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Headline for Breast Cancer Blogs
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Breast Cancer Blogs

Here is a list of breast cancer blogs on the web. Please feel free to add your suggestions to grow this list.
Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Primary focus on issues relating to cancer survivorship
Younger women with breast cancer
Fertility concerns

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Providing information and advice after your breast cancer diagnosis. Cancer News. Health advice.

Feisty Blue Gecko - a tail of the unexpected

Life and work of a Scottish woman in Asia - with the added complication of Breast Cancer thrown into the mix!

Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer

Ann Marie Otis



Blooms and Bubbles

it's still East Meets Britt

Young Survival Coalition

Young women facing breast cancer together.

Team S - Living with Stage IV Breast Cancer

Stage IV breast cancer thriver, mom, wife, artist, learning to enjoy and appreciate life despite terminal disease. My experiences living with cancer.

@tiggitiger FEC-THis

Life after a tango with death & its best friend cancer. Welcome to Tracy's world of thoughts, experiences, hopes, fears, dreams, obsessions…. you name it, it will probably turn up here somewhere. I’m a married mother of one and career woman who, like far too many other women, received a breast cancer diagnosis in June 2012 just before my 43rd birthday. FEC-TH is the name of my treatment; it’s not easy.

@mlsfleming2 HEN BACKTALK

Irreverent writer, design junkie, never got over majoring in psych/soc. Obsess on health design and the patient experience. Post regularly on health design, medical, and healing garden sites.

stickit2stage4's Blog

Learning to live with Stage 4 breast cancer. Susan Rahn


Straight-up about living breastfree after cancer

Get Up Swinging

The boobs are fake. The snark is real. (by Lara Huffman)

Searching For EMWA

In my late-twenties, I came up with an acronym that seemed to reflect what I was looking for in a special someone: EMWA or Expand My World Ability.