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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Jun 25, 2014
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What to Wear in Utopia: 10 Styles from the Bonnaroo Music Festival

Writer Hakim Bey talked about Temporary Autonomous Zones as spaces that are created so that the traditional constructs of outside society have no power within them. While Bonnaroo may not exactly be a TAZ, there are moments where the music festival space breaks down the boundaries we have created, and clothing is part of this dismantling. It's a chance to experiment with style outside of gender, expensive labels, and expectations.


Partner Up

Partner Up

No fashion rules apply here. The only uniform is the one you feel a release with. It's the uniform you wear when you know you can be yourself. Bonnaroo is a world away from fast food name tags and the 9-5 collar and tie. Be sure to play dress up with your best friend.
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Light Clothing

Light Clothing

Be sure to wear whatever feels good in the sun, because we were meant to be under it. Light and loose fitting clothes are good for the heat, and also represent that feeling of freedom in the form of threads that hang away from the body.
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Do Whatever You Want

Do Whatever You Want

In appearance, it's a world outside of the everyday economics, constructs, and responsibility. The only schedule is the start, end, and the shows. If you want to wear the same outfit through the whole festival, do it. Do whatever you want. Our memories leave with us once we exit those gates, and have the potential to change the world.
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A Shady Hat (and spot)

A Shady Hat (and spot)

The festival isn't just about the music, it's about hanging with friends, meeting new people, and experiencing a temporary community. Chill time in the shade with a killer hat is a perfect way to spend the afternoon.
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Be Whatever You Want

You can stray from what the fashion magazines tell you to wear. For some, this place is where they can slip into their favourite character because it's a dream world. Everything that is held back on the outside, suddenly explodes inside this space.
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Swim Wear

It's a wonderland Alice would never want to leave. You can cool off under a giant mushroom. Obviously the bathing suit is a staple.
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All Colour, All the Time

It's all about colour and expression in a place where criticism is left at the gate and thrown back at the outside world. In this place, you can experiment with what you wear ( and other things of course).
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Face Paint

There's a feeling of total happiness when the only goals are chilling and hearing your favourite music. Face paint isn't just for children's birthday parties anymore. Paint yourself because you are walking art.
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Your Favourite Person

You don't even have to be you any longer if you don't feel like it. This is the time and place you can finally be someone else, and not trapped in any constructed identity.

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Music and Style

Music is key to creating experiences like no other. Festivals pull together the musical voices of a generation, making the moment feel even more important. The memories of community, fun, and style come up every time you hear a song from the fest on a regular day.

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