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pet tags

Our tags are created using the best quality, made in the U.S.A, anodized aluminum tags available on the market

médailles animaux

Our tags are created using the best quality, made in the U.S.A, anodized aluminum tags available on the market.The Tag Studio - nous vous offrons des médailles, médaillons et plaques gravés sur le meilleur matériel disponible sur le march&eacute.

médailles chien

These dogs live out the rest of their lives at the animal pounds with their owners wondering all the time if they are alive at all. But, the use of pet ID tags can help reunite many lost pets with their owners.
Now a day, many people get a microchip installed under the skin of the pet. This microchip carries all the details of the pet owner and has a unique ID number which is registered with a pet locating agency. In case the pet wanders off, it may be located with the help of the microchip.

Pet Id Tags

With the Engraved pet ID tags, You experience gorgeous contrast, high quality resolution and finally permanent markings on anodized pet tag surface. This makes the tags look stylish, attractive and very colorful, thereby creating a bright environment and happy mood for your pet.

id tag for dog

It explains that the internet has made it easy to track pets with the help of microchips and GPS tracking.

Cat Id Tags While most the people think that id tags of dogs are used only for making them look beautiful they act as perfect guides in locating your pets in case they get lost.

pet tags

The two sided ID tags are relatively smaller as they have the front portion for your pet's name and the back part of the tag contains information about the pet and the contact details if they are lost anytime.

Engraved Pet ID Tags Canada | Customized Dog ID Tags | Cat ID Tags

We use only the highest quality materials and processing techniques, and offer our customers a unique pet id tags.

Engraved Pet ID Tags Canada

. It explains that pet ID tags are made of many materials and the benefits of each material like plastic and steel.

pet tags Canada

The Tag Studio - we offer engraved pet id tags, dog ID tags and cat ID tags using the best materials on the market.
It mentions the position of a pet in the life of its owner and the concerns in the mind of the pet owner about the safety and well being of his pet.

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Soma Id - canda qubec city - 429 Hyman D.D.O., Qc H9B 1M1 canada - Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

médailles animaux

pet identification tags

médailles chien

Each of the Medailles Chien are given a special ID to help in distinguishing one tag from another. However, if one doesn't have the time to use the unique design application, they can easily browse through the company online gallery where they can choose from a huge collection of pet identification tags.


Dollard-Des Ormeaux, QC H9B 1M1, Canada

Dollard-Des Ormeaux, QC H9B 1M1, Canada
Id Tag For Dog

With the exclusive medailles animaux design and customizable pet id tags, you can now get the most unique tags for your pets. You can either avail the one sided tags or go for the double sided tags. Most of these tags come with attractive designs and vibrant shades of Orange, pink, red, purple, brown, green, blue and black.

Animals Protection Pet Id Tags Made In Canada

Get information on madailles animaux and medailles chien in an explicit manner from the best pet id tag manufacturers in Canada. People who have pets at home and seriously care for the animals are all aware of the importance of pet tags and their necessity. You will find the best quality pet tags Canada products...

Gift Your Pet Buddy with a Brand New Identity with Unique Pet Identity Tags canada

Having a pet at home adds to so much fun and liveliness in the surrounding. A very important part of keeping pets is guaranteeing their safety and security, especially, to prevent them from getting lost. A new and absolutely colorful way of ensuring that your pets are safe and have a specific identity is to get them a specially designed and manufactured pet tags.

Buy Engraved Pet Id Tags For Your Pet And Stay Tension Free

Our four legged furry companions can be blessed with various personalities. Some of them love to sleep, some like to observe, and some are naughty and tend to run away from owner's household just for fun. All these are alright but the runaway cats and dogs can be victims of many dangers.

Buy Customized Pet Tags From Canada Based Companies to Give Your Pet a Proper Recognition

Those who love to keep pets with them, always pamper their animal companions with innovative cute names and accessories. but not only to pamper or accessories, to ensure the security of a pet, people mostly rely on pet id tags. It is easy to notice that people tend to keep dogs and cats the most...


pet identification tags

pet identification tags

Your tag will be individually designed by a graphic designer


The "Medical Condition" field is optional. If chosen,

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For some, it's a well worth investment!

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Many houses have pets and they become important members of the house. Pet owners across the globe consider their pets as the members of their families and they always remain concerned about them. The pets are loyal to their owners and the other family members and with time there is a bond that gets created between the owners and the pet.


Id Tags Dogs SWALLOW DESIGN - $14.9

Id Tags Dogs SWALLOW DESIGN - $14.9

Your pet id tags will be designed by a perfect graphic designers.

Visit here and select your own pet id tag design = .