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Outsourcing services to grow your business

An essential aspect of any business is to bring in new sales and to maintain a healthy sales pipeline. However many businesses struggle with this, some are too busy, others don't have the resources, and some just don't have the knowledge, but don't worry, there is help at hand.
If you struggle to bring in new custom it may be time to consider outsourcing your sales to a company that specialises in this area, many different services can be used to suit your business, a few of which we have listed below.


Business to Business telemarketing services are usually the first port of call when it comes to outsourcing your sales efforts. A majority of campaigns will include telemarketing as this is the most effective way to contact the right people and to have a conversation with them. The Telemarketing campaigns used will vary depending on your business needs but may include some of the following, Data sourcing and cleansing,
Initial enquiry calls,
Lead generation
Appointment setting.

Some telemarketing companies will work from a script devised between them and you, however it can be worth looking around and finding a company that specialises in selling to the sector you are interested in as the marketers will have a far greater knowledge of your services or products.

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting is one of the main areas many companies need help with, it can be incredibly time consuming meaning your sales team will not have the time required to attend appointments and make vital sales. That is why this is one of the most popular services to be outsourced.
A sales lead company will work towards your requirements to book appointments for your sales team with relevant businesses. This frees up your sales staffs time to attend appointments rather than spending all of their time on the phone cold calling. A majority of companies also find that because the leads are of a much better quality more appointments are booked and converted into sales, helping to grow their sales pipeline.

Lead Generation

The main focus of most telemarketing campaigns is to generate new leads, appointments and opportunities. Without this lead generation, your sales team quickly find themselves with no leads, no appointments and no sales funnel - and without leads and appointments, new business soon dries up.
Outsourcing your lead generation is a great way to build up your sales. You can either ask for the leads to be found for your sales people to contact or you can ask the company sourcing the leads to also carry out a telemarketing campaign and contact them for you.
This service can be particularly helpful to smaller businesses who don't have the manpower to have people making sales calls full time, and also larger companies who want to be bringing in a high number of sales appointments for their sales people to attend.
If you are thinking of outsourcing your lead generation make sure the company you employ knows about your business and will be able to bring in relevant high quality leads to suit your business.

Seminar Attendees

Many businesses who plan to hold a seminar find the easy part is booking the event, it's finding the seminar attendees that is the biggest struggle. Not only is it difficult o find attendees in the first place but it is also very hard to find the right attendees. You could just invite hundreds of people to get a large turnout but what is the point, most of these people won't be relevant and it will be a waste of their time and yours.
By outsourcing your seminar attendee project you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle. If you can find a sales company that specialise in your particular sector then they will already have access to hundreds of contacts who may match your requirements. They will know the best way to contact the right people to get the best attendees for your seminar to make sure it is a big success.
Outsourcing can be the best way to make sure your event or seminar is a big success, making it worth your time and effort.

Seminar Follow-Up Services

If you have just held the perfect seminar you may be flying high, however when you get back to work you have a moutain of paperwork to catch up on and somehow following up on the leads from the seminar slips to the bottom of your list of priorities. By the time you contact them those warm leads have turned positively cooler and you may have missed out on prospective contracts.
That is where we come in, as well as arranging seminar attendees we also offer a seminar follow up service, this means we will call all of the leads you gained and follow up on them to make sure they are not forgotten. Our aim is turn those warm leads into sales for your company.

Business Development

One of the most essential parts of any businesses survival is to ensure they are taking care of their new business deveopment. To succeed any business has to be bringing in new clients at all times, it is not enough to simply rely on the business you have to keep you going.
One way to ensure you are growing your sales pipeline is to outsource your business development, this would mean another company would carry out campaigns for you that could include appointment setting and lead generation amongst other things.

Non Executive Director

Taking on a non executive director is a fantastic way to help shape and grow your business. This service is suitable for both start up businesses who need help defining their sales and marketing strategy, and established companies who are at a crossroads in terms of developing their growth.
One of the many benefits of taking on a non executive director is the savings you can make compared to taking on a full time member of staff. This is due to the fact this person will usually work on a part-time basis for a limited time.

Email Marketing Services

With carefully selected and accurate data, supporting telemarketing with Email marketing is an effective way of hitting your target audience and, with metrics driven reporting, the follow up calls can be carefully focused.
One of the bonuses of email marketing is that you can easily track the results. With the right software you can see who has received your email and which recipients have actually opened it, and also if they have clicked on any of the links in your email to go on and visit your website.