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60+ Top Blog Posts & Slides on How to Give Awesome Presentations v

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This is an important post and the goal of this post is ambitious. In this post I am going to outline the entire process of making a presentation. This post applies to any presentation made using PowerPoint or any other software. We will start with planning and end at delivery.

What's the Problem with "Creating a PowerPoint"?

Most presentation consultants in business today have become a bit oblivious to the common practice of referring to a presentation by the tool used to create its visuals. No other product in the Office suite shares this distinction - I know nobody who composes a Word, crunches an Excel, or fires off an Outlook.

5 Killer Ways to Open Up Your Next Presentation

Did you know modern statistics state that you have 60 seconds or less to capture your audience's attention? You've might have heard it before, but maybe not in terms of presentations. It's crucial to understand the importance of grasping an audience's attention in the first moments of a talk.

14 Sales Presentation Ideas

Sales presentations are important, but 1000s of people each day deliver material that is tired, ugly, and ineffective. These sales presentation ideas will help you to easily improve your sales presentation, stand out, engage your audience, and sell more.

Best & Easiest Way to Improve Your Speeches: Repeat Them

A lot rides on a speech. The success of a project or an initiative. Winning a proposal. Getting the green light for a project. Changing people's perceptions of a key issue. Your reputation. Perhaps even the future of your organization. The problem is: it takes time to create a compelling speech.

First Impressions: Nonverbal Communication Tips

Within the first six seconds of meeting you and shaking your hand for the very first time, John Smith has already formed an opinion of you. Similarly, when you begin delivering a presentation, your audience takes that six seconds to size you up and develop their first impressions.

Tips and Techniques for Inspiring Through Verbal Communications - The Practical Leader

Tips and Techniques for Inspiring Through Verbal Communications Build a repertoire of teachable stories. Collect and catalogue the best examples of your organization's key principles in action. Circulate those stories inside and outside your organization through the media (where appropriate). Write up collections of case studies illustrating tough decisions, trade-offs, outstanding performance, dealing effectively with changes, etc.

The 3 greatest presentation books of all time. (That have nothing to do with presentations)

As we reach the final countdown before the launch of my new book (pre-order Show and Tell now and join me for a secret webinar on April 10), I am reflecting on the many incredible presentation books I have relied on for inspiration, guidance, and reference.

How to Use Gestures: What Do I Do with My Hands--Decker Communications

You're standing at the front of a room of people. All eyes are on you. You know your content - phew. But there's a nagging question that jumps to mind... (cue the video, below) We don't advocate the politician gesture, and we're not out to make everyone in business into a robotic communicator.

How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love With You

It's Valentine's Day and people are sharing the love. But how do you make sure Cupid's arrow hits the hearts of your audience? How do some public speakers create a love fest while others fail to seduce the crowd? Here are some tips to grab audience attention and have them wanting more.

4 Essential Ingredients to Creating an Audience Experience

The idea of how to creating an epic audience experience has been a meaty subject that I've been noodling on for the past year. I firmly - hand of my Walking Dead comic books - believe that you shouldn't just speak, but create an experience for your audience.

Rhetoric isn't a bad thing-16 Rhetorical Devices Regularly Used by Steve Jobs

The word "rhetoric" gets a bad rap as a form of oratory manipulation; I view it as a communication device. When used well, it can be very moving. Prevalent in politics but not in business, let's take a look at some the rhetorical devices Mr. Jobs used in his 2007 iPhone launch presentation.

Slide design rules-what are yours?

Slide design can be very subjective but there are some rules that are objective. These rules ensure that your slide is easy to understand and remember. When you use these rules, you can create clear slides that no one will struggle to comprehend.

The Eloquent Woman

As a speaker coach and trainer, I can tell you that the one thing I always recommend is the same thing my trainees rarely do: Practice, and lots of it. I don't just recommend practice for your speech or presentation because it sounds good.

Tips for Presenting to Executives

Presenting to executives can be thought of as your moment to shine or as a dreaded, nerve-racking task depending on how you look at it. How successful you are depends on a variety of factors. Of course, one key to success is using professionally designed slides that look appropriate for executive PowerPoint presentations.

Presentation Design 101: Stock Photography | Ethos3 - A Presentation Design Agency

This post was written by Scott Schwertly We hear it all the time from clients: "We want to avoid stock photography." "Nothing cheesy or staged." "No stock photography." Stock photography has a bad rap, and with all the Death by PowerPoint decks out there, we can understand why.

Presentation Lessons Learned From 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics has been lauded as a triumph by all but the most extreme 'bah humbug' observers. Whatever your feelings on sport, from a presentation point of view there was oodles of stuff to take note of: Preparation It's unlikely that you'll have seven years to prepare for your next presentation but the lesson here is to make the time that you do have count.

Presentation Tools That Go Beyond "Next Slide Please"

Data visualization luminary and Yale professor Edward Tufte famously suggested that PowerPoint would have been a presentation medium well-suited to a communist dictator. The program's linear nature, its tendency to discourage interactivity, its inability to easily share the information it contains, and its potential to limit communication with the audience can sometimes obfuscate rather than clarify.

Presentation design blog Idea Transplant: "I need a conference presentation"

You have a sales presentation that - despite the fact that it is loaded with bullet points - has been very successful in 1-on-1 meetings with customers. Now you have an invitation to speak at a conference for an audience of more than 100 people for a maximum of 20 minutes.

10 Tips to Create and Present Pecha Kucha

A few days ago, our PowerPoint and Presenting Stuff LinkedIn group had a great discussion on Pecha Kucha. It started with one of our members asking for some guidance on how to go about preparing for a Pecha Kucha presentation.

Effective Gestures for Better Presentations+Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Way back in May 2008 I wrote a post to answer the question posed by many nervous presenters - " What do I do with my hands?" In it, I focussed on a comfortable resting place for your hands when not gesturing.

How Can I 'Wow' My Audience with Prezi?

Prezi is emerging as the go-to tool for people, companies and organisations to differentiate themselves and appear fresh, vibrant and, dare I say it, cool. So what strategies can we use to make an extra special presentation in Prezi? My first response might surprise you when I say: as little as possible!

Kate's Voice

I am often surprised by the lack of research in the area of voice as a barometer for the psyche, but we all know it is. I got a voice mail from my daughter the other day. All she said was, "Hi, Mom. Call me," but I knew something was wrong.

5 Tips for Injecting Personality Into Your Online Presentations

This article was originally produced for the Content Marketing Institute blog and published there on December 19, 2011. We hope you find these tips useful! At the heart of every great presentation is a skilled presenter. Great presenters are storytellers.

Visual Conversations or Structured Presentations?

There's a new school of thought on presenting at the moment. Following the very true advice that presentation content should be dictated by the audience, some presenters are opting to step away from the format of a traditional presentation and instead simply prepare resources for a 'discussion' with the audience - focusing on the audience's needs rather than the presenter's.