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Rock Music of the 90′s

Rock Music of the 90′s
During the early 90s a new style of alternative music emerged, which combined elements of alternative rock with heavy metal, this new genre dubbed “alternative metal” is considered a precursor to the nu metal movement of the late 90s. This style was typified by bands such as Tool, Helmet and Jane’s Addiction. Other bands including Faith No More, Primus and Rage Against the Machine also blended funk & hip hop elements, creating sub-genres of this style such as funk metaland rap metal.

Rock Music of the 90's - RocknRoll Goulash

Similarly to the 1980s, rock music was also very popular in the 1990s, yet, unlike the new wave and glam metal-dominated scene of the time, grunge,Britpop, industrial rock and other alternative rock music emerged and took over.

Butthole Surfers -Pepper - RocknRoll Goulash

Before I picked up this CD, people told me the Surfers sucked. I beg to differ. The Butthole Surfers infuse Rock/pop, industrial, blues, alt-country to make very dynamic music. From the first song to the last, the Surfers rarely fail to please my ears.

Jane's Addiction -Been Caught Stealing - RocknRoll Goulash

The catchy single 'Been caught stealing', a song granted fame by its video, it is funky to a fault, seems reminiscent of ska in some sections and features incredible bass playing, as well as witty lyrics. "Just Brilliant" Jane's Addiction -Been Caught Stealing This review is from: Ritual De Lo Habitual (Audio CD) This is one of my favorite albums of all time.

Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit - RocknRoll Goulash

This review is from: Twelve (Audio CD) Patti's always had a way with cover songs. In the early days, she'd begin her gigs with the Velvet Underground's "We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together." She's always had a tendency towards wacky - I've seen her cover "Tomorrow" from Annie and "You Light Up My Life" in concerts.

Missing Persons -Walking in L.A. - RocknRoll Goulash

This is one of the greatest recordings in history!! These songs came out in the 1980′s, when disco had died, along with our sex lives. These songs are total F.U.N., they're so wonderfully devoid of any real meaning. Dale Bozzio was the only girl Pop singer besides Debbie Harry who could instill such a campily knowing wink unto each song.

4 Non Blondes -What's Up - RocknRoll Goulash

A Name to Remember: Linda Perry 4 Non Blondes -What's Up First of all, the 4 Non Blondes are no more, which is difficult to understand, given the success this album enjoyed. The San Francisco based quartet signed with Interscope Records in the early `90s, and their debut effort in 1992, "Bigger, Better, Faster, More!"

Tracy Chapman -Give Me One Reason - RocknRoll Goulash

Ok, I understand the "Give me 2 reasons" review only because the radio release of Give Me One Reason was a bit of false advertising. But come on people, you can listen to a CD before you buy it now! This is, without question, my favorite of her collection.

Alabama 3 - Woke Up This Morning - RocknRoll Goulash

This review is from: Exile on Coldharbour Lane (Audio CD) I can't sleep so I'm flipping through the channels at 3am and I come to MTV and there's this song, "Woke Up This Morning." I don't have HBO, I don't know about the Sopranos track.

Blink 182 -Miss You - RocknRoll Goulash

"Well I guess this is growing up..." Blink 182 has been subjected to more critical abuse than any band in the past 5 years. Punks said they had sold out and reviews by critics were seldom without a phrase along the lines of "no-talent juvenile clowns".

Richard Thompson's -Dad's Gonna Kill Me - RocknRoll Goulash

Quite Literally Stunning Richard Thompson's -Dad's Gonna Kill Me I can't believe that it's been about twenty-five years since Richard Thompson set off on his solo career. I know, some may gripe with that date, (rightly) pointing out his 1972 album "Henry the Human Fly," but he subsequently teamed with then-wife Linda for a series of stunning albums that will remain masterpieces of their genre.

Sheryl Crow -Sweet Child O' Mine - RocknRoll Goulash

Sheryl Crow: Sweet Child O Mine Sheryl Crow has demonstrated her keen abilities as a musician, producer, and interpreter on music on this cover song. When I first heard about Sheryl covering this Guns n' Roses classic, I'll admit I was skeptical. The GNR song is one of my all-time favorite rock-songs.

Social Distortion - Ring Of Fire - RocknRoll Goulash

Ten years ago, I was in hell or high school to be exact. Being an outcast from the jocks and the cheerleaders, I sought solace in alternative/punk music while everyone else was listening to either hair metal or r&b music which didn't sit well with me.

Filter -Take a Picture - RocknRoll Goulash

Filter isn't really a top band of mine, but I still think they're underrated. I'm sure even people in the alternative crowd think of them as a one or two hit wonder. This collection should impress those people. "Hey Man, Nice Shot" still sounds as good as it did in the mid-90′s.

Los del Rio - Macarena - RocknRoll Goulash

" Macarena" ( Spanish pronunciation: [makaˈɾena]) is a Spanish dance song by Los del Río about a woman of the same name. Appearing on the 1994 album A mí me gusta, it was an international hit in 1995, 1996, and 1997, and continues to have a cult following.

The Mavericks -All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down - RocknRoll Goulash

This review is from: Live In Austin Texas (Audio CD) Back in the 1950′s and 1960′s it used to be called "Country and Western Music". Somewhere around the 1970′s or early 1980′s, the "western" part was dropped and it was all referred to as "Country Music".

The Mavericks -Here Comes My Baby - RocknRoll Goulash

Great upbeat country album. The Mavericks have wonderful harmony and rhythm performance. I consider them one of the best vocal groups in the last 25 years. By "The strongest Mavericks compilation yet" The Mavericks -Here Comes My Baby: Definitive Collection (Audio CD) This outstanding retrospective takes a look at the music of the Mavericks, an excellent pop-country group from Florida.

Chris Isaak -Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing - RocknRoll Goulash

The opening track, "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing," demonstrates the range of Isaak's voice. Beginning with verses delivered in rapid-fire monotone, Isaak's voice soars in the chorus, with Isaak singing "feel like crying" - Gregory M.

Sheryl Crow / D´yer Maker - RocknRoll Goulash

This review is from: Tuesday Night Music Club (Audio CD) After learning that Sheryl Crow sang back-up on Michael Jackson's "Bad" tour, joined a choir of singers for a Nancy Wilson record, performed a duet with Kenny Loggins on his "Leap of Faith" album, you might come to her debut with a certain set of expectations.

Lisa Loeb -I Do - RocknRoll Goulash

Yes, Lisa Loeb is quirky and hot! She is also incredibly talented, and her music is original and infectious. I've been a fan since "Stay," and it's nice to see a "best of" collection. Most of my favorite songs made it on this album - it seems like a well-chosen collection.

Alanis Morissette -Hand In My Pocket - RocknRoll Goulash

I can insert a corny Alanis pun here e.g. You Oughta Know why this album is so good (oops I did it anyway), but if have not listened to it, please do yourself a favour.

Rolling Stones -Sweet Virginia - RocknRoll Goulash

Stripped is yet another live album by the Stones, but it is very different from their previous live efforts. They play in an almost unplugged type setting, focusing on their acoustic based songs. Also, their are alot of album cuts from the Let It Bleed to Exile On Main Street period like the masterful "Dead Flowers", the great "Shine A Light" and the bluesy "Love In Vain".

Adrian Belew -Oh Daddy

Adrian Belew is a master of sound manipulation. From his banana Strat and sea of effects pedals he can conjure practically any sound imaginable: who else could write pop songs such as Elephant Talk, Big Electric Cat, and Lone Rhinoserous?.

Avril Lavigne -Knockin' on Heaven's Door - RocknRoll Goulash

I got this DVD and have actually only watched it twice. I have had it now for one whole week. If you are a new Avril fan, or have been one for a long time and want to become a bigger one then you should buy this DVD!

Dwight Yoakam and Sheryl Crow -Baby Don't Go - RocknRoll Goulash

Dwight Yoakam's album Under the Covers is in effect a direct parallel with Anne Lennox's album Medusa. Of course, Dwight has a Country background, so that's the spin he puts on this collection of these favorites from the past. Dwight really goes "out of his box" by trying, and succeeding in doing his interpretations of these oldy-goldies.

Madeline Kahn -Ain't Got No Home - RocknRoll Goulash

Madeline Kahn -Ain't Got No Home: I knew Madeline as an actress and comedian, but I didn't know she could sing as well. This humorous song "Ain't Got No Home" was performed on Saturday Night Live in 1995. The Original version was done by Clarence "Frogman" Henry which is an amusing piece in it's own right...