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Best Kids Movies Of All Time

Spending some time with the little ones in your life? Here is a list of some of the best kids movies ever made.

The Wizard of Oz

Who can forget the classic story of how Dorothy and her little dog Toto travel through the mythical land of Oz in the company of the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow?
Year: 1939

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Relive the story of a deep friendship between a young boy and E.T., the lonely and stranded extraterrestrial.
Year: 1982

Finding Nemo

Get ready for another tearjerker: Finding Nemo tells the story of a shy clownfish who does everything to find his lost son in the wide expanse of the ocean.
Year: 2003

Mary Poppins

It's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Sing along to the much-loved story of a magical nanny who brings happiness back to one English family.
Year: 1964


Who can forget the tale of the wooden puppet Pinocchio who, after coming to life with the help of blue fairy, must prove that he is honest and unselfish in order to become a real boy?
Year: 1940

The Incredibles

Kids will love to follow the adventures of the Parr family who, as former superheroes in hiding, are again called in to save the world.
Year: 2004




The story of our favorite ogre and donkey duo set out to rescue Princess Fiona has now become a classic in its own right.
Year: 2001


Kids will love the story of Rémy, the rat who has big dreams of becoming a chef at a top Parisian restaurant.
Year: 2007




After bring brought home from a contest at a fair, a clever pig named Babe learns to herd sheep and makes friends with the other animals at the farm.
Year: 1995