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Cardiology billing and coding Services - Cardiology Billing company

Cardiology Billing Company - e-care India offers cardiology billing and coding services, maximize your office's efficiency with low cost cardiology billing & coding service. We are the largest, oldest and most experienced outsourced cardiology medical billing service in United States.

Medical Billing Company India | Medical Coding Company | e-care India

e-care India is one of the leading medical billing companies in India that provides complete medical billing solutions and coding services. We work with all size of clients; no client is too small or too large and they all get the same level of attention.

Accounts Receivable Management Solutions – e-care India

e-care India’s accounts receivable management team is structured to be a complete solution provider to address difficulties that occur in cash flows and reducing the Accounts Receivable days by submitting error free clean-claims.

Anesthesia Billing Company | Medical Billing | e-care India

At e-care India, we have specially trained teams who exclusively handle anesthesia medical billing. With more than $ 64 million collected in 2013 only for Anesthesia providers, e-care has both the expertise and the bandwidth to service clients of all sizes in Anesthesia.

E-care team has a good experience of handling anesthesia medical billing which is one of the most complicated medical billing processes. They keep a track of documentations which can be easily accessed at the time of need.

Denial management in Healthcare & Medical Billing | e-care India

e-care India is dedicated to minimize lost reimbursements and denials in Healthcare & Medical billing with highly efficient systems and services designed to meet our clients’ needs. Our process uncovers and resolves the problem leading to denials and shorten the accounts receivables cycle.

E-care India is committed to decrease lost settlements and denials with vastly proficient schemes and services intended to meet clients needs. Their denial management team will provide finest solutions to clients, fastening their refund process.

Medical Record Indexing | Electronic Medical Record Storage | e-care India

e-care India’s medical record indexing services include electronic medical record storage, medical records management. This helps medical staff access all the information that they need quickly to determine treatment options as well as to be compliant with patient data storage.

e-care India providing  indexing of medical records includes document indexing, and maintenance of billing records, as well as medical record systems for the healthcare providers. medical records indexing services with the focus on increasing Revenue of hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers

Insurance Eligibility Verification | e-care India

At e-care India, Insurance eligibility verification is the most important and the first step in the medical billing process. Our team helps in reducing our client’s revenue cycle, minimize delays and denials, delivers a thorough verification.

E-care India help their clients in getting their insurance papers verified quickly so that the person can receives his claims as soon as possible. With E-care, insurance eligibility verification is not a trouble anymore.

Medical Billing Charge Entry Services | e-care India

At e-care India, we do charge entry as a part of the healthcare revenue cycle management services. Our staff has excellent skill-set in handling charge entry for different medical billing specialties.

Utilize e-care India’s charge entry services to improve charge capture accuracy and clean claim submission rate. Positive Results realizes that Charge Entry is an important process in controlling revenue. Many of our clients wish to maintain control of this process by having their staff enter patient demographic information, and post each day's charges. Outsourcing Medical Billing Charge Entry Services to e-care India gives you access to accurate charge entry.

Healthcare Outsourcing Services | Outsourced Medical Billing | E-care India

e-care India is the top healthcare outsourcing services company offering cost savings up to 40% to doctors, general physicians and medical companies. We provide you competitive edge over others through greater accuracy in coding and timely deliverables.

e-care India offers  medical billing outsourcing services for healthcare providers. Our professionals specialize in providing - insurance verifications, medical billing, Revenue cycle management and medical coding services. Discover how e-care India is helping to deliver better & more efficient health outcomes through their AR support and Medical billing experts.

Medical Billing | Payment Posting In Medical Billing | ecare India

In ecare India, medical claims processing to payment posting in medical billing is done electronically, the turnaround time, subject to payment processing is done faster than ever.

Payment posting in medical billing is one of the key features of E-care India. They help clients in receiving proper payment and maintain a record which will help them in future use.

Medical Coding Outsourcing Services | Medical Billing Company | e-care

e-care India is one of the leading medical coding companies and billing services in India. At e-care, we understand that medical coding is one of the most important processes in healthcare revenue cycle management preceding a claim submission.

e-care India Pvt Ltd provides efficient Medical coding and translation of medical files in a fast, efficient and high quality manner. Our coders are ICD-10 certified with the necessary knowledge to help the provider to work smoothly during this medical code transition. e-care provides medical coding outsourcing services and denial solutions for health care providers that enhance coding quality and accuracy.

Physician Credentialing Services | Provider Credentialing Services | e-care India

We at e-care India offer Physician credentialing services, helping Providers achieve better revenues. Credentialing verifies that a physician meets standards as determined by the Payer by reviewing such items as the individual’s license, experience, certification etc.

With physician credentialing, E-care make sure that their clients is receiving the exact care which they require and help them in getting revenues faster. Visit website to know more.

Radiology Medical Billing Services | Global Billing of Diagnostic Radiology | e-care India

e-care India is providing radiology medical billing services with radiology billing staff having more than 15 years of expertise that can handle both the Technical and Professional components of Radiology Billing. We reduce the operational costs of our clients up to 50%.

Radiology medical billing service is a complex work that needs a good experience. e-care India Pvt. ltd having 15+ years of experience in providing Radiology Medical Billing services that can generate a major increase in collections at the radiology practice. Our radiology billing experts can help practices improve their Revenue with zero denials.

Revenue Cycle Management Company | e-care India

e-care India is a healthcare revenue cycle management service provider in India, that focuses on providing end-to-end medical billing services. With more than 15 years, we are providing revenue cycle solutions to our clients.

If you need revenue cycle solutions, ecare India is the best option for you. Ecare India provides flawless Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management solutions to physicians and medical billing companies ensuring cost effectiveness and revenue maximization.

Medical Billing Outsourcing Company | e-care India

e-care is one of the best medical billing outsourcing company in India. We are ISO certified and have expertise in working with 30+ billing software and we can work on the project immediately without the need for intensive training.

Medical billing needs proper attention, as it involves medical codes, documentation, claims and reimbursements. Not to miss, potential human resource, proper communication and regular follow-ups. So, Ecare provides with outsource medical billing to resolve

FQHC Medical Billing Company - FQHC Medical Billing services

Outsource your FQHC medical billing services and increase you RCM upto 80%. e-care is one of the best FQHC billing and coding company with maximized efficiency and highly skilled experts.

e-care India Pvt. ltd is an expert in providing FQHC and Rural Health Billing Services. e-care’s certified coders with extensive knowledge of coding and billing in FQHC related processes, which ensures that you receive maximum reimbursements

Ambulatory surgical centre (ASC) Billing Services | e-care India

In ecare India, medical claims processing to payment posting in medical billing is done electronically, the turnaround time, subject to payment processing is done faster than ever.

e-care India Pvt ltd is a full-service revenue cycle management company in India that operates within your existing EMR system to oversee every aspect of your billing and collections. e-care is a reliable and a customer focused company when it comes to providing ASC billing and coding services. e-care experienced team of dedicated professionals have been helping clients maximize reimbursements.

Emergency Room Physician Medical Billing Services | e-care India

e-care India provides an exceptional emergency room physician medical billing service that delivers industry-leading profitability. Physicians collect on over 99.7% using us as their biller. Learn more

  • e-care India is one of the leading medical billing companies in India that provides complete medical billing solutions and coding services. e-care is a pioneer in offshore medical billing, having started in the year 2000 – one of the first few to offer medical billing services from India at that time.

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