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BIM & Engineering Solution

A resources of Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) and Mechanical Engineering Design Tips, Ideas, Innovation etc.


BIM Services for Building Design & Construction

TrueCADD provide CAD and BIM services for building design and construction industry. We utilize industry-leading technology tools for building design and construction documentation to efficiently manage construction projects and building products design right from the conceptual stages.

Automotive Part Design for Auto Ancillaries & OEM Suppliers

TrueCADD is outsourcing company that provides engineering design solutions and 3D CAD modeling services for the automotive industries. We have capabilities to design automotive parts and components for the auto ancillaries & OEM suppliers firms.

Furniture & Fixtures Design: 3D Product Modeling, CAD Drafting Services

TrueCADD offer the furniture and fixtures design services along with 3D product modeling, shop fitting fixtures design and Retail store furniture design services. We specialize in delivering 3D rendered CAD models for furniture pieces and help furniture manufacturer stay profitable with efficient design communication.

Industrial Machinery Design: SolidWorks 3D Modeling for Machinery

TrueCADD provides the expert solution for the industrial & commercial machinery design, and product design. TrueCADD has a purpose to focus on the work complexity and serve the simplify solution with the help of technology tools like a SolidWorks, Autodesk.

How Shop Drawings Reduce Risks in Construction Projects Liabilities

It is a stiffer time in construction industries to getting the risk factors and investments, especially in shop & fabrication drawing at an advanced level. Mostly, the contractors and companies influence shop drawings and steel shop drawing to manage their activities with fabricators and sub-contractors to reducing the cost of the estimation and risk management. Just read out for more information.

4D BIM - Construction Simulation

At TrueCADD, our Navisworks specialists develop scheduling plans, construction sequencing, and logistics plan against the day count from start till completion based on a Revit as-built model. A completely animated sequential video helps in making informed decision making process and plan resource allocation for engineers and contractors in an efficient manner.

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4D Construction Simulation & Scheduling in Navisworks & Revit

As part of the virtual design and construction, TrueCADD deliver the high-quality services of the 4D BIM modeling services, and construction simulation & scheduling. We leverage construction sequencing software including Revit and Navisworks to deliver CPM construction schedules for commercial, residential, and infrastructure building projects.

Outsource Revit 2D & 3D Drafting & Architectural Design Services

TrueCADD is leading BIM Modeling Services firm that offer the high-quality, efficient and fast architectural design services in Revit bespoke to meet individual customer's requirements. We commendably deliver the Revit 2D & 3D drafting, Revit 3D Modeling and rendering Services cover the various buildings such as residential, industrial, commercial, institutional and sky scrapers.

Revit Family Creation: MEP and BIM Content Creation in Revit | TrueCADD

TrueCADD is known as high-end solution for the BIM Services provider firm. We offer the fast and efficient solution for the Revit family creation consisting of the architectural, structural, MEP, and BIM content creation for product manufacturers, contractors, retailer at cost-effective rates.

Steel Detailing for Structural Engineers and Steel Fabricators

Steel detailing helps the creation of the structure drawing and detailing for the steel fabricators, contractors, design engineers and shop floor foremen. Structural steel detailing using Tekla is the right way to enable the fabricators to gain more accurate insights.

A Scalable 3D CAD & Solid Modeling Services for the Manufacturer & Engineers

In the current era, 3D CAD modeling is important factor for the solid product design to the manufacturer and engineers. TrueCADD has a scalable 3D modeling services for the various industrial components.

Why CAD outsourcing is required for technical designs & diagrams?

TrueCADD is a prominent Outsourcing 3D CAD modeling services provider firm provides high-quality CAD design &drafting service in the last two decade. Check out here why CAD outsourcing is required for technical designs & diagrams.

Structural Steel Detailing in Tekla for Construction Projects in Australia

TrueCADD is one of the fast-growing structural steel detailing services provider in various countries such as Australia, USA, UK, and Canada. We 50+ Tekla X-Steel experts offering high-quality detailing services along with rebar detailing and steel shop drawings, erection drawings for the multistory & high-rise buildings, processing plants, industrial steel structures, and steel frame construction.

Impact of BIM Execution Plan (BEP) Adoption for MEP Firms

BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is an essential part of the construction industries. In this, how does the BIM execution plan works and benefits to the MEP consultant, MEP engineers, and MEP firms especially in a global framework.

Structural Member Design for Buildings Using SOLIDWORKS Weldments

A very powerful tool such as SOLIDWORKS Weldment efficiently used to develop the steel structure for a shop building with detailed drawings. It helps to analyze the speed up the design process with enriched productivity and abridged the development costs, especially for the small shop buildings, industrial rooms or platform structures.

Importance of BIM Coordination for the Construction

Implementation of BIM coordination can help to conceptualization design of the construction industries that influences a workflow for the BIM to maximize the efficiency and to use the multiple designing technologies.

SolidWorks Modeling: Accelerating Furniture Manufacturing Workflows

Furniture manufacturer sector is increasing day-by-day, especially for the in developing manufacturing drawings and product designs using SolidWorks. SolidWorks Modeling & drafting tend to help for the design visualization, works flow of manufacturing stages and all model specification covered in one single CAD file. Want to more? Read more here.

How Architectural 3D Visualizations improve Design Communication

The evolution of architectural visualization and design communication can be used for design communication and harnessed to deliver building design and development projects with multiple complexities for the architects, contractors and engineers.

Scan to BIM Transform the AEC Industry Practices in Retrofitting

Scan to BIM is use for the BIM modeling for scanning the building structure via high quality scanners, LiDAR, and drone with the advanced designing and modeling tool like Revit and give insights into rich 3D model. For the AEC firms, Scan to BIM support for the refurbishment, support structures, temporary construction.

How does BIM help General and Specialty Contractors?

Undoubtedly, General contractors and Specialty contactors prefer the BIM Modeling for better execution of the building construction projects. BIM utilizes a 3D visual representation to plan, design, and collaborate during the construction lifecycle for the EPC firms and construction companies.

BIM for Coordination and Collaboration in the AEC Industry

BIM is the future trend in AEC industry. Adoption of the BIM modeling in construction project improved the project coordination, better building design, project sequencing & scheduling, and get better cost-estimation. Want to know how the BIM services collaborate in AEC industry?

Converting Point Cloud to BIM Models in Revit for Construction Companies

The Point Cloud Data collected via 3D laser scanning technique can be imported in tool like Leica CloudWorx for Autodesk Revit Architecture and used to convert into 3D BIM models, especially for big scale AEC projects & construction companies

BIM Modeling & 4D Construction Simulation on Reduction of Environmental Bearing

Revit BIM modeling is innovative approach in construction industry for step –by-step process of the building design & development, and decrease the environment bearing rate, with the use of 4D construction simulation. Check out here, why the 4D construction is help to reduce in the carbon footprint.

How BIM Streamline MEP Layout Designing Process for Contractors

BIM services a key part of any construction project, it give the complete project look and feel and complete process of the project development with the 3D BIM model. BIM is a compulsory for the detailing of the MEP & HVAC layout and their quality, quantity and manufacturers. It all possible with 3D rendered model to save the time & cost.

Assess Better Construction Scheduling With the BIM 4D Modeling Services

BIM 4D modeling services crops output in the form of real-time view of building models, which represents a number of functional details of the project such as the building geometries, the spatial relationships between the different building components, quality & quantity of materials, geographical details within lead time of the project. 4D BIM services help to architects, consultant, engineers, contractors, designers for the better construction project development.

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