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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Nov 30, 2016
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10 Toys and Treats to Buy or Make for Your Dog

Store made or hand made treats and toys for your dog!

Kong Puppy Toy

Small and rubbery, these toys are perfect for your playful puppy. Kong toys are best sellers for a reason, dogs love this perfectly chewy little toy.

Star Mark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Chew Toy

The toy that plays back and gives a treat! Dogs love that it bobs back and forth, giving them more than just one-sided fun.

Super Pet Small Animal Knot Chew Toy

A unique toy for your dog-looks fun to chew! It looks like a little puzzle and is easy to see, so you will not lose it in the garden or under a tree somewhere.

Nyla Bone Puppy Teething Rings Chew Toy

Great for a teething puppy. It will help your little pup get through the pains of growing up and work their young jaws and teeth.

10 DIY Dog Toys

Offers a whole bunch of handmade ideas! You don't need to spend a ton of cash to make your puppy happy. Give them a unique toy made by hand.

How to Make Your Own Chew Toy

DIY with your next puppy toy. Cesar is a dog expert and he knows just what they want. Here he offers some excellent DIY dog toys.

Home Made Dog Chews

Good treats on the homemade cheap (and healthy). You can stalk up on the dog treats right from your own kitchen. They're way better than the store bought ones because you know exactly what is in them.

Hand Made Dog Toys

Quick and easy DIY ideas. Recycle some old fabric to make your furry best friend a great gift.

Toys To Make For Your Puppy

New puppy, new craft, and a new handmade toy. You can use stuff from around the house to make these toys. Soon, your pup will have a great collection of toys made from scratch.

Reuse Old Household Stuff to Make Dog Toys

Recycle for puppy fun. This site focusses on the recycling aspect of making puppy toys and DIY in general. You'll feel glad you went in this direction by taking the useless and making it productive by being creative.