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AEC & Mechanical Engineering Design

A resources of Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) and Mechanical Engineering Design Tips, Ideas, Innovation etc.


BIM Services for Building Design & Construction

TrueCADD provide CAD and BIM services for building design and construction industry. We utilize industry-leading technology tools for building design and construction documentation to efficiently manage construction projects and building products design right from the conceptual stages.

Automotive Part Design for Auto Ancillaries & OEM Suppliers

TrueCADD is outsourcing company that provides engineering design solutions and 3D CAD modeling services for the automotive industries. We have capabilities to design automotive parts and components for the auto ancillaries & OEM suppliers firms.

Furniture & Fixtures Design: 3D Product Modeling, CAD Drafting Services

TrueCADD offer the furniture and fixtures design services along with 3D product modeling, shop fitting fixtures design and Retail store furniture design services. We specialize in delivering 3D rendered CAD models for furniture pieces and help furniture manufacturer stay profitable with efficient design communication.

Industrial Machinery Design: SolidWorks 3D Modeling for Machinery

TrueCADD provides the expert solution for the industrial & commercial machinery design, and product design. TrueCADD has a purpose to focus on the work complexity and serve the simplify solution with the help of technology tools like a SolidWorks, Autodesk.

Is Energy Modeling The Key To Zero Energy Buildings?

Building Energy Modeling involves simulation of energy usage within a building throughout the year. Based on these simulations, energy performance of a building is predicted. Further, the factors that cause increased energy consumption are identified and early design decisions are taken accordingly.

Revit MEP Coordination - A Valued Proposition For The AEC Industry

For AEC project managers, coordinating with architects and engineers in order to resolve issues related to plumbing fixtures, mechanical and electrical systems, fire protection systems etc. can be a daunting task. 3D MEP Revit coordination can be your answer to these major management issues.

Why Material Selection is Crucial for Engineering Design Process?

Material selection lies at the crux of the engineering design process. The need to elevate (both structural and nonstructural) attributes of a material, has lead to the evolution of engineering materials. Design engineers carry out a series of tests and material analysis to identify the best material for their design and ensure that the material will survive the real world working conditions it is exposed to.

Autodesk BIM Solutions for MEP and Structural Engineers

Do you know what is the main benefit related to Autodesk building information modeling (BIM) solutions? The state of the art technology helps structural and MEP engineers to help find solutions to key business issues. Now they can, Create quality buildings with consistent & coordinated information.

Will Solar Roadways drive us Towards a Sustainable Future?

Global warming and the likelihood of energy deficiencies in future years, due to cumulative demand, the energy issue has become very critical these days. There has been a greater awareness amongst countries to use energy efficiently and this is where solar roadways energy modeling comes into picture.

I Don't Need BIM For Clash Detection And Risk Mitigation..!!

I don't need BIM for clash detection and risk analysis. Why should I invest a fortune when the benefits against it will only be in fringes? I can very well use the conventional methods for finding and resolving the possibility of conflicts. We are only taking about possibilities after all.

Reinforced Concrete - Ideal Construction Material for Better Buildings

Reinforced concrete is a construction material widely used across the world. Popularly known as RCC, this material has steel at its core and is surrounded by concrete. As these two materials interlock, they form an extremely and exceptionally strong material. In several places, like India, where steel structures are still not the norm, almost every building structure erected is made of reinforced concrete.

Is BIM Overhyped?

A lot of hype is created around BIM. The technology is said to serve builders and developers across all phases of design, save time, save costs and save a whole lot of efforts. However, is BIM really as useful as it is touted to be – or - is it overhyped?

Equating Lean Construction with Cheap Construction - A Cardinal Sin

Over the years it has been established, that BIM is not merely a technology or tool, it actually promotes workflow and processes to enable better coordination and management of building before- during and after construction. BIM percolates deep down under and across every stage and process of a construction project, and has far reaching benefits.

Why I Want To Create A 3D Model from A 2D Drawing?

Once upon a time, when 3D modeling was not yet invented, designs were doodled in several different perspectives and presented to clients along with the design blueprints. However, the blue prints were way too complex to decipher and an easier way to communicate design was via doodling and sketches.

How CAD Outsourcing Can Help in Reducing Product Development Costs?
Reducing product development costs is what every manufacturer eyes for, in order to stay ahead in a tight competitive market. It is however quite true that the use of computer aided design and drawing tools have significantly reduces the design process; they have also raised significant overhead and infrastructure costs.
Embrace and Integrate LEAN BIM with Lean Thinking for LEAN designs…!!!
Jan 28, 2015 -- BIM, big data, data analytics, Business intelligence, mobility etc are some terms that have been highly used and abused. The latest to join the bandwagon is lean BIM. The mentality is that just because Lean is in, and everyone is adopting lean construction procedures let us also do it.
Choosing the Right CAD Platform for Your Design Requirements
The most common question prevailing in manufacturing organizations is, which CAD software program should be used to best fit the firm’s requirements? The situation is becoming even worse in the present scenario as there are several CAD software providers, each one promoting their product as an industry best. However, before your organization invests in the CAD technology, it is important to realize that this design tool is now an essential part of a product development process. It plays a vital role in the engineering process and must be integrated tightly with other manufacturing activities.
Implementing BIM for Infrastructure – The Road Ahead..!!!
BIM for infrastructure also known as horizontal BIM, Heavy BIM or Civil information modeling, is called so while referring to BIM for non-building projects like infrastructure for dams, rail, road, highways and other such transit facilities, public parks, bridges, infrastructure for wastewater etc.
Architectural Visualizations and Design Communication - A Sweet Symphony
Now, design communication is most aptly and suitably done via visualization. Through visuals, your design and design intent both can be conveyed sufficiently to all involved stakeholders. Earlier in order to help client understand a design well, all the architect could do was, depend on his own sketching skills and blue prints.
4 Business Benefits of Outsourcing MEP Designs

MEP – i.e. mechanical, electrical and plumbing are the three disciplines of building design and construction, which need direct involvement and intervention of experts from the stage of design to execution and installation.

BIM for Contractors - Dealing With Documentation Conflicts and Inconsistencies

One of the biggest challenges of BIM for contractors is to get their supply chain use BIM. Often, the lack of expertise of using BIM software for construction purposes is the reason why it becomes necessary to use traditional documentation alongside.

Why Implementing BIM for Construction is a Good Idea!!

The AEC industry is transitioning from the traditional paper based linear approach to BIM – a collaborative and technology expedited approach. Building information modeling brings people across all disciplines and all the involved stakeholders together throughout the entire building design, construction and maintenance stages.

BIM for General Contractors - Deriving the Best Project Outcomes

General contractors are in charge of construction projects, and are responsible for day to day site surveys, cost estimations, project scheduling and monitoring, liaisons across multiple disciplines and applying for various permits and licenses. Higher predictability and on time completion of projects remains a major concern for General contractors.

Evolving Market of BIM for Civil Engineers and Great Opportunities for Rail Infrastructure Projects in Middle East

Building information modeling is extensively used across the AEC industry for building design and construction projects. However, the adoption of BIM for civil engineers is has remained slow. The scenario is now fast changing, as BIM is used across several complex and large scale infrastructure developments, roadways and railway projects.

BIM Set To Transform UAE Real Estate Landscapes

The introduction of BIM is widely transforming the construction practices and project management in UAE and Middle East. UAE specifically leads in the adoption of BIM software as a design tool and construction management software. It boasts of and has unique and ever innovative buildings. One of the most populous and a metropolitan city in UAE is DUBAI.

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