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Updated by Melissa Burns on Jun 24, 2014
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Effective Tips and Tools for Teachers: How to Inspire Students to Learn?

When teachers want to inspire students to study more, they should make them realize that everything is possible if they stay committed to learning. The only thing you should do in order to get your students motivated to learn effectively is to discover the right educational tools that are available online.
Don’t worry; you won’t have to spend your free time looking for the right websites; we have done most of the work for you.

Free Online Idea Management and Collaboration Service |

This online service provides a great collection of brainstorming and idea management tools that will help your students get new ideas and express them effectively. Students can create new entries when they get ideas, update the details, make different categories and discuss the concepts with their friends. The service is completely free and the entire class can collaborate through it.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Who would’ve thought that worksheets can turn you into a Super Teacher? This website is great for all elementary school teachers, since it provides them with fun holiday worksheets, reading comprehension stories, handwriting practice pages, math worksheets, and lots of other printable material. There is no need to waste your free time in order to create worksheets for your students; you can get everything at

Test Prep | Your Source for Free Online Practice Tests

No matter how hard you try to teach your students everything they need to know in order to excel on the upcoming tests, they will still need to study a lot and most of them will be really stressed out. This is a website you should recommend to your students during the preparation process, since they will find plenty of useful information and resources. You should also explore the website and learn about the right methods for test preparations, so you’ll teach your students how to deal with the stress and remain focused on the goals.

Online Teaching: Kubbu

This is one of the best e-learning tools conceptualized to improve your teaching methods. You can create great quizzes, crosswords, and educational activities that your students will be able to solve online. Students love using computers, so they won’t mind solving the tests if you make them fun. This will enable you to revise and test their comprehension more easily than ever before.

Reference, Facts, News - Free and Family-friendly Resources -

You can find and check facts easily at this website. The great collection of resources, searchable databases, and verifiable reference materials can help you make your lectures more informative. Although the website looks plain and uninspiring, it holds valuable information that will make the subjects you are teaching more captivating for your students.

Writing Help from Experts - Essay Eagles

All great teachers create textbooks and other types of educative material for their classes. The last thing you want is to distribute an unedited version of the content, which will embarrass you in front of your students and their parents. The professional editing assistance at will prevent that from happening. You can also hire writers from all fields of study and increase the value of your material by collaborating with a real expert.

ABC Fast Phonics with cartoons and sound. Fun for kids or adults.

If you were looking for a fresh approach to phonics, your search ends at This website provides phonics tutorials appropriate for all ages. You can play the lessons in class and allow your students to learn phonics with the help of cartoons and sounds with audio narration.