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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 16.06 - 23.06.2014

Amazon prezentuje Fire Phone! - AntyWeb

Miesiące, a nawet lata plotek dziś mają stać się faktem. Lada moment staruje konferencja Amazonu, na której na 99,(9)% zobaczymy wreszcie to urządzenie - „Kindle phone", „Amazon Phone", „Firephone". Jak Amazon go nazwie i czym ma nas zachwycić? Przekonajmy się! Wydarzenie rozpoczyna się od wideo przedstawiającego zadowolonych i największych prawdopodobnie klientów Amazonu.

Trzy gry od Google, które są pokazem siły - AntyWeb

Wygląda na to, że w ekipie Google znajdziemy wielu entuzjastów futbolu. Jak bowiem inaczej wytłumaczyć fakt, że wiele poszczególnych działów amerykańskiej firmy, przygotowało specjalne okolicznościowe usługi związane z Mundialem w Brazylii? Niedawno poświęciłem osobny wpis wszystkim usługom Googla, w których znajdziemy nawiązania do mistrzostw świata. Okazuje się jednak, że to nie koniec.

Google Filmy już dostępne u nas! Pierwszy poważny serwis VOD dostępny z przeglądarki - AntyWeb

Ten dzień w końcu nadszedł. Niedługo po Google Muzyka ruszyły wreszcie Google Filmy w sklepie Play. Informacja cieszy podwójnie, bo akurat dostęp do filmów przez internet kuleje w naszym kraju najbardziej. Od kilku godzin każdy może sobie kupić bądź wypożyczyć film, a następnie obejrzeć wszędzie tam gdzie jest zalogowany do swojego konta Google, czy to w przeglądarce, czy na telefonie bądź tablecie z systemem Android lub iOS.

The Nokia team Microsoft didn't buy has made an Android launcher

Nokia's involvement with Google's Android can only be described as one big "what if." Ahead of Microsoft's deal to buy it, Nokia was testing Android phones, but the only thing that's come from that is the Nokia X, an entry-level Android device aimed at luring feature phone owners into the smartphone era.

Augmented reality Lego is actually pretty cool

Augmented reality toys have become a small but steady part of the gaming market, but augmented reality as a concept has always been hit or miss. If the companion app isn't a tacked-on bell and whistle, the toy itself often isn't much fun to play with.

Twitter now supports GIFs

GIFs have finally come to Twitter. On Twitter's website as well as its iOS and Android apps, you'll be able to watch a GIF in your timeline by clicking a play button that shows up over top of them. GIFs won't animate automatically, likely to prevent you from downloading large files that you don't need.

Facebook's New 'Anniversary Story' Feature Helps You Gloat about Your Eternal Happiness

It's been a busy day for Facebook. Not only has it suffered some downtime, it has also given you a new way to brag about how happy you are in life and your relationship with a new 'anniversary story' feature.

Nominate a #KloutHero on Twitter | The Klout Blog

Nominate a #KloutHero on Twitter June 16th, 2014 by Sahana Ullagaddi It's time to nominate your #KloutHero! We've talked about the importance of creating and sharing high quality content, setting social media goals, and how to craft your story. The next step in achieving social media success is about using social media as a tool to successfully build relationships.

Tumblr - dlaczego warto mu się przyjrzeć?

Zawsze powtarzam, że śledzenie trendów to zbieranie skrawków, układanie mniejszych elementów w większą całość. Tak też było w moim przypadku z Tumblrem - fascynacja nim zaczynała się stopniowo. Najpierw (jeszcze pod koniec ubiegłego roku) Tomek Okulicz, dyrektor kreatywny w agencji Engine podesłał mi link do profilu IBM na Tumblr (

Tide's Game of Thrones Social Play Shows It's Not Afraid of a Little Blood

The creatives behind Tide's recent social media endeavors seem to be fans of Hershell Gordon Lewis, the horror movie industry's "Godfather of Gore" and a longtime direct marketing copywriter for butcher brand Omaha Steaks. In other words, the detergent's marketers aren't afraid of a little blood.

Lech Premium z kampanią na 20. Przystanek Woodstock (wideo)

Lech Premium reprezentuje wartości spójne z ideą Przystanku Woodstock. Jest marką adresowaną do ludzi pozytywnych, energicznych i śmiało patrzących w przód. Woodstock to festiwal, na którym króluje przyjaźń, wolność i autentyzm, dlatego współpraca z Fundacją WOŚP jest naturalną konsekwencją naszych dotychczasowych działań - mówi Hubert Olczak, młodszy kierownik marki Lech Na potrzeby kampanii powstał 10-sekundowy materiał z udziałem Jurka Owsiaka, który będzie emitowany razem z każdą z trzech wyświetlanych wcześniej reklam (Eskimosi, meksykański zapaśnik i restaurator).

Amazon prezentuje Fire Phone! - AntyWeb

Miesiące, a nawet lata plotek dziś mają stać się faktem. Lada moment staruje konferencja Amazonu, na której na 99,(9)% zobaczymy wreszcie to urządzenie - „Kindle phone", „Amazon Phone", „Firephone". Jak Amazon go nazwie i czym ma nas zachwycić? Przekonajmy się! Wydarzenie rozpoczyna się od wideo przedstawiającego zadowolonych i największych prawdopodobnie klientów Amazonu.

19 horrific social media fails from the first half of 2014

Tempting as it is to wrestle our head of social media to the ground and begin tweeting from the company account so I can tell everyone exactly what I really think of them, I've learnt from other brands' experiences. It never ends well. Also, Matt's a lot bigger than me.

Is Google's new algorithm apocalyptic for PR wire services?

Last week some major wire services, such as PRWeb and PR Newswire, lost a lot of traffic overnight. It looks like Google dropped the hammer on most wire services with its latest algorithm update. And it's bad. Really bad. What happened?

You Can Now Embed Tweets Within Tweets on iOS, Android

Twitter's latest app update to Android and iOS is very meta: Mobile users can now embed tweets within tweets. For users that want to reference a previous tweet (whether their own or someone else's tweet), it's now possible to embed it within a new tweet, so it shows up in a pretty package instead of just a link.

Beta21 survey: How well do you know your Facebook page? - Inside Facebook

More and more marketers claim to be Facebook experts, but a survey of roughly 2,000 marketers by Beta21 shows that there's still a bit of an information gap. Most marketers surveyed were unclear as to the access allowed to moderators and the answers were split when asked what they would do for damage control if an employee accidentally posted something to the company Facebook page that revealed sensitive data.

Fiat's Latest TV Ad Is Composed Entirely of GIFs

Is this the future of advertising? Fiat's latest TV ad, released last week, is composed completely of GIFs from its Tumblr. The CMO Olivier Francois told Creativity Online that he likes the raw look of the GIFs. "It's an experiment," Mr. Francois said. "If it works - and so far so good.

Facebook officially launches Slingshot, its latest messaging app - Inside Facebook

A couple weeks after an accidental launch, Facebook on Tuesday officially announced that its newest messaging app - Slingshot - is available for the iPhone and Android. Many people are calling Slingshot a Snapchat competitor, and it will be interesting to see how well Slingshot is received, especially after Facebook's last messaging app - Poke - failed.

TMI: Your Mood on Facebook Can Affect Your Friends

The Debbie Downers in your Facebook News Feed are messing with your mood. A team of social scientists from Cornell University, the University of California, San Francisco and Facebook released a study detailing how your emotions expressed in posts and status updates can actually "spread" to your friends.

T-Mobile chose to JUMP over the competitors' offer

We have just rolled out our news service called and yet we have great news that we want to brag about for a day or two, if you don't mind. Our solution has just turned two weeks and the smart heads at NEXT Agency already took great advantage of it to serve one of their partners - T-Mobile.

'Pokémon Master' is probably the easiest job to land at Google

For its annual April Fool's Day prank, Google released a faux advertisement for an augmented reality version of Pokémon, along with an accompanying Google Maps game. Players zoomed in to discover Pokémon on the map, and a few caught 'em all.

Microsoft Social Media "Strategist" Targets The Wrong Guy

Oh, social media strategists, will you never learn? Even after the great Samsung Debacle of a few months ago, a "strategist" working on behalf of Microsoft (and I don't believe this is Microsoft's fault, honestly, because even Microsoft wouldn't be this stupid) sent our own former EIC and anti-payola-crusader Michael Arrington a nice note: Basically, they want to pay him to write about Internet Explorer.

After Selling Its Personal Assistant App To Intel, Ginger Doubles Down On Improving Your Writing

Ginger Software, the Tel Aviv-based developer of a personal assistant platform that it sold to Intel for up to $30 million in May this year, is today embarking on the next chapter of its life as an independent startup: the company today is unveiling Ginger Page, an app for Android, iPhone, the Amazon's devices, PCs and as a web extension, to help people writer better English.

Instagram Announces Winners Of Cannes Contest - AllFacebook

Three Instagram users Cannes do, as the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network announced the three winners of its contest, who will see their photos featured at La Galerie d'Instagram at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The three winners - whose photos are displayed below, in order - were from Instagram users @spatari, @kinseyand, and @oldspice.

Lay's launches a dating site

Lay's launches a dating site As part of a three-year campaign, the sandwich finally finds love thanks to some online help. Pepsico's Frito Lay brands have all taken to online dating en masse in the hopes of wooing your next sandwich.