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iPadpalooza 2014
Resources from iPadpalooza 2014


As the Captain of a new human settlement on Planet Braxos, shape the future of a new civilization while developing ethical reasoning skills. Quandary, the award-winning learning game, has landed on your mobile device!

Players find themselves immersed in a rich science-fiction narrative with a diverse set of characters and differing perspectives. When confronted by conflict, you must explore the many facts, solutions, and opinions to come up with solutions on the colony's behalf.

Quandary is perfect for youth, ages 8-16, but people of all ages will enjoy this game.

Working closely with educators and students, we've created a truly playful experience that maps to the Common Core State Standards. The game aims to develop skills that help children recognize ethical issues and deal with ethical situations in their own lives:

• Critical thinking
• Perspective-taking
• Decision-making
• Problem solving
• Reading
• Communication
• Collaboration
• Global awareness

Classcraft - Make learning an adventure

Classcraft is a free online educational role-playing game that teachers and students play together in the classroom. Acting as a gamification layer around any existing curriculum, the game transforms the way a class is experienced, throughout the school year. Explore the different sections below to get a better understand of how Classcraft works.

Cool Math Games for Common Core | Wizenworld

WizenWorld is a free math adventure game for 3rd - 8th graders, aligned to the Common Core. Practice fractions, decimals, arithmetic and much more... for free!


Improve specific student behaviors and engagement by awarding and recording real-time feedback. Share data Print or email beautiful behavior reports to easily engage parents and staff. Save time by recording behaviors and accomplishments right in class, with just one click: NO extra data entry required.

3D GameLab - Heroic learning, come play!

What is 3D GameLab? GameLab™ is a gamified learning management and content creation platform where teachers design, play, and share quests and badges to create personalized learning for their students. By earning experience points, badges, and achievements, players "level up" through the curriculum, choosing quests they want to play, with the ability to align to standards, including Common Core.


Machinarium is independent puzzle / adventure game by Amanita Design

Presentation Software that Inspires | Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a completely new kind of presentation software -- it's simple, beautiful, and fun.

Flipped Classroom Certification

Learn about the flipped classroom, how it works, and how you can use SOPHIA as a tool to help you flip your own classroom.

WonderQRCode - Break the limits!

Create creative QR codes

Inspired by The Math Curse - Tackk

Write a story about a day, real or fictional, including any math encountered. Tell the story from your perspective or from the perspective of fictional characters. You can create a book, video, digital poster, game or some alternative of your choosing. You can even hand craft a physical book.

List of Google hoaxes and easter eggs

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . Google has a tradition of perpetrating hoaxes, especially on April Fools' Day, as well as various easter eggs. Google has added some Easter eggs to its products and services to entertain and amuse users.

Website at

My name is Bob Sprankle. I'm a Technology Integrator for grades K-4 in Wells, Maine. Please check out the links on the left to learn more about me and the work I've been doing. Please join in...

Mapping Media to the Common Core " What do you want to CREATE today?

Visual Notetaking is a process of representing ideas non-linguistically

Drawing in class: Rachel Smith at TEDxUFM

Rachel S. Smith is a Senior Consultant and the Director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco, CA. Rachel develops ways to integrate technology into visual practice. She has a deep understanding of new media and its application to education through her previous role as Vice President for Services of the New Media Consortium, and prior experience leading her own graphic design company.

Graphic Recording

The World Café is a conversational process based on a set of integrated design principles that reveal a deeper living network pattern.

Visuals make meetings better.

Why graphic recording? Because we think in pictures, not just words! Consider these astounding facts: An estimated two thirds of all people are visual learners.

Icon search engine and market place | Iconfinder

Search through more than 320,000 free and premium icons in an easy and efficient way.

Mentoring Boys - The official website of Barry Macdonald author of Boy Smarts

Effective Strategies for Barry MacDonald Challenges Parents & Teachers to Get on Boys' Wavelengths Edmonton Journal, October 3, 2010 When it comes to boys and literacy, says educator Barry MacDonald, it's time to "shake things up a bit."


By building your capacity to use visual language, VISUALS for CHANGE stimulates thinking which clarifies, engages and inspires.

Art Snacks

This is a positive learning community. The content you post must ALWAYS be safe for our littlest artists. Visit me

ArtSnacks Great White Shark

Learn how to draw a Great White Shark! If you like this video, please leave me a comment. If you finish your drawing, upload a video showing it off - I would LOVE to see it! This and many more drawing videos are available for free at

Lifelong Kindergarten :: Homepage

We develop new technologies that, in the spirit of the blocks and fingerpaint of kindergarten, expand the range of what people can design, create, and learn.


One of our most innovative, popular thinkers takes on-in exhilarating style-one of our key questions: Where do good ideas come from? With Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson pairs the insight of his bestselling Everything Bad Is Good for You and the dazzling erudition of The Ghost Map and The Invention of Air to address an urgent and universal question: What sparks the flash of brilliance?

Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

My visual notes of Stephen Johnson's keynote at the 2013 ISTE Conference on June 25, 2013.