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Rock Music of the 60's

The decade of the 60's pulverized Top 40 Radio and splintered early Rock Music into many Genres. This list will feature many of the lesser known music of that decade and as well as introduce younger generations to a great era in music...
Janis Joplin -Down On Me - RocknRoll Goulash

It would be difficult for me to rate any Janis Joplin CD with anything but 5 stars. I have never heard Janis sing anything that I did not love. I have been a Janis fan for over 40 years and I am happy to see her music still drawing crowds.

The Toys -A Lovers Concerto - RocknRoll Goulash

were an Americanpopgirl group from JamaicaNew York, which was formed in 1961 and disbanded in 1968. The Toys were discovered at a talent show by manager Vince Marc, who introduced them to songwriters Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell. Linzer and Randell wrote most of the songs they recorded, including their U.S.

Quicksilver Messenger Service -Pride of Man - RocknRoll Goulash

Quicksilver Messenger Service (Audio CD) Quicksilver's debut manages to transcend its time more effectively than many of its contemporaries. Playing at this point in their career largely electric folk-influenced psychedelia ('It's Been Too Long'; 'Light Your Windows'; ' Pride Of Man '), the Messenger Service was also never afraid to experiment with a nudge and a wink: the instrumental 'Gold And Silver' takes Brubeck's 'Take Five' and electrically expands it.

Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction - RocknRoll Goulash

This review is from: The Best Of (MP3 Music) Purchased the Best of Barry McGuire for one song only, Eve of Destruction, as I noticed it wasn't on the New Christy Minstrels Album. Had hoped that his updated version would also be included as I watched a DVD produced by Public Broadcasting that was hosted by the Smothers Brothers where Barry McGuire sang the updated version.

Janis Ian - Society's Child - RocknRoll Goulash

This review is from: The Essential Janis Ian (Audio CD) I remember the first time I heard Society's Child when I was in High School. I couldn't believe that someone a couple of years younger than me could write such a poignant song and perform it as well.

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young -Ohio - RocknRoll Goulash

I do not have the remastered CD. I am a college student who has, in the past three years, gained a pretty wide collection of vinyl albums. I have a vinyl copy of this album, and I love it.

The Standells -Dirty Water - RocknRoll Goulash

Thats where you'll find me along with lovers, The Standells -Dirty Water muggers and thieves, but they're cool people! The Standells -Dirty Water:The Best of The Standells (Audio CD) "Dirty Water" easily ranks with "Louie Louie", "Wild Thing", "Gloria" and other great garage band classics of the 1960′s.

The Standells -Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White - RocknRoll Goulash

The Standells were the punk band of the 1960′s says the liner notes within....Garage Rock pioneers. "The Standells' Greatest Hits" The Very Best of the Standells (Audio CD) Good overview of The Standells, featuring their 5 hits: "Dirty Water", "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White", "Why Pick on me", "Try It", and "Can't Help But Love You".

The Standells -Try It - RocknRoll Goulash

The Standells -Try It If The Standells were only known for the classic greasy '60s rock of Dirty Water and Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White, their immortality would be assured.

Rock Music of the 60's - RocknRoll Goulash

Rock Music of the 60′s Rock music is a genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in 1950s America and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Van Morrison -Them: Mystic Eyes and Gloria - RocknRoll Goulash

You've got to listen to this CD at top volume, in a lonely midnight bar drinking a pint. This is scary music coming out of the Belfast night in 1965 - lean, hard blues announcing the arrival of a major new talent to the world.

Van Morrison -Them "Here Comes the Night" - RocknRoll Goulash

"The Best of Van Morrison" is a great introduction to Van's entire career, beginning with his days in British Invasion group Them. The album includes their hits "Gloria," "Baby Please Don't Go," and "Here Comes The Night." Would have been great if they had included "Mystic Eyes," which does not appear on Van's second greatest hits album either.

The Electric Flag -Killing Floor - RocknRoll Goulash

Without a doubt the Electric Flag was one of the most talented bands ever assembled in pop music. Michael Bloomfield's statement about the band's mission on back of the album spoke to an audience that was ready to hear more than three-chord rock n' roll.

Rhinoceros -Apricot Brandy - RocknRoll Goulash

I first saw Rhinoceros at the Fillmore East as they opened for the Moody Blues. They soon made me forget the Moody Blues because they simply stole the show. And from that date in 1968 I (and many of my friends) have been a die-hard fan of the band.

Donovan - There Is A Mountain - RocknRoll Goulash

To be brief, Donovan was a sixties Icon. To have a sixties collection, Donovan must be a part of it, crossing boundries and providing further definition as to what the 60′s were truly about. This collection is an excellent introduction to Donovan's many "faces".

Rolling Stones -Under My Thumb - RocknRoll Goulash

Aftermath shows a tremendous leap for the band. Mick Jagger & Keith Richards were starting to bloom as songwriters and the band started to step away from the heavy R&B sounds of their earlier albums. Brian Jones was the founder and spiritual leader of the band and Aftermath contains some of his finest moments with the band.

Chuck Berry -No Particular Place To Go - RocknRoll Goulash

Chuck Berry was one of the fathers of Rock and Roll Music, and happily for us, he is still with us today! This album contains eleven of Berry's greatest tunes, including Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven, Rock & Roll Music, Johnny B.

Canned Heat -Evil Woman - RocknRoll Goulash

If you're a casual listener, I guess the best of Canned Heat is OK, but if you're in that "They were at Woodstock, John Mayall dug em, Nothin but the blues" lovers, These 2 Albums ARE their best albums (some people will also add "Living the Blues" but I really must disagree).

Rolling Stones -Country Honk - RocknRoll Goulash

A Classic On Everybody's List Rolling Stones -Country Honk There was only one version of Let It Bleed. This is it. It was released simultaneously in the UK and US on Dec 5, 1969.

Eric Burdon and The Animals- When I Was Young - RocknRoll Goulash

After the breakup of the original Animals, Eric Burdon continued, and this is the era sampled in this particular disc. The artwork reflects what you'll hear when you put this into your disc player. A lot of people have criticized the sound quality of this disc, understandably, but I see this as a case of that so-called flaw adding to the character of the music.

The Animals -It's My Life - RocknRoll Goulash

There are so many greatest hits collections of the best of the Animals that at first glance "Retrospective" just seems like the latest in a long line of such albums going back to ABKCO's 1966 collection of "The Best of the Animals."

Jimmy Dean -Big Bad John - RocknRoll Goulash

Generally speaking, former breakfast sausage king Jimmy Dean is a bit more commercial (and bland) a country artist than I tend to go for, but it can't be denied that his breakthrough hit, "Big Bad John" was a catchy little doozy.

Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941 - RocknRoll Goulash

For having so many greatest hits packages, the first question is why another? 2009 is the 50th Anniversary of the Bee Gees and the first time they announced that they would, after all, reunite as the Bee Gees. When Maurice Gibb passed away in 2003, it was declared the Bee Gees were over and Barry and Robin went their separate ways.

Bee Gees - Marley Purt Drive - RocknRoll Goulash

Yes, this was the Bee Gees 'white' album, only this doubled LP had a red velvet cover and a 'Titanic'-like illustration in the gatefold. Now available on a single CD, it marks the end of the sixties period for the Bee Gees. The music?

Arthur Lee and Love - Alone Again Or - RocknRoll Goulash

It has been called quintessential, a masterpiece, the great lost gem. Never has an album so encapsulated the tumultuous times we are living than Love's Forever Changes.