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Updated by Shannon Huppin on Oct 28, 2015
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Social Media

How to Market to Women Using Social Media

Let's face it - women are different creatures. Speaking on behalf of this remarkable gender, we really do think differently, act differently and approach situations differently from our male counterparts. It's a fact of life. So when businesses are targeting us for sales, the smart and strategic marketer will keep this in mind.


Using Pinterest to Promote Your Small Business

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Small Business

Nowadays, just about every small business has some level of a presence on social media. Given how the majority of consumers have Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts, and given how they check these accounts repeatedly throughout the day, it only makes sense for small business owners to capitalize on the popularity of social media by working to engage with their customers where they like to spend time.


What’s the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

What’s the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

Sometimes, we must focus on when we are posting content. Timing can be a key part of the engagement equation. Therefore, it is imperative that you as a small business owner think strategically when posting your content to social channels.


Marketing to Men Using Pinterest

Marketing to Men Using Pinterest

Although Pinterest is widely accepted as the ‘women’s social media network,’ there are many opportunities for your small business to market to various demographics using this social platform. If you are a small business owner seeking to target men through digital media, don’t hesitate to include Pinterest on your list of strategies and tactics.

Pinterest for Your Small Business: Top Tips for Engagement

Any solid social media plan will now include Pinterest. Small business owners, are you listening? This visual-focused social bookmarking tool has taken the Internet by storm, and its users are growing each day. In fact, in just the last three years, Pinterest's unique visitors have grown by more than 2500 percent.

How to Build Your Brand & Engage Customers on YouTube

Running a small business can be incredibly exhilarating - you make the decisions, you make things happen, you reap the rewards of all of your hard work. However, the downside is that you generally don't have a lot of support or resources at your fingertips.

Choosing the Best Social Network to Promote Your Business

One of the many strengths of owning a small business is having a fairly lean operation; you can be responsive, able to make decisions and implement changes without having to consult a bunch of people. This lean style of operating is also one of the main challenges of running a small business - you don't have teams of people working on a multitude of projects.

4 Ways To Build Your Brand On Google Plus & Engage Your Customers

Google+ continues to gain market share in the world of social media and is firmly the second largest service in terms of registered users. Your small business marketing efforts should include some dedication to this service as it is an excellent way to help build your brand and interact with current and potential customers.

How To Build Rapport With Your Customers On Instagram

Instagram is a popular social network where you can share your photos and browse friends' photos. With social media and digital marketing becoming more and more important for small business owners, Instagram has also emerged as a popular social media marketing medium that can help boost your small business's brand.

How Mobile Pet Groomers Can Use Hyperlocal Online Marketing to Target Ideal Clients

If you are running a small business, you know that marketing and promotion is essential to your continued success and growth. You also know how hard it is to know where to spend your limited time and money - you are always looking for the most effective marketing strategies that will deliver results and will deliver the most bang for your buck.

Four Out of Five Dentists Agree: Social Media Can Grow Your Practice

As a dental professional, social media may not be top of mind for you when it comes to marketing efforts. But is your dental practice top of mind to your current patients? How about potential new patients?

Facebook: Best Bang For Your Small Business Buck

If your small business budget (or hectic schedule) will only allow you to really concentrate on a single social media platform, choose Facebook. While we're strong proponents of a well-rounded social media strategy, a new study from G/O Digital, the digital marketing wing of the Gannett media company, shows that Facebook is still king when it comes to membership and user frequency.

How Podiatrists Can Grow Their Practice Using Social Media

When you are a health professional running a podiatry practice, there are a lot of things to think about. Obviously the main thing is to deliver top-quality care to your patients, but you also have to keep an eye on the underlying fundamentals of your business - everything that is required to enable you to deliver that quality care to your patients.

3 Ways to Connect with Your Customers on YouTube

In addition to uploading amazing videos and great content that builds your brand, how can you utilize YouTube to connect and build rapport with your customers?

How to Build Your Brand Presence on Instagram

The numbers don't lie: the popular photography app Instagram has nearly 200 million active users monthly. Are you tapping into this engaged group of social media users? With brand reach on Facebook declining slightly, now is a great time to spread out your brand's social media presence, and Instagram is a beautiful and simple way to reach new followers and engage with your fans.

How to Build a Following on Your LinkedIn Company Page

No matter what sort of small business you are running, you need to set up a company page on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is more than just another social media platform; this is a digital channel that has successfully positioned itself as being the networking channel for professionals.

How to Handle Negative Social Media Feedback

Social media has revolutionized the way small businesses interact with their customers. Big or small, consumers have unprecedented access to the companies they love, and the ones they love to hate. If a guest has a bad experience, 95% of them are likely to tell someone about that experience.

Why Hashtags Matter to Small Businesses

You see them everywhere: on the latest episode of The Voice, on the Ford commercial during the Superbowl, and they're all over social media. But do they mean anything? Are they just a fad or will they actually move the needle on your business bottom line?

3 Ways to Create A Great Customer Experience Online

Would you ignore nearly two-thirds of your customers? Of course not! But in a study by Maritz and Evolve 24, only one-third of customers who Tweeted to a company about a complaint or issue got a response. Social media is a fantastic way to not only engage with your customers but address issues.

Build A Better Business Through Better Listening

Any amount of online research regarding a quality social media program will tell you that listening to your audience is a key factor in social media success. Here at Divahound we've blogged about the importance of being attentive to your audience's needs, no matter if it's a simple question or an issue causing a negative experience.

Divahound's Top 3 Tips for Social Media Time Management

Time is money, right? And as a small business owner, wearing many hats makes it seem there are sometimes not enough hours in a day to get everything done. Between running payroll and serving your customers, when are you supposed to find time to update your Twitter feed or post a photo on Facebook or Instagram?

Holiday Hype: How Social Media Can Drive Business

The holidays are very nearly upon us; Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! We've all heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what can social media do for your small business this shopping season? In a recent survey by MarketLive, shoppers said they would be influenced by social media this holiday season.

Social Media for Nonprofits: Top 3 Ways to Increase Impact

Nonprofit organizations make huge differences in their communities every day. Part of their struggle is to let everyone know about all the good things they do! If you're in charge of creating a comprehensive communications plan, social media plays an integral part of staying connected to your customers, supporters and the general public.

New Year, New Media, New Plans - Building A Solid Process for Social Media in 2015

Between Thanksgiving, holiday parties and dinners, and New Year's festivities, you're probably taking some time to plan for your small business in the new year. Goal setting is important, and you should be thinking about how you want your social media efforts to look in the new year as well.

Incorporate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

We've seen quite a bit of research recently demonstrating the value of using video content in your social media activity. It makes a lot of sense that the richer or more valuable you can make your small business's content (from a user perspective), the more likely that you will see an increased level of engagement.