deep and Soulful House label that emerges from The Kingdom of Swaziland. It is solely run by label heads, The Antidotes, who have made quite an impact on their appearances on remix jobs and original projects. They have come to offer a wide and versatile platform of innovative releases from new upcoming and renowned artists around the world.

Just Move Records

Just Move Records

Artists | peng

peng. UK.
Peng Records have been delivering Deep House and soul grooves since '99! |
Andy Compton,
The Rurals,
Andy Compton & Han Litz,
Peng Compilations

Music | Honeycomb Music

Honeycomb Music.
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Music | Larry Heard

Larry Heard.
Memphis, Tennessee.

KNK, by Robert Heel

Etoka Records
Demos at:

KNK by Robert Heel, released 31 October 2016

  1. KNK
  2. Crackle Pong

'KNK’ - the sound idea that originated from analog sample sketches, recorded from old tapes, assembled with interesting elements, and creatively modified in the process.
Robert Heel delivers some impressive hypnotic chords which are manipulated with long delays, yet applies lots of rhythmic tape pops, cracks and hisses to create original and outstanding rhythmic patterns.
Throughout both tracks the artist introduces ones more his unique approach to the sound, creating a unique analog atmosphere.

Mahogani Music

Mahogani Music

Music | Peven Everett & Co.

Peven Everett & Co..
Chicago, Illinois.
Peven Everett presents his label catalog to you
including songs by Billie Jewell, Upper Esh, and the duet PBJ.

Music | Warm Days

Warm Days.
London, UK.
Deep, jazzy, soulful. Warm Days is pushing an agenda and bridging a gap. All with a dream in mind. Living life in the warmth. The Warm Days label was launched in 2010, with the likes of Mark de Clive-Lowe, Atjazz, Bah Samba and Monique Bingham appearing alongside founder QB Smith in the first few singles.

Room With A View

Room With A View

Music | DM.Recordings

Independent Record Label based in United Kingdom
DM.Recordings is a record label based in United Kingdom established in 2011 and run by D-Malice.
We are an outlet for the world to experience the sounds of the Motherland mixed with sounds from the future. We distribute to all leading digital stores and are also a sub-label of the well known Soul Candi Records (SA).



Mixtape Sessions On Bandcamp

Mixtape Sessions. Music for the People. Founded by former West End Records' Vice President and DJ/Producer Adam Cruz, Mixtape Sessions is an incredible indie music company based out of the NYC metropolitan area. Unlike other music companies, Mixtape Sessions offers its enthusiasts a multi-media experience complete with original music, documentary shorts, live shows, merchandise, active online social networking and heavy fan interactions. Artists working with Mixtape Sessions include Adam Cruz, Eddie Nicholas, Flora Cruz, Gerideau, Tony Award winner Lillias White, Manchildblack, queen AaMinah and many others.

DeepWit Recordings

DeepWit Recordings caters towards noncommercial, resonant, innovative and intelligent deep house sounds. Bringing together talented producers from around the world who with their music will inspire your soul. The label was born out of a passion and love of all things deep and needing to share that passion with other like minded individuals.

Beat X Changers

Beat X Changers DOPE INSPIRES DOPE Online community of music heads, that became a music label in March 2013. A label that keeps that same spontaneous, participative and eclectic approach that made the success of the initial project.

Music | Phat Elephant Recordings

Phat Elephant Recordings.
Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Nuno Estevez and Tonic HD - Away (Radio Edit), by Nuno Estevez and Tonic HD

Just Move Records
South African independent record label.

Nuno Estevez and Tonic HD - Away (Radio Edit) by Nuno Estevez and Tonic HD, released 22 March 2014