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self defense

Importance of Self Defense in Today's World

Self defense has become a priority for the 21st century women. Crime against women is increasing day by day as we get to see more cases of rapes and molestation being registered every day. Rape is not only about forced sex, it is more about proving their dominance over the fairer sex.

What Self Defense Weapon Should you Carry?

This is possibly the most frequent question that is asked when it comes to self defense weapons. And there is just a two word answer for that 'it depends'. And the reason behind it is that all women and men are not comfortable with carrying all types of self defense weapons.

Storing and Replacing Mace and Pepper Sprays

Carrying a self defense weapon is not enough, you all need to make sure that you replace your mace or pepper spray after they expire. As after the expiry date, it is useful to use any of these self defense weapons as their affects cease to exist.

Best Self Defense Products for the Fairer Sex

The need to carry a self defense weapon has become an absolute necessity and moreover, women are also not safe in their homes.

Which Self Defense Weapon is the Best?

There are various other self defense weapons like stun guns, personal alarms, tasers and batons. Some of these can be used from a distance and that gives them an edge over pepper sprays as pepper sprays are effective only if used from a distance of 8-10 feet or nearer. But at the same time, you need special training sessions to attend, if you need to use these.

All about Mace Pepper Sprays as Self Defense Weapons

Mace pepper sprays are also known as oleoresin capsicum and are the one of the most commonly used self defense weapons. They are affordable, portable and easy to use and these are the fact that makes them a preferred choice.

Which Self Defense Weapon is the Best?

There is nothing called best self defense weapon as the choice of self defense weapon depends entirely on you. There are various types of self defense weapons available in the market and before buying one, you should have a basic idea of what is what and how each of these has to be used.

Using Pepper Sprays Effectively

Carrying a self defense weapon is not enough as you need to learn how to use it effectively. Though mace pepper sprays have been so designed that anybody and everybody can use it, there are still certain things that you need to keep it mind, if you are thinking of buying one.Pepper sprays usually come in canisters that work in the same way as your hair spray or spray paint.

Mace Pepper Sprays: Are They Effective Self Defense Weapons?

Mace pepper sprays are possibly the most popular self defense weapons that women carry these days. It is non-lethal and very effective but just like all weapons, it also has its limits.It is far more effective than mace or tear gas and it basically contains a solution whose main ingredient is extracted from the hottest known chili pepper and that is cayenne pepper.

Few Facts about Mace and Pepper Sprays

There are basically three types of liquids that are used self defense sprays. They are CS and CN and they together are known as tear gas or mace and these have been in used since a long time as effective non lethal self defense weapons.

Pepper Sprays: Mace or Some Other Brand?

Pepper spray has slowly become a very valuable self defense weapon that is being used by both men and women alike. They come in various sizes and strengths and the strongest ones can only be used by the police and security personnel.Most pepper sprays come in canisters like normal aerosol sprays and contains an ingredient known as oleoresin capsicum or OC.