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Top Kerala Food Blogs

Here are a List of my favorite blogs which has recipes of drool worthy Kerala cuisine ! These blogs contains many traditional Kerala recipes. Each blog is unique in its own way and is definitely worth a look!

Yummy O Yummy

Blog Author - Maya Akhil
Blogging since 2010
Facebook likes : 12,530
Quick, easy, and authentic Indian food recipes.

A gourmet dictionary of over 500 simple recipes ranging from breakfast, kids recipes, vegan, non-vegetarian to Kerala dishes to make cooking fun.

Maya has an excellent space with traditional Kerala recipes, both veg and non-veg. She has a huge collection of yummy recipes, and her Kerala Sadya recipes are definitely worth a look and try.

MariasMenu: Easy South Indian Kerala Cooking Recipes, Kerala Recipes, Kerala Cooking, Kerala Dishes, Kerala Cuisine, ...

Blog Author - Maria Jose Martin
Blogging since 2006
Facebook likes : 31,747

MariasMenu has over 300 tried, tested, tasted and trusted simple, easy and healthy Kerala dishes and South Indian cooking recipes for you.

Maria has an amazing collection of Kerala recipes, especially non-veg dishes. -Flavors reminds Gods Own Country

Author - Sangeetha Subhash
Blogging since 2009
Facebook likes - 8732 is a cooking website or Kerala food blog,specialized in simple,easy,healthy,authentic tried and tested recipes from India and from all over of the world.
Sangeetha has a decent collection of Kerala recipes from family, friends and cookbooks that are spicy, tangy and of course tasty.

Mishmash !

Author - Shn
Blogging from 2007 - 2011

Shn has attempted to record some recipes, handed over to her family through grandmas & great-grandmas and also shares some favorite dishes of her own family.

Mishmash is one Kerala food blog that has wonderful recipes, amazing photography and great write-ups too. Wish Shn was still blogging!

Website at

Author - Honey Sarah Naveen
Blogging : 2009 - 2012
Facebook likes - 5354

Vazhayila - the plantain leaf, a Kerala food blog was born out of a desire for real and satisfying food. Honey makes intensely good meals that are ridiculously easy, and share it in this online recipe journal.
Honey's recipes are heavily influenced by her Kerala Syrian Christian upbringing in central Kerala. She brings out the best recipes from Kottayam and Kuttanad.

Ria's Collection

Author - Ria Jobin
Blogging since 2008
Facebook likes - 5090

Ria's Collection blog is her personal food journal. A journal of a Malabari Suriani. Being a Catholic, raised in the Malabar , she grew up in a mishmash of culture and food.That has influenced the way she cook. She comes from a family who takes cooking very seriously.
She was awarded Vanita 'Pachakarani' in 2011.

Swapna's Cuisine

Author - Swapna Mickey
Blogging since - 2008
Facebook likes - 4590

Swapna's Cuisine publish recipes that are a reflection of her Syrian Christian origins, culinary tastes acquired during her stay in North India and the Middle East and evidence of her gastronomic preferences.

Her blog has a mix of traditional and contemporary Indian and western recipes.

Pazham Pappadam Paayasam

Author - Sujitha Manoj
Blogging from 2010
Facebook likes - 3009

Also known as Pazham Pappadam Payasam, this blog has many easy to cook recipes from around the world.


Author - Anonymous
Blogging from 2010
Facebook likes - 1698

Kurryleaves has a nice mix of Indian and International recipes.

Website at

Blog Author - Tina
Blogging since 2008
Facebook likes - 1475

Kaipunyam caters to all tastes, mostly Indian and especially Kerala recipes. You can also find an assortment of cakes and international recipes too.

Tina has an awesome collection of recipes from her family and friends.


Author - Nashira Usef
Blogging since 2010
Facebook likes - 18,862

Plateful is liberally garnished with sweet and savory home-cooked food—simple everyday meals, timeless favorites, nostalgic comfort food, modern dishes with real wow-factors, tried and tasted recipes from cookbooks and sites I love—interspersed with beautiful photographs, and lots more besides.
She has a Cuisines of Kerala corner, which is adorned with stunning photography and her Kerala recipes.

Mélange !!

Author - Anonymous
Blogging since - 2011

Mélange was created to record,share and showcase the recipes the Author loved, inherited,experimented-all tried out successfully in her kitchen.

My Treasure...My Pleasure

Author - Annita
Blogging from 2006 - 2008
One of the first Kerala recipes food blog which has a vast collection of good trusted recipes.


Author - Nisa Homey
Blogging since 2010
Facebook likes - 9285

Easy Step by Step Recipes. She blogs recipes of everyday traditional Kerala food. She shares healthy and purely homemade food recipes with step-by-step instructions.

Erivum Puliyum

Author - Julie
Blogging since 2011
Facebook likes - 2078

Previously known as Tasty Treats. This spicy and sour flavored food blog has some other flavors too. The recipes are tried and tested.

Simple and Delicious !

Author - Seena
Blogging from 2006 - 2013
Facebook likes - 2124

Simple and Delicious!is a personal blog created for recording and sharing all the recipes that Seena has learned from her mother,friends and magazines.All the recipes published here are tried and tested.The opinions or views expressed here are her own.