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Updated by Linky Van Der Merwe on Jun 27, 2014
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Top Bloggers on Twitter

Here are the top blogger who I follow on Twitter. Please add names of Bloggers who will add value to this list.

iBlogBusiness (@iblogbusiness)

iBlogBusiness, owned by TMA E-Marketing, is recognized as a central Business Blogging portal featuring the best blogs and news in the business blogoshpere.

amy parmenter (@parmfarm)

Award-winning journalist/blogger.

Buildify Blog (@Buildify)

Managed Corporate Blogging

Nicholas Cardot (@Nicholas_Cardot)

I'm a Diabolical Genius Villain™ (with minions & lair). Also I love chocolate chip cookie dough. Character is judged by your reverence for The Princess Bride.

Keith  (@kbloemendaal)

Home builder @ilmbuilder, photographer, digital junkie. Tweets about real estate, housing, food, photography, and social media.

Blogs Revealed (@blogsrevealed)

A blog (a contraction of the term weblog) is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, photos and descriptions.

Anyare? (@anyaredaw)

blogging from the Philippines.

Andrew Rondeau (@andrewrondeau)

Helping people grow their business via the web. Sharing web / blogging tips at and tweets @andrewrondeau Married 29 years, 2 kids.

George Helou (@MindPowerCoach)

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author & Founder of EP7 - Empowered for Purpose. For online life coach inquiries go to

Steve Tobak (@SteveTobak)

Management consultant - Columnist - Former high-tech exec - Lumberjack - From Brooklyn ... before it was cool

Coree Silvera (@MarketLikeAChik)

Marketing in real life to real people. - Forbes Top 30 Woman Entrepreneur on Twitter. Chubby Chick turned Fitness Geek. Content & SocialMedia Manager, LiveWorld

Chris Lake (@lakey)

Director of Content at Econsultancy, writer and insatiable music fiend. Ecommerce • Digital strategy • Content • Social • SEO • CX / UX • Design

Upgradereality (@upgradereality)

Awesome People Deserve Awesome Lives

Thubten (@thubten)

Author, Speaker, Founder, Mentor, Publisher, Podcaster, Fermenter, Meditator, Post-Vegan, Portland Foodist, Tibetan Buddhist, CEO of WePost Media.

Fabienne Fredrickson (@fabienne)

Founder of (3-time on @Inc 500 list); Millionaire Mompreneur, Speaker, Author; Contributor to @Forbes @OpenForum @NYTimes @HuffingtonPost.

Bruce Attridge (@Brat13)

Engineer, motorsport fan, occasional cyclist, photographer, blogger, Durbanite!

Steve Kayser (@SteveKayser)

Writer, Editor, Publisher,PR, Marketing & Social Media Thought-Less Leader Extraordinaire. #writing #socialmedia #contentmarketing #radio

TheBloggess (@TheBloggess)

I have friends in spite of myself.

Michael Martine (@mmartine_writes)

Writing, Life, and Other Fictions

Matt Garrett (@mattgarrett)

Full time internet marketer and blogger, part time dad, accidental geek, warcraftaholic, life loving, un-apologetic lazyGit and incorrigible flirt

The Blog Herald (@blogherald)

It's Blogging News For Bloggers

Caroline Middlebrook (@cmiddlebrook)

gamer, software developer, internet marketer, geek, blogger, creator of IMAutomator

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