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Blue Mail Media Inc

How to increase Sales in your Business?

The ultimate goal of every business is to make profit by selling its products and services. However, you must always remember the basic strategy to enhance sales that is to attract new customers and lure your proven ones to buy your exclusive products/services again.

Capitalize on Marketing Returns with Targeted Mailing Lists - Blue Mail Media

With Targeted Mailing lists, you can surely maximize your marketing returns. It is the prime requirement for a thriving direct marketing campaign.
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Exclusive Thanksgiving offer: Get 10% Off on Every List + 5% Extra Contacts on Purchase made above $4000

You must avail our special thanksgiving deal, 10% off on every list + 5% extra contacts on purchase made above $ 4000.
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How to Generate Sales Leads or Find New Customers?

These are the tips and methods following which you are sure to generate sales leads and be successful in your marketing campaign.
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Should you Buy, Rent or Build Your B2B Email List?

An email list is very important in the B2B marketing campaign, so find out which option is better for you, buying, renting or building your email list.

How to Achieve Success in your Business with Proper Email Append Services - Blue Mail Media

Email Append service is a must in- order to be successful in your email marketing campaign . Check this out to know more.

The Significance of Email List Management Tools - Blue Mail Media

Email list management tools play a major role to increase the efficiency of your email marketing campaign.
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Know More About Email Appending Best Practices - Blue Mail Media
Email Appending typically enables you to grow your list through a third party provider, the process engages, adding a missing e- mail address to a customer record in your database. Although the process seems to be uncomplicated, it's not so simple and can turn out to be a risky attempt with no reward guarantee.
How to Manage Leads in the Best Possible Way - Blue Mail Media
Lead management is an organized technique that a marketing team uses to acquire, nurture, score, give and evaluate leads. If done in a right manner it can generate more educated buyers, which can help you better understand their requirements and can ultimately generate more revenue.
How to make your Email Marketing More Mobile Friendly - Blue Mail Media
With the evolution of smart phone, email marketing via mobile devices have become a great way to reach people. Read on to find out, how to make your email marketing mobile friendly.
Tips to Increase Your Holiday Sales
Although the holiday season is over, still it is always advisable for the marketers to know the tips and tactics that can enable them to ramp up or increase their sales, so that during the next holiday season, they are all geared to make a lasting impression on their customers.
Reduces Prospecting Time, Increase Conversion Rate With Blue Mail Media's B2B Sales Leads
Blue Mail Media trained professionals completes a comparative analysis of campaign based on past sales acquisitions and collects important data of potential B2B sales leads.
7 Methods to Get Enormous Sales Leads - Blue Mail Media
You must not deeply trust on one or two sources of leads rather you must implement different methods to get more sales leads.
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Important Questions to ask Before Purchasing a Mailing List - Blue Mail Media
To have a successful marketing campaign, marketers should ask few important questions to the mailing list vendor before purchasing the list. Read on to know more.
Email Marketing Tactics to Get the Most Out of Gmail - Blue Mail Media
Email marketing today has become the best way to reach targeted audience. But it has been noted in the past few years that every new release by Gmail seemed to be intended to make life complicated for email marketers. Still, there are many hidden opportunities that can enable you to get the most out of Gmail.
Close Inbound B2B Sales Leads by following these Steps - Blue Mail Media

Consultative sales process involves six principles, following which you are sure to close leads in a much effective way. Read on to know more.

How Marketers can Have Better Alignment with Sales

In every business organization both marketing team and sales team goes hand in hand because whatever marketing strategy is implemented for lead generation its main beneficiary is the sales team.

Learn Best Practices for Email Acquisition

Email marketers should always concentrate on acquiring email addresses of new prospects that are likely to respond to their email marketing campaigns. Check this out to know more.

Lead your Website with SEO- PPC Combo Campaign

Advantages of SEO- PPC working hand in hand will help in high amount of conversion and gainful trafficking that will add to the website and company’s popularity rapidly.

Significance of SEO and SEM for B2B marketers - Blue Mail Media
Today SEO and SEM are the most important tools for B2B marketers. In-order to boost online visibility, recently B2B marketers have come up with an idea of making use of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for increasing online visibility of their products/ services and accordingly, increase sales.
Learn how to achieve Targeted Website Traffic using Direct Mail

Direct mail is an immediate tool which just puts a straight forward message in the prospector’s hands and leads them to the website to build perfect long-term relationship.

Marketing Mailing List | Mailing Lists | Email Marketing Lists

Blue Mail Media's Marketing Mailing List draws in right business, audience for marketing sales with its specialised lead list that guarantees success and resource.

11 Biggest Mailing List Mistakes to Avoid - Blue Mail Media

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools which requires minimum investment and earns maximum ROI. Check this out to know more

Misconceptionsto Email marketing - Blue Mail Media

Seven misconceptions regarding email marketing that has to be erased in order for a company to make real advancement through direct marketing.