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Rock Music of the 70's

It was the 1970′s when different genres of rock music emerged. Each of the branches of 70’s Rock had a unique sense of style and sound.

Progressive rock was popular genre during the 1970s. Songs from this genre were often longer and bands tended to be more spontaneous and experimental while they were playing live.
Leon Russell -Am I That Easy To Forget -

Leon Russell -Am I That Easy To Forget. Hank Wilson's Back is as fresh today as it was in '71 or so. After 29 years, I still sing the songs from that album.

Leon Russell -I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry -

Leon Russell -I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. Yes, Leon's voice is terrible to some, a little whiney to some but that is what gives the album its charm.

Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks -I'm An Old Cowhand -

Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks -I'm An Old Cowhand. Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks were truly a sport of nature, one of those unique creations that come out of nowhere and defy categorization.

Gruppo Sportivo -Blah Blah Magazines -

Gruppo Sportivo -Blah Blah Magazines. For those not familiar with Gruppos Sportivo, think of them as a 'cross of Abba, Dury and Blondie'

The Boomtown Rats -I Don't Like Mondays -

The Boomtown Rats -I Don't Like Mondays. The Boomtown Rats broke through during the early punk wave in 1976-77. Their music did hit some of the same strings as the punk groups from England, but after a close listen to their music

Nick Lowe -So It Goes -

Nick Lowe -So It Goes. Thank God for Nick Lowe. When music was flirting with garbage, Lowe swooped in and helped save it. Or something like that.

The Kinks -A Well Respected Man -

The Kinks -A Well Respected Man. The kinks mixed elements of rockabilly, early punk, and pop rock to form one of the best sounds from the 'British Invasion' era.

Jackie Wilson Said -Van Morrison -

Jackie Wilson Said -Van Morrison. Once again a brilliant record from one of the greatest recording artists on earth. The range shown in these songs is stunning -- from romping ('Jackie Wilson Said')

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer -

"Excellent Heads Compilation"Talking Heads - Psycho Killer Known as much for their quirky style as well as their enigmatic and creative music, Talking Heads were one of the most popular and successful bands of the late 1970s' and early 1980s'. Even today, almost 20 years after they broke up, they still have a large fanbase.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer -Lucky Man -
"Prog-Rock Masterpiece"Emerson, Lake and Palmer -Lucky Man When I first listened to this LP way back in 1970, I was taken aback by the power of this music. I knew the music of The Nice, and I didn't believe that anything could top the first record of King Crimson, the majestic: "In the Court of the Crimson King".
Yes -I've Seen all Good People -
"Perpetual change brings us to the first great Yes album"Yes -I've Seen all Good People "The Yes Album" was actually the third album from the group spearheaded by singer John Anderson, but represented enough significant differences from its two predecessors to constitute a new and bigger beginning for the progressive rock group.
Dr Hook - I Got Stoned And I Missed It -

"The Dr's Fun Prescription"Dr Hook - I Got Stoned And I Missed It The first thing to know about the album "BANKRUPT" is that Dr Hook were bankrupt at the time.This was sort of a last ditch effort for the band; having ditched "And The Medicine Show" from their band name not long before.The funny vibe from the band's first albums is still present on BANKRUPT: Dr Hook - I Got Stoned And I Missed It Witness Levitate, I Got Stoned(And I Missed It), Wups, Everybody's Making It Big But Me, The Millionaire, Everybody Loves Me And Do Downs.

Steely Dan - My Old School -

Steely Dan - My Old School. I have grown to love Steely Dan's eclectic music. When I was 20 years younger, and mainly buying and listening to hard rock outfits like Aerosmith, Rush, Led Zeppelin, etc., the only Dan music I was familier with was the few "hits" being played on the local Rock radio.

Canned Heat -Whiskey Headed Woman No. 2 -

"A Great CD!" Here you get Canned Heat's first two albums on one CD. Both albums are great. There's nothing wrong with the audio as the first two reviewers claim, not as far as I can tell anyway.The first album contains some great traditional blues songs, and Alan Wilson plays an awesome slide guitar on some of the tracks.

The Kinks - When Work Is Over -
"THE BEST OPERA I EVER HEARD!"The Kinks - When Work Is Over I love this album every song is good.Also,every track is based around a normal working class guy called Norman.Then,a starmaker steps into his life.To make him a star.To do this he invades his body,work,and his love life.So you see it does'nt just have great songs it also has a storyline throughout the whole album.
The Kinks - Have Another Drink -

This album is simply fantastic. I am a fan of late 60's Kinks (Something Else, Village Green, Arthur, etc.), and I have always regarded the early 70's Kinks as a "lesser product". However, with the remastered reissue of this record, I have come to appreciate this record as a minor masterpiece.

Ian Hunter -All American Alien Boy -

"One Of Hunter's Best Solo Albums Remastered With Great Sound"Ian Hunter -All American Alien Boy By Wayne Klein "If at first the idea is not absu... This review is from: All American Alien Boy (Audio CD) Punk poet and one of the stepfathers to the punk movement ( I don't think anyone can truly be pegged as the father of punk), Ian Hunter has worn many hats during his long career.

Ian Hunter -Who Do You Love -

"One Of Ian's Best Albums Remastered With Bonus Tracks" Ian Hunter -Who Do You Love This review is from: Ian Hunter (Audio CD) Nervous exhaustion can take its toll. Ian Hunter was burned out touring and recording with Mott the Hopple. After a length rest Mick Ronson pushed Ian to record his first solo album.

Seatrain -Willin' -

How Did I Live So Long Without This?Seatrain -Willin' By marsh This review is from: Seatrain / Marblehead Messenger (Audio CD) I lost all my vinyl in flooding from irene, as well as my turntable, etc, and so have been slowly rebuilding my music collection.

Seatrain - Orange Blossom Special -

As good as music gets. A rare jewel. This classic holds up year after year with the very best. The intelligence of the lyrics and musicianship is seldom matched. It's not hard to understand why George Martin wanted to produce this group. The fact that they never caught on says more about us than it does them.

Seatrain - 13 Questions -

Seatrain - 13 Questions. Seatrain was founded from parts of the Blues Project and certainly has some of the same blues rock feeling, but with the addition of a fiddle player they do get into more of a bluegrass thing as well - witness "Orange Blossom Special" for instance.

Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels - RocknRoll-Goulash
Many fans believe this to be Alice Cooper's greatest album, and it is hard to argue. This is a hard rocking raucous foot stomping romp from beginning to end. Under My Wheels gets things off to a screaming start with the most slickly produced garage band song ever.
The Masked Marauders -I Can't Get No Nookie - RocknRoll-Goulash
An album that caused much curiosity as well as controversy when it was released late in 1969. The entire concept and mystique of The Masked Marauders (many would call it a hoax) was the brainchild of a then-staff writer at Rolling Stone magazine.
Van Morrison -I've Been Working - RocknRoll-Goulash
His Band and the Street Choir was Van Morrison's third solo album proper, after the transcendent Astral Weeks and the more mainstream but undeniably brilliant Moondance. Released in late 1970, "His Band" finds Van fronting a tough but tender R and B band with blaring horns, female backing singers, taut arrangements and real dynamic flair.
David Bromberg - Kansas City - RocknRoll-Goulash
A Great Album From An Obscure ArtistDavid Bromberg - Kansas City By This review is from: Wanted Dead Or Alive (Audio CD) I was first introduced to David Bromberg by attending a concert he gave at Central Park NYC in the early 80's.