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Updated by Walter Forbes on Jun 20, 2014
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Cable Crossover Ab Exercises & Workouts List

Find out what sorts of cable ab exercises there are how these work your abdominal muscles. You can also find cable crossover ab workouts as well.

Cable core exercises can be very efficient part of your routine.

Ab Workout with Cables

A great 10 minute ab workout out with cables consisting of 3 exercises that target the abdominals with resistance.

Best Ab Exercise for Women: Weighted Cable Crunch

Whether you want to get the best core exercises, stomach exercises, lower ab exercises or at home exercises for women, the weighted cable crunch is one of my favourites. You can check out bikini ab workouts for women here.

Cable-Ready Abs: 10 Cable-Based Ab Workouts

Cables are great to get your abs to really pop because of the isolated resistance they provide without the use of machines that can lead to the overdevelopment of the obliques.

Ab and Oblique 4 Exercise Set On Cable Crossover

The Ab and Oblique 4 Exercise Set combines 4 different exercises (with 2 exercises showing two options) on the cable cross over machine and will give you a great burn while fatiguing your abs and obliques and is one of my exercise combos in the abs workout program at Fitworks Academy that you can add to your personal workout.

Cable Core Press: Men's

Do the exercises in the order shown, completing all the prescribed sets of each exercise before moving on to the next. Half-Kneeling Cable Core Press Attach a D-handle at chest height to a cable machine. Kneel alongside the machine with one knee (the knee closest to the machine) bent 90 degrees and the other knee on the floor.

Best Core Exercise With Cables

There are tons of different ab exercises that work but why waste your time with garbage crunches when you can do these and get 10x the results you want!?

Cable Core Exercises: The Secret to 6-Pack Abs?

Must See Strength Training Videos Real Workouts: Henrik Zetterberg Take a walk through your local gym. It's a sure bet a flock of people will be hanging out around the cable machine. And there's a good chance they'll be performing some type of curl, extension or fly exercise.

Abs Exercise - Reverse Cable Crunch For Lower Abs - Brock Aksoy & Mike Raso

Abs Exercise - Reverse Cable Crunch For Lower Abs.

Workouts for a More Active Body : Abdominal Cable Exercises

If you want to give your abs a true workout, try some abdominal cable exercises such as the kneeling cable crunch and standing cable rotation.

Cable Machine Exercises to Build Your Abs : Updated with Advanced HIIT Workout

The cable machine at the gym is one of the most versatile equipment for great workouts. Weighted cables forces the body into pulling movements which has a different functionality from lifting (as in carrying weights) and pushing (as when doing push-ups or bench presses).

Powerful Cable Crossover for Home on Great Price

Powerline is the best selling cable crossover machine for home which is rated 4.5 stars based on over 60 customer reviews. With the help of this fitness equipment you can perform wide variety of exercises at home and work your entire body.

On top of that, it costs only around $400 now!

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  • Crossover machine offers total body conditioning with a 180 degree range of motion
  • Includes two cable handles and one ankle strap; chin-up handles, weight plates, and collars sold separately
  • Large diameter, high-resin top and bottom pulleys
  • Professional carriage system travels on patented nylon bushings
  • 10 Year frame warranty, one-year warranty covers all other parts